10 Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

The earth is covered with water to a greater degree and water has the greatest mysteries enclosed in it. I am giving a subjective list of the 10 mysterious underwater anomalies which will be accepted to a greater degree by the one who reads it.

10. Mound in the Sea of Galilee

Mound in the Sea of Galilee

A huge circular stone structure was discovered in the Sea of Galilee in 2003. This anomalous structure is cone shaped and is made up of basalt rocks. It is present 9m beneath the sea. It also has some resemblance to ceremonial structure or ancient burial sites. It is also twice the size of Stonehenge in UK.

9. Google Earth Circular Anomalies

Google Earth Circular Anomalies

On a global scale, some circular anomalies were seen in North Carolina, Belize and Florida by archaeologists. No one till now knows about their objective. It is believed that these circular anomalies are the ancient burial mound. These circular anomalies have the similarities with the stone structures found in Saudi Arabia but the underwater structures are more preserved. These circular anomalies can be dated back to ±8,000 BC.

8. Structure in Lake Macdonald, Ontario

Structure in Lake Macdonald, Ontario

In 2005, a strange stone structure was discovered at the depth of 40 feet in Lake Macdonald. This curious stone structure consisted of an elongated rock which has a mass of approximately 453 kg and it is completely resting on the 7 stones which are about the size of a baseball. These stones are lying on an extremely large slab which is of a thousand pound size. This structure was considered natural until the discovery of three shims by an archaeologist.

7. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Baltic Sea Anomaly

A disk shaped large object was discovered in the Baltic Sea and was investigated in 2012. It was not clear about that object that whether it was defense tool or a rock lying under water or a UFO. It was proved by Swedish explorers that it was a rock. But the things that raised the questions were that there was no silt layer of the rock and it is 60m wide and also has an 8m high pillar and is covered with boxes and construction lines.

6. Lake Baikal Mystery

Lake Baikal Mystery

Lake Baikal is very famous for being the oldest, largest and deepest fresh water lake on the surface of the earth. It is located in Southern Siberia. It is also unique because it has occupied many species of fish which are not found anywhere else on earth. The sediments which have been deposited on its bottom are approximately 7km deep. In April 2009, a thin ice circular area was seen at its southern end with a division of the lake with a submarine ridge.

5. Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge

Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge

In 2007, in a survey a series of stones were discovered in the bottom of the Lake Michigan. These resembled with the Stonehenge in the UK. This stone monument is in a circle which is approximately 40 feet below the surface. There is also a carving of an animal Mastodon which has been extinct before 10,000 years. This monument creates several questions and is still a mystery like the others.

4. Cuba’s Underwater City

Cuba’s Underwater City

In 2001, some submerged geometrical and symmetrical structures were found while doing a survey work in the Cuban coast. These structures are at the depth of between 2,000 and 2,460 feet approximately. They cover an area of almost 2 square km. It is believed that these structures are man made but they belong to the Yucatecos and Maya stories which were buried in the sea years back.

3. Japan’s Yonaguni Monument

Japan’s Yonaguni Monument

Japan’s Yonaguni Monument was discovered in 1987 in the coast of Japan. It has many controversies till now. Some claim that this whole site is a natural with its carvings being the natural scratches. Others claim it to be a natural structure but with the modification of the human hands. This structure is approximately the age of 10,000 BC having its modification from the last ice age.

2. Bimini Structures

Bimini Structures

A number of rectangular structures were discovered in the waters of the west of Bimini. They were discovered in 2006 and 2007. These rectangular structures were 30m deep from the surface of water and they resembled the structures found on the coast of Cuba. These structures are in parallel, straight lines with 50 stone piles from which 10 are 45 feet in size. Their age is approximately 10,000 BC.

1. Gulf of Khambhat Discovery

Gulf of Khambhat Discovery

In May 2001, in the Gulf of Khambhat an ancient city was discovered. It was discovered during the pollution studies. This ancient city dated back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Many artifacts like stones, wood, pottery, a tooth and fossil bones were discovered. The site was composed of a drainage system, granary, bath, a citadel and spaced dwellings. The controversies given on this were that these artifacts may be buried under or were natural. This is the most mysterious Underwater Anomaly.

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  1. creativethinkings

    Interesting list!
    However, I’d like to point out one error. In #7 you wrote, “It was proved by Swedish explorers that it was a rock.” As of yet, the object has not been identified. More samples and testing are required, which will hopefully be done on the next expedition in Spring/Summer 2014.

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