10 Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep

Becoming a mother is one the most wonderful experiences of life and is a completion to womanhood. Many myths, folklores and traditional stories call pregnancy as a hosting period of 9 months for the glory that has to come in this world! However, many precautions should be taken by the pregnant woman otherwise this hosting session might be affected and may lead to negative consequences. Let’s have a look at 10 Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep.

10. First Conception or Conceiving After A Miscarriage


10 Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep

Conceiving a child is no doubt one of the greatest feelings of the world. But this happiness comes with a cost. Whenever a woman is conceiving for the first time, she should take extreme care and pay regular visits to a professional and credible gynecologist. A woman reconceives after a miscarriage, must make sure to take the best possible care and avoid all such matters that lead to a previous drop of her pregnancy.


9. Travel

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - Travel

Depending upon the advice of gynecologists and gestation duration, a woman should avoid unusual and extra travel. This is because once the fetus has been implanted extreme care should be taken in terms of travelling. A lot of such cases have been reported where long travels lead to a miscarriage or abortion. So make sure the upcoming mother avoids unnecessary travel.


8. Nutritious Food

10 Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep

Diet plays a very important role in the development of baby and ensuring good health for the mother as well. A pregnant woman must have a good diet intake that has all the due band balanced nutrients and components. Long periods of starvation should be avoided and chunking can also help in having little but continuous food intake. A restricted or malnutrition diet may produce many abnormalities in the child. Rickets, anemia and bow knee can be caused to the child due to a diet lacking in essential nutrients.


7. Smoking

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - No to smoking

Smoking should be completely avoided during the pregnancy period. A cigarette is a store to loads of tobacco and this tobacco may cause the baby to have low weight. Other than this, if smoking is not limited during pregnancy then once the child is born he may suffer from infections, feeding and breathing problems. Second hand smoking or passive smoking may also cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


6. Lunar Eclipses

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - Away from lunar eclipse

A lot of controversy exists as to whether a lunar or solar eclipse should be avoided by pregnant women or not. Many people consider it myth other call it superstitions. But, it is always better to be safe than sorry. A recent study postulated that moon has direct influence on sea waves and tides. Moon phases and water wave movements can be discreetly observed. Our body is made of 70% water, so there might be some possibility that lunar eclipse may affect the unborn child. Skin darkening and permanent large brown marks across the abdomen may occur in unborn babies if their mothers see a lunar eclipse. Instead of repenting later over the debate between medical postulation and this myth, it is best for a pregnant woman to avoid witnessing a lunar eclipse.


5. Toxoplasmosis

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is a condition that is caused by a parasite that is found in cat feces, raw or uncooked meat and plant soil. So, a pregnant woman must completely stay away from cat feces and let someone else check the hygiene duties. Similarly, great care should be taken while eating fresh products by washing them carefully and eating properly cooked meat. If a pregnant woman is infected by this parasite, then it may cause brain damage to the developing baby.


4. Lifting heavy loads

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - Avoid lifting load

Extreme care should be taken before lifting any heavy load. Exhausting activities and fatigue caused by lifting heavy loads can lead to disturbances in implantation and pregnancy can be lost. There should also be strong precautions taken that conceiving mother should avoid a fall.


3. Physical Relationships

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep- avoid Physical Relationships

Pregnancy is in its most critical stages in the first 3 months and last ten weeks. Sever complications may arise if due care is not taken. Therefore, a pregnant woman must keep in mind to limit physical relationship with her spouse or intimate other during the first trimester and last ten weeks.


2. Alcohol Intake

Precautions In Pregnancy Women Should Keep - Alcohol intake

Once a woman is pregnant, she should limit and then completely stop alcohol intake. Alcohol poses sever hazards to the growth of unborn child and continues to affect it even after the birth. Extreme uses of alcohol or beverages or medicines having alcohol proportions may cause FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). Children suffering from this syndrome have learning problems and abnormal facial features.


1. Exposure To Radiations & X-Rays

Exposure to radiations & X-Rays

Pregnant woman should take extreme care and avoid contact with radiations. X-rays during the gestation period should also be avoided as this may lead to abnormal development of fetus and in extreme cases, even a miscarriage can occur.



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