10 Reasons Why I Am Against Same Sex Marriages

After the legalization of Homosexual Marriages by the USA legislation, there has been a great debate on social media as well on other public forums that whether this step is a positive one or it has unlocked a great deal of ethical irrationality of human race. Under the Hashtag Love wins people are displaying their support for this decision by portraying Rainbow colored slogans, clothes, Facebook profile pictures and etc. Well on the same stage there are people who have given some stern rejoinder against this act and are raising their voices as high as they can. But this step by the USA government has really led us to reconsideration of what our society is becoming and so as to why it has become so vital for us to go against the norms of our prestigious society. Here I am going give you 10 reasons of why I am against same sex marriages, including all the social, moral and humanitarian aspects.


10. Disturbance Of The Hereditary System

As followed by the humans ever since they came into existence, a normal way of reproduction and possession of a system of hereditary and maintaining hierarchy. This system involves a man and woman to get married and have children. But as there has been a change of focus from heterosexual relationships to homosexual ones, it has been demonstrated that with two men and two women, it is biologically and physically not possible to have normal kids. So this leads to a disturbance in the hereditary process of human race. Although surrogate mothers are being introduced but this needs a lot of money and active volunteers which in the present situation are negligible.


9. Needs Of The Children Are Not Fulfilled

10 Reasons Why I Am Against Same Sex Marriages

If homosexual couples go for surrogate mothers and have children to maintain a healthy relationship plus to enjoy the blessing of children then there comes a problem of proper brought up of the child. As we all know that a child demands a mother and a father for proper role contentment as well the nourishment of the child whereas in the case of homosexual marriages, this is not the scenario. So it will disturb the whole brought up of a child.


8. Origin Of Lot Diseases

Keeping the fact of moral derangement or the endangerment of human race, marriages within same sex gives us a podium of medical hazard. It has been witnessed in the past as well it is a proven fact then sexual relationship between two men or two women has opened ways for many Near-Fatal diseases to be a part of the disease spectrum. Like AIDS, which has been first demonstrated among the homosexuals, more over all the sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) like syphilis, gonorrhea have some serious consequences.


7. State Is Compelled To Accept It In All The Terms

Reasons Why I Am Against Same Sex Marriages

As the US govt legalizes these same sex marriages, it not only opens up a debate, it imposes a lot of responsibilities and burdens on the state which they need to fulfil for the survival of this revolution. Like now the state has to make laws on which a person disapproving this fact will be punished to ensure the safety of homosexual couples. In the same manner now the children will be exposed to these facts on a much higher level as compared to the previous generations. Their teachers and parents have to make up their minds for this new possibility to let them handle it later on. Similarly people will face new things in their businesses, owners will have to allow same sex tenants, and marriages will be homosexual ones opposing the nature of the process.


6. Marriage And Women Housebreak Men

It has been seen that all those men who are married have a different kind of life as compared to those who haven’t been tied into the marital status of being married. Married men tend to be more responsible, they play safe to ensure a future of their biological and legal children, they drink less, are more close to their religion, and are more sexually stable. Whereas if we move towards the homosexual marriages then this will lead to no change in lifestyle og gays’ couples. If their activists think and believe that gay marriages can bring the same fruit then it is mere a false hope.


5. Against The Laws Of All The Religions

Against Same Sex Marriages

In every religion whether Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism, this act of unnatural behavior is not acceptable by any rule. If people make efforts to prove it to be a natural way then their efforts are in vain because it has been given in Genesis, Quran, and Geeta that this act has been considered punishable and offends God. So the follower of any of the religion must see their references for the detailed information about what is right and not.


4. Civil Rights And Same Sex Rights Are Different Entities

Homosexual activists always screamed that the same sex marriage is a civil right of “equality”. Although it has been demonstrated that equality is far more different from the same gender relationships. A person with different status, color, and race can marry another person with different physical traits and status and environment but they would still be man and a woman. So this is equality in a natural procedure. Whereas comparing changeable and negotiable differences with unchangeable and impossible similarities is out of question. So this is a simple analogy.


3. Definition Of Marriage Is Violated

I Am Against Same Sex Marriages

As said in all the books, the purpose and definition of marriage is to have a sexual relationship for producing children and then bring them up in a normal affectionate way. Whereas same sex marriages are completely opposing this fact. As we all know that if two gays get married and two lesbian want to have children then this is biologically and physically an impossible thing for obvious reasons. So the purpose to produce children is being vanished on its own. Secondly if adoption is the other way people would want to have then the affection of their own children can never develop in that way, which leads to the moral derangement’s


2. Devalue The Public Morality

10 Reasons Why I Am Against Same Sex Marriages

Following up of this new tradition can cause a wide spread consequence of being this trait to be quite common. If this happens then their will a change in lifestyle altogether. Marriages will lose their meaning and purpose, children won’t be born to their real parents, people will make friends who promote this same sex things and their will a lower level of morality among the society which can be a hazard.


1. A New Sexual Revolution

In 1960’s, we saw a sexual revolution in our society where the people demanded the acceptance of all kinds of immoral sexual relationship among men and women.

That led to a change in behaviors and relationship attitudes. Now we see that the society is demanding the acceptance of this new sexual revolution demanding two men and women to act and live like an opposite-gender-couple and they are quite successful in this effort. This leads us to the fact that in the coming age people will be demanding the society to accept incest, bestiality, pedophilia and other unnatural ways of keeping a sexual relationship.

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