10 Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs

According to a survey, for last 2 decades drug intake is becoming the leading cause of injury deaths in USA rather than road traffic accidents. It is an alarming sign for all of us to reopen the eyes that where we are driving our vehicles of lives. Here I am giving 10 Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs or in other words why some people are bound to take drugs. The purpose of this article is to give awareness to the emerging generation that some of these causes are correctable, some are preventable and even some one is trapped then there are some causes which are treatable. Now take a slogan ” SAY NO TO ADDICTION” and start making this world drug free zone.

10. Poly Drug Use

Poly Drug Use

It means non dependent use of many types of drugs. One drug is taken to enhance the effect of other drug, to overcome the unpleasant effects or to take new sort of combinations. Sometimes it is due to easy availability and expert control on effects complication. Its very risky use , it can lead to serious conditions like sudden heart block or CNS depression, which further leads to coma and death.


9. Experimental Use

Experimental Use of illegal drugs

You can understand it as simply, hey! Let’s do it. Or ok let see what will happen etc. young people sometimes takes drug just to explore the effects. Like they take it as a new journey, they enjoy finding new ways to travel in this journey. Even sometimes it leads to a dark word of physical and psychological dependence. From where there is no chance. And it starts from softer drugs like cannabis, goes to harder drugs like heroin and so on. So save yourself and surrounding from these problems.


8. In Specific Situation

10 Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs

It means in some situations like parties, in limited amount and at limited occasions. In some religions it is supposed to be the part of their celebrations. Whatever the drug is! And whatever the use of amount is! It is all around dangerous for a person or a society.


7. Harmful Use

10 Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs

It means continuing use of a drug despite knowledge that it is harmful for a person’s health, occupation or social life. Yes, it really happens. People do it for their personal issues, to take revenge, to punish them, to ignore their health or to torture others for their long run benefits. For example a person with liver failure continues to take heroin. This should be clearly monitored in medical ward or nearby society.


6. To Get Escape

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - To Get Escape

Life is full of miseries. But different people adopt different strategies to get rid of them. Some become optimistic, some become hopeless and they take negative problem solving by the help of these drugs. They use illegal Drugs to vanish their false memories and at the end, they collapse in the cave of failure and ruin. But they don’t recognize their own feeling of getting snatched by punishing themselves.


5. Dependent Use

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - Dependent Use

Sometimes there is no other way rather than taking drug. It is when Once a person is used to take drug again and again. This drug maintains a therapeutic effect in blood, and changes brain biochemistry according to specific drug. When this level is not maintained in blood it leads to unwanted affects which we say with drawls. Drug addict gets dependent and he has to take this drug again and again to get rid of these effects like body pains, restlessness, craving, vomiting, flu like symptoms. This is the category which shows powerless people who take drugs in spite of deep feeling to leave this habit. If you see such a person, refer him to nearby detoxifying center or psychiatrist instead of blaming him.


4. Accidental Use

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - Accidental Use

It means giving an illegal drug to a person to create an accident. Or it is accidentally taking a drug which was never used or a drug in overdose. In forensic psychiatry it is a very important and serious medico legal issue which is a danger to a person’s entity, health, life, or property. People use these drugs in sexual assaults, snatchings and to harass a person. This can lead to loss of not only property but also mental torture and danger to health causing serious physical and psychological injury.


3. Peer Pressure

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - Peer Pressure

We all get know the power of our peer groups. Just imagine your teen age group. How many of your friends share common habits and common profession. Exactly in the same way this is the time when people share their times, their eating and drinking with their friends. It is When one forces other or excites other by taking drug. The other automatically star doing that thing. This creates an urge in other groups. That is why it is said that a person is known by his company.


2. Due To Psychiatric Illness

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - Due To Psychiatric Illness

There are some psychiatric illnesses which are strongly related to drug addiction. These include severe depressive disorder in which patient takes drug to down his negative, depressive cognition. Mania or bipolar affective disorder, in which patient feels himself elated and enjoys such a risk taking behaviors. A third category is personality disorder like borderline and histrionic personality disorder, in which personality traits are the strong reason behind their use. They take it as routine. Illegal drug use, antisocial personality and criminal attitude, all three are very closely connected.


1. Recreational Use

Reasons Why People Use Illegal Drugs  - Recreational Use

It means using drug regularly but not due to its dependency. But it is mainly to recreate them or boost up their energies. It is taken in parties, cafes or night clubs as a part of fun or status symbol.

People, usually youngsters arrange parties only to gain pleasure. It can be for a limited period of life, like they use it just during their student life. And then leave it. But it can be prolonged and can lead to dependency even.

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