10 Seemingly Innocent Pranks That Ended In Tragedy

Pranks has been part of the society for very long time. The intention of such activities is usually pretty harmless. Pranks are pulled on loved ones and friends to make them laugh and also for few giggles for ourselves. Most of the pranks fulfill their cause and usually end up in roars of laughter. But as subtle as these may seem on media, they can have dire consequences in real life.

While pulling practical jokes, the psychology of the targeted person must be kept in mind. If the person is extremely emotional, hyper or reacts vigorously then these pranks should be avoided. Similarly the worst case scenarios, in terms of physical harm should be kept into consideration. It is also important that pranks are taken and digested as pranks instead of reacting to them in violent ways. There are many examples in history which show that even the most benign of jokes turned into horrible tragedies. Here is a list 10 seemingly Innocent pranks that ended in tragedy.


10. Radio Ridicule

Well as dumb as people are, they will believe anything and everything that is said on media with a serious tone. Same such bluff and prank was pulled on people of New Jersey. A radio personality said on his show with serious news caster like tone that a big meteor has hit the farm. People panicked and started leaving their houses believing that it was end of the world. Later when it was found as a felony and prank people felt humiliated and furious. Obviously they saw how stupid they were to believe such news.


9. Stop..!!


Teenagers are usually acting before thinking. This can lead to a great loss of the prime years of life. Two such childish teenagers pulled a prank in 2011. They covered a STOP sign in plastic so it was hardly visible. They posted their evil plan on facebook. Two elderly women (sisters) drove past that sign without looking and hit an SUV. One of the women died on the spot while the other lost the battle of life in the hospital. The teenagers were charged with involuntary manslaughter.


8. Chasing leads To Horrible Car Accident

Pranks That Ended In Tragedy - Chasing leads To Horrible Car Accident

This accident happened in 2010 when some teenagers tried to be mischievous by rolling toilet paper in houses. A fireman saw them and decided to chase their vehicle to note the plate number. While chasing the fireman’s vehicle lost control during a sharp turn. The fireman in hurry forgot to wear a helmet which led him to eject out of vehicle. The fireman was unable to sustain the injuries and died.


7. Heart Attack During A Chase

Pranks That Ended In Tragedy - Heart Attack during a chase

A traditional prank at St. Charles East High School went horribly wrong in 2005. Five students broke in the school to steal a golf cart. School janitor saw them and called the police. The kids ran away but two of them came back for the cutters they had left at the crime scene. The police officer ran after them and ordered them to stop. During this chase the officer suffered a heart attack. The kids however did not pay a heed. The officer was found unresponsive and later died in the hospital. The teens were not charged of the death.


6. Balloon Took Life Of A Kid

Pranks That Ended In Tragedy - Balloon Took Life Of A Kid

Strangely enough, the best way people can think to scare of kids and teens is to shoot aimlessly and call it warning shot. Some of the friends participated in a scavenger hunt. One of the items on the list was a helium balloon. The kids ran to collect it from the roof of a store. But the store owner saw them and started shooting. One of the fires hit the boy in the back while he was running. He died in the truck towards which he was running. The store owner expressed that it was never his intention. But the loss of life is irretrievable.


5. Shoots A Friend With Not So Air Gun


It is indeed sad to see a friend kill another. Such an incident happened when one friend thought of pranking his friend with an air gun (or what he thought was an air gun). While his friend was sleeping he pointed the gun at him and it went off. What he thought was an air gun was a hunting gun. The friend started bleeding and soon died. It seems quite astonishing that you would pull the trigger to a gun that you don’t know of. Later in police investigation it was found that the culprit prankster did the same prank before but the friend survived the previous attack.


4. Fallen Prey To Himself

Pranks That Ended In Tragedy - Fallen Prey To Himself

Halloween pranks and decorations are the highlight of the year for some people. Some of them are exceptionally good at them. One of such boys who were a Halloween prank enthusiast was preparing to scare his family when one of his sisters called to her mother and said that the brother is hanging from the tree and not moving. Initially the mother thought of it as a joke but later when the sister said that the brother was drooling, she ran outside just to see his boy dead hanging from his own noose. Police later reported that the boy must have put the noose in his neck and forgotten and then died after suffocating.


3. Surprise Death

Young Girl Jumping out of a Wardrobe

Two girls decided to surprise their friends. They sat in a cupboard and started speaking and shouting to bring attention of their friends to themselves. They did manage to grab their attention but for all the wrong reasons. Friends thought that there were some burglar in the house and decided to attack them. One of them went far enough to grab a gun and give one to the younger. They heard noises from the cupboard and as soon as they opened, girls started screaming and amidst all this loud gunfire were heard. One of the girls got hit and died soon after.


2. Eggs Don’t Kill But Bullets Sure Do

Innocent Pranks That Ended In Tragedy

Killing children comes with extreme guilt and self-condemnation. It is even worse if it is not intended. Pranks can lead to such situations where there is not only loss of life but the person responsible gets a lifetime of regret. A group of teenagers (seven) thought of retaliating to a prank that their friend had pulled on them. They went to his house and put mayonnaise, eggs and toilet paper on his car. Before they could run back giggling, friend’s father came out and opened fire. One of the friends died due to the bullet wound. The father might have been pissed off previously so he took such extreme measure. But the loss could not be undone.


1. Prank Call Ends With A Suicide

Prank Call Ends With A Suicide

Pranks pulled on media which cover a whole lot of audience can end up more horrifyingly than others. Usually people targeted are unable to put up with the humiliation and end up retaliating in dangerous ways. Even if it is about little laughter, the recipient might take it as an insult. Same happened with a nurse in Australian hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was admitted after having morning sickness. Radio show hosts gave a prank call to the hospital pretending to be Queen. The nurse felt for the prank and forwarded the call to the Duchess’ nurse. Though for that time it was all gone in the wind, but few days later the nurse was found dead in her house. Apparently she committed suicide because she could not put up with the humiliation. The DJ’s expressed their remorse and explained that they could have never foreseen such reaction.

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