10 Things Female Should Avoid During Periods

Being a woman can be tough at times with periods coming up every month and experiencing new things and feelings. But what we all need to know is some rules regarding this monthly experience. Hygiene is the main factor that needs to be taken care of. There are some things that ought to be avoiding during periods as they can be harmful and dangerous to a woman’s health. Some foods are not suitable and do not give good results if taken in your periods. Here are the 10 things female should avoid during periods.


10. Usage of vaginal and Hygiene products

10 Things Female Should Avoid During Periods

During your menstrual period there are times when you feel the need to clean yourself thoroughly as periods can cause itching. But what some women are unaware is that your vagina has its own setup of keeping itself clean. It produces good bacteria as well along with bad bacteria. Therefore, you should always wash yourself with warm water only instead of using soap while washing as it can change the friendly bacteria into an infection.


9. Fatty Meats

precautions in periods -

What all women don’t want during their periods is extra pain and tenderness. It is mainly because of our meals that we end up in severe pain and swelling. Eating meat in our normal life doesn’t bother us but when taken during our periods can result in pain and inflammation. The reason is because the fatty meats are saturated. They lead to cramps and convulsions therefore control your meat craving during this particular time. You can eat fish or chicken instead of meat.


8. Exercise

precautions in periods - Exercise

Periods are the time when you will feel bloated, fat and ugly. So, do not think of going for a run or going to a gym. As you will end up cramped and annoyed as your body is not in a position to take the stress of exercise. Thus, hold yourself for a few days and then you can start your jog and exercise again. In that way you will save your clothes from all the stains as well. Other than that exercise during the time when your uterus keeps on sending cramps is not healthy for your body. Some of the doctors prescribe exercises but they are special movements that help you from the pain and uncomfortable position.


7. Eat Tons of Chocolate

Eat Tons of Chocolate - dnt Eat Tons of Chocolate

We all have heard that eat chocolates as soon as you get your periods. It might help some people but majority of the girls ends up having zits and acne on their face. Chocolate contains caffeine as well which will active your hormones as well which might end up in a heavy flow of menstrual period.


6. Multiple Uses Of Sanitary Pads

precautions in periods - Multiple Uses Of Sanitary Pads

With the passage of time new types of sanitary napkins keeps on introducing in the market. We all want to try new products each of them claim to be the best. But what women should avoid is to use multiple types of sanitary pads. If you know that a particular type of sanitary pads suits you then you shouldn’t go for another one. Tampons are the new kind of pads but are designed for special purposes. Other than that for heavy bleeding some of the women use two pads at the same time to avoid any stains which is unhealthy as well as uncomfortable. Usage of multiple pads can lead to rash and itching as you will have to wait until the other pad is ready to change as well.


5. Eating Ice Cream

precautions in periods - donot Eat Ice Cream

Cold eatables in particular should not be taken during periods. Sweet things are on the top list of our cravings in those days. Cold ice-cream can play a role in cramps. It is not common in all girls and women. Some feel that ice-cream is the only solution that will help them get through the agony, for others it is not just the meal they would want to take. It has also been proved scientifically that women should ignore usage of dairy products that specifically includes ice-cream.


4. Engage In An Argument

precautions in periods - Donot  Engage In An Argument

Our hormones take a different turn when our periods start. A condition called PMS (Post-Menstrual Syndrome) is experienced by all women. Some of them experience before their periods and some experience during their menstrual period. Therefore, this syndrome indicates that never start an argument during this month as you will end up saying the worst things as your hormones will do all the talking. Thus, engaging in an argument should be the last thing you want to start.


3. Do Housework

precautions in periods -  Do Housework

If you are a housewife who loves to clean her house all day then you should take a break in that particular time of your month. We all feel lazy and grouchy during our periods and working will make you more exhausted than ever. Try to clean the house only by making your bed or picking up your clothes. If you will end up washing the clothes and dusting you will end up in bed for the next two days.


2. Yoga


Some doctors recommend exercise during periods that include special exercises that will relieve you of the pain and cramps you experience during periods. Yoga is an exception that should be avoided during periods as it can lead to an increase flow of blood especially the standing on your head position. Therefore experts recommend shunning only the head positions in yoga during periods.


1. Wash In A Wrong Direction

Out of some things that are not to be done during periods is the washing technique. What some woman are unaware is that our vagina has its own cleaning setup.

Along with the dirt bacteria are the friendly bacteria present as well. If we wash from anus to the vagina, the bacteria from our anus travel into the vagina causing infections in our vagina. Therefore, special care should be taken while washing during periods. You cannot entirely stop washing yourself as hygiene should be observed carefully as well during periods.

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