10 Things Husbands Should Not Share With Their Wives

As old as this phrase may appear, there hardly seems any doubt in its validity. In order to establish a healthy relation between a husband and wife, it is necessary that both of them understand each other very well. Love, patience, loyalty and friendliness are some of the qualities which can make this relation grow longer and stronger. However, at some stage of life, it becomes a necessity for them to keep certain things from each other for the safety and nourishment of their relationship. Husbands keep certain things from their wives while their wives do the same with husbands and with these little adjustments, the wheels of cart continue to move on.
However in this article, we will put our focus only on one side of the picture which includes 10 Things Husbands Should Not Share With Their Wives. Out of all the possible inclusions, the top 10 are gives as:


10. Childhood Experiences

It has been observed sometimes that the awkward childhood experiences of a person can be a cause of embarrassment for him in front of others and he does not want people to know about them. He does not want to share them even to people that are very close to him, like his wife. Events occurred in the schools or colleges can be very harsh sometimes. So, if husbands want to avoid such moments, they should not share such experiences with their wives.


9. Old Marksheets

An interesting factor in this regard is the old mark sheets of husbands which can also be a cause of shame for them in front of their wives or children. No one likes it that other people watch his report to see how well or bad he was as student. So husbands are advised to keep their reports or mark sheets away from their wives for their own safety.


8. Female Employees In The Company

Female Employees In The Company

It is a matter of common observation that wives tend to take a closer look at the female employees or colleagues working with their husbands. They are always curious to find out which female employees are working with their husbands and how much time they spend with each other in the office. Sometimes it is very difficult for husbands to cope with this situation. But there is a solution to every problem and in our case the solution is not to mention the female employees working with you in the office to your wife.


7. First Crush

First Crush - Things Husabands Should not share

Telling your wife about your first crush is almost the same as telling her about your favorite actress i.e. both are dangerous. For example if a husband tells his wife about his favorite actress, she would start comparing herself with that actress and will automatically start to feel bad about herself. Both these things create a sense of insecurity in the wives and they start believing that they are not good enough for their husbands and if things don’t go well, this may also lead to fights which may take their relationship in jeopardy. So it’s better to keep it a secret rather than creating an argument with no solution.


6. Exact Salary Amount

Exact Salary Amount - Things Husbands Should not Share

Another interesting inclusion in the list is the exact amount of salary. It has been experienced lately that husbands who tell their exact salary amount to their wives face more economical problems than those who don’t. If a wife knows how much money her husband earn monthly, she would remember it and would ask him for shopping more than often. If you don’t want this to happen, never tell your exact salary to your wife.

5. Crimes Committed

Crimes Committed - Things Should Not Share With Wives

If a husband has some sort of criminal record or he committed any crime in the past, he should surely not tell his wife about it. The reason being, it will create a misunderstanding between the two and the wife would take him as some sort of a serial killer or a robber even if he did it accidently or it was unintentional. She would start fearing him and things will not turn up good for their relation. In order to avoid all this harassment, it’s better not to mention things like that.


4. Social Life

10 Things Husbands Should Not Share With Their Wives

More often than not, the social and sexual life of a couple before they were married, has resulted in many serious situations that may also lead to separation or divorce. Usually it is better to let the bygones be bygones and put your focus on things that are happening at present. If a husband has any such experience, he must not mention it to his wife and the same goes for the wife as well.


3. Previous Relationships

Previous Relationships - Things Should Not Share With Wives

On number three we have the situation of previous relationships. Just like the social life, the situation of relationships also plays its factor in determining the dimensions of a couple’s relation. Obviously many people come into the life of people before they get married to each other. Now one possibility can be to sit and talk about it continuously till one of them gets annoyed. Or the other possibility which most of the experienced people recommend is to leave the past behind and live the life that lies ahead. That is the reason many people advice the newlyweds not to talk about things like these. Consequently, husbands should also avoid these sorts of conversations.


2. Passwords Of Social Networking Websites

social media sign in /login page

Now this point may appear a bit interesting for the readers and it’s somewhat true actually. Wives believe that after the marriage, they have the right to know everything about their husbands. But husbands also want to have some privacy of their own. If husbands share their passwords with their wives, the wives will regularly monitor their account and their activities creating an environment of insecurity for both of them, which puts a bad impression. So if husbands wants to have some privacy for themselves, they should never tell these passwords to their wives.


1. Pin Codes Of Credit Cards

The last and the most important point in this regard is the pin codes of credit cards. This might appear amusing to many readers but the fact is, if wives know the pin codes of their husband’s credit cards, they would somehow get the card and go for shopping on regular basis which can prove to be a disaster for the economic condition of the family.

So if husbands want to avoid that issue and save their money from their greedy wives, they must think of a way to save these credit cards.

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