10 Things That Might Happen To You In 2020

The planning regarding the future never ends. No matter what the age is, everyone always plans for the future. Kids plan about the toys they would be having on their next birthdays. While adults plan the ways they can buy those toys for their kids. In short, planning is the part and participle of every individual. But this life is so unfortunate. Some things happen instantly and you are not prepared for them. This article will tell you what might happen to you this year, keeping the trends and current circumstances in preference. Read this list of 10 things that might happen to you in 2020, and brace yourselves.


10. Instant Fame

10 Things That Might Happen To You In 2020

With the growing internet and technology, getting famous is not an issue now. You can be famous within no time just by uploading videos on YouTube. Creating pages on social websites like Facebook can also be the source of getting popular. Any peculiar quality, habit or talent can make you a renowned personality. If you brainstorm your talents, you can also get fame this year.


9. World Tour

World Tour

If you are a big lover of traveling, like me, then you might be dreaming of a world tour since your childhood. May be you get a chance to visit the world this very year. Chances are that you can win a lottery or your boss is kind enough to grant you a bonus which will add up to the savings. This way you can make your dream true. I wish this happens to all the travelers this year. You never know when the odds are in your favor. Fingers crossed.


8. Promotion

World TourPromotion

Most of the companies give promotions and bonuses at the start of every year. May be this year luck can be at your side you get the promotion you have desired for since the previous years. Keeping the luck aside, if you had worked hard, then there would be more chances of getting promoted. Yet again, fingers crossed.


7. Attack


When there is war and disorder everywhere, then you can also be a part of this unrest. Terrorism is growing day by day and it is not wrong that it is growing in every part of the world whether developed or not. Hence you might face a terrorist attack this year. But there is no need to be scared of. It is just a probability. Never forget, optimism is the best policy.


6. Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Weight control is a very big topic these days. Everyone needs to look smart and pretty. And it is true that you can never be satisfied with your life if you cannot wear you favorite dress just because of weight. If you are obese and have been trying different diet schemes lately, you may lose weight this time. Weight loss needs a lot of determination. This year, you can show this determination and commitment, and can fit into your favorite dress.


5. Marriage


Every day a lot of people get married. In old times, people used to plan for the weddings from a year or two. But in this fast century, people fall in love and get married within no time. If you are single and have reached the age of maturity, then this year you might be shopping for your wedding dress and taking appointment in some salons. So save some money for your wedding this year.


4. Robbery

Marriage Robbery

If there are good people, then it is a fact that bad ones also live in this same planet. You never know when they hit you. So, there can be a chance that you might get robbed in the street or in your own house this year. If you have experienced any kind of robbery or theft before, you would know the safety precautions to be adapted. If not, then I can suggest you that never roam with a big amount of cash or expensive jewelry on roads. Even do not keep them in house. What are banks for? Beware! You might be victim of the bad ones this year.


3. Lottery Winner

Lottery Winner

A lot of people invest their money in lotteries and prize bonds. Even in the prehistoric times, people used to believe in this business a lot. Out of thousands of people, some lucky ones win the chance to make their lives better. No doubt by winning these lotteries, you can make a lot of money. And even if you do not win, you will get all of your money back you have spent in buying the tickets. So if you are planning to invest your savings at a safe place, these lotteries are the best place. You might be a winner, and if so, your life would be changed upside down within no time.


2. Death


Death is a thing which is inevitable. You can never run from the fact that the one who is born will die one day. And that particular day is unknown. I believe by keeping death in mind one inclines towards good deeds, as life is so meaningless when you have to leave it one day, leaving all your stuff behind. Before starting this New Year, keep in mind that this might be your last year. Therefore, be honest and good to everyone. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Make your dreams true. And celebrate what you have. By doing so you will feel contented and death won’t scare you anymore.


1. True love

True love

If you have been deceived by someone or a lot of ones then may be this year can be in your favor. You may find your true love turning into a strong relationship. Well! Finding true love is no doubt a difficult job, but being optimistic won’t cost you anything. For finding that one person, you are advised to adopt some safety precautions.

Before going into a relationship, do a little background check of the person. Go out with those whom you know belong to a respectable background and works at an appropriate place. And above all, make sure that your couples’ interests match to the maximum, if not all.

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