10 Things You Must Do Before You Die

Everybody dreams of doing different adventures in his or her life in order to make memories and have fun at the same time. People do a lot of things but still most of them are not satisfied and want to do something different or extraordinary. Some people love travelling and they want to discover different parts of the world, while some people love to do dangerous things like skydiving etc. Although there are number of things to do before you die or just for fun, but here we will tell you the top most exciting and worth watching places on earth. That’s why we have compiled a list of Top 10 things you must do before you die which are extremely exciting. Let’s have a look at the list.


10. Road Trip

10 Things You Must Do Before You Die
10 Things You Must Do Before You Die

Well, a road trip with friends or family is a best option for people who love travelling. It’s the best way that you can enjoy and visit a number of places at the same time. In a road trip, you can have a deeper look at all the sites with a very different aspect. A trip with friends is very popular among teenagers where they can enjoy every single joke and can make it very memorable.


9. Climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge

Things You Must Do Before You Die - Climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is a world famous bridge built on Sydney Harbor and connects the North Shore with Sydney central business district. This bridge is an iconic image of Australia due to its dramatic view along with Sydney Opera House. The special lighting at night also adds to the scenic beauty and attracts a lot of people. Any one on a trip to Australia must visit this place and learn by heart the amazing view of Sydney from this bridge.


8. Walk the whole Great Wall of China

Things You Must Do Before You Die -  Walk the whole Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the longest wall ever made by man on this earth. It was built back in 206 BC by the first Emperor of China. It is 21,196 kilometer long and includes trenches, defensive bunkers and actual wall. The Great Wall of China is so big that it can be seen from moon as well. It’s a great place to visit and is one of the best tourist spot as well.


7. Shower in a waterfall

Things You Must Do Before You Die - Shower in a waterfall

To have a shower just beneath huge water fall is a good idea for adventure loving people and seems to be quite interesting as well.in Canada or United States, there are number of places where we can find both huge and small waterfalls but in middle east, no or very less waterfalls are available. Although there are many problems for Asian people in order to get to a waterfall but they are still happy on few which are approachable. It’s a different experience and I am sure people who have already done it, wish to do it again and again.


6. Driving a Formula one car

Things You Must Do Before You Die -  Driving a Formula one car

Driving a F1 car is a dream of every car loving person. It is a very elegant and elusive car which is used in car racing done at different cities of different countries. It’s a very expensive and fast racing car which is only drive by specially trained drivers. Mostly people fond of car would love this point but seriously formula one car is worth driving. There are number of tracks available around the world where you can drive this monster.


5. Going into space

Things You Must Do Before You Die - Going into space

People who are astronauts are lucky that they can go into space and enjoy the view. We have only seen such sights in television or actual pictures but it in actual it is very different and attractive. Very few people are lucky enough to get a chance to go into space. It is a dream come true to see the world from space and anybody who can bear the expenses should go on this journey once in a life time.


4. Skydive

Things You Must Do Before You Die - Skydive

Some people chose skydiving as an occupation and are few in number. To all those people who are not professional skydivers, everyone should experience it. There are several ways of skydiving. You can jump from the special airplane or a high cliff or building for this purpose. There are some private companies who offer sky diving on reasonable rates. They provide all the equipment and necessary basic knowledge about skydiving as well.


3. Celebrate New Year at Times Square

Celebrate New Year at Times Square

New York The Times Square is a world famous place. Every year Christmas and New Year are celebrated here and a large number of people attend it. A beautiful show of fireworks is done along with several songs on which all the people dance and celebrate both events. Sometimes there is a special performance by famous singers or stage artists which adds to the beauty of this place. There is no ticket for this event and anyone can join it.


2. Scuba Dive

Things You Must Do Before You Die -Scuba Dive

Breathing underwater is not an easy task for many people whether it’s in the deep or shallow and you always have a fear of getting drowned if you are not a good swimmer. Besides this, scuba diving is something very different and attractive to folks. The companies who arrange scuba diving first tell you some basic skills and then you are all free to enjoy the underwater beauty. The best part is that you can experience it in every corner of world with all the equipment and options. This is an experience thing you should do.


1. Visiting Aurora Borealis

Things You Must Do Before You Die - Visiting Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is the natural light display of different colors caused by the collision of magnetosphere charged particles and solar wind which occurs at high altitudes. The sky is lightened by different colors at the same time which looks amazingly impressive. Aurora Borealis can be seen in northern Norway and Northern Svalbard.

It is a breath taking moment when you see Aurora Borealis and that’s why it is the top thing that you must see before you die. In northern Norway there are special hotels, restaurants and arrangements where you can see this easily.

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