10 Things You Should Know About Pakistan And Its Independence

Although Pakistan studies is a part and parcel of the academic course nowadays until the graduation courses but still people don’t know stuff about Pakistan and Independence. Moreover the situation Pakistan had at that time and now where we stand is something to surprise you enough as we all know that British Government and Indians tried their best to deprive the newly made state into a one which cannot survive on their own but wonders happened back then and we are still surviving. Although now there a number of factors which Pakistan faces and with a heavy heart we could not reach what we aimed for. But here are 10 Things You Should Know About Pakistan And Its Independence.


10. A State Made On Urgent Basis

Pakistan zindabad

Pakistan is among those countries which came into being in such burning basis that many of the personnel from British Government and Indian Raj could not perceive this fact in such a haste, Which definitely proved to be a blessing somewhat. But unfortunately whatever Jinnah did, he still could not get the last moment politics of Mountbatten and Indian Raj and we had to lose our Kashmir which is still a very hot topic under negotiation and kind of two Pakistan came into being, one afterwards made Bangladesh.


9. Nuclear Weapons

Pakistan And Its Independence -

Pakistan got 30-60 Nuclear weapons in comparison to the 60-90 weapons India was bestowed by the partition. But still Pakistan thrived despite of all the external forces going against it and made itself to be the first Islamic country to have nuclear missiles and bombs.


8. Social Reforms

Pakistan And Its Independence -  Social Reforms

Pakistan and India although culturally alike had such loop holes in their societal collaboration that led to the separation of the two states. After separation both of them had to reform their culture and peace in their own state to start a new and fresh country. Despite of all the efforts from both the countries and interruption of many third parties, there are some factors igniting the hatred and disharmony between these neighbors, disturbing the law and order on both sides.


7. Infrastructure Of The Governing Body

Pakistan And Its Independence - Infrastructure Of The Governing Body

After leaving the Indian domain, Pakistan had nothing but some spirited patriots ready to run the country in any situation they had. Back then there was a system of Governor General and Jinnah was the first Governor General of Pakistan. Later on we adopted our complete picture from the British rule and infused a Prime Minister and a president in our houses. Although Pakistan had faced Martial law for a very longer period of time, now democracy is prevailing successfully for the past few years.


6. Modernism

Pakistan And Its Independence - Modernism

In terms of Modernism, we take here our media and fashion industry. Pakistan in their initial age has no western sense. People were simple with extravagance in their lifestyles. But now there is a huge market for such interests. Pakistan’s media is one of the most promising and active media Across the globe with our Film, TV and Fashion industry to be sparkling stars for many western countries. It is making a huge progress.


5. Splitting Of The State

According to the plan of Pakistan’s independence, there was no gap between East and West Pakistan. But according to the evil plans of Lord Mountbatten and Jawaharlal Nehru, there was this change of plan at the very last moment and on the morning of the independence; East and West Pakistan were separated by 1000 km of land of India. This turned out to be the separation of the state of Pakistan forming Bangladesh.


4. Defense Status

Pakistan And Its Independence - Defense

Now here come some astonishing facts and figures about Pakistan and India’s military statuses. At the time of partition, India has $22.10 billion rupees for the military budget as compared to Pakistan who was given $4.54 billion. Total strength of Pakistan Armed forces was 570,000 and India’s were 1324,000. So there was a great difference between the two. But now Pakistan is ranked as the third best army in the world. And our defense budget is 80% of the total budget of Pakistan.


3. Educational Reforms

Pakistan And Its Independence - Educational Reforms

In 1947 Pakistan’s literacy rate was 14%. There has been a dramatic change over time in this sector. Pakistan had only 1 to 2 medical colleges and a very few universities with virtually no back up plans but now Pakistan has 18-20 Medical colleges in Punjab only with turnover of thousands of students every year depicting the directional sense increasing in the society. Moreover privately run institutions are in a huge number with a great standard of Education and now the literacy rate is 58%.


2. Industrial development

Pakistan And Its Independence - Industrial development

Pakistan was gifted with only 16 industries when they decided to choose their own path. These industries were not flourished as Pakistan economy was agricultural based. So in other words Pakistan had to start from straw because the major product exported was raw. But now Pakistan’s industry has a flourishing economy with foreign investments and project growing overseas making money and increasing the GDP.


1. Economic Status

Economic Status

When India and Pakistan separated, it was decided that there would a fair sharing of the assets British left for the original inhabitants, Indians and Pakistanis. But unfortunately no fair play was being practiced and according to that Pakistan had 17.5% of the British Colonial reserves.

Pakistan’s major income is through agricultural means. But the best part is that Pakistan has shown a tremendous growth after what they had when they started their journey. And this growth has been boosted after 2000’s reforms after which there is an increase in exports and international trades. There is an immense increase in the international investments now. So despite of all the hurdles Pakistan faces, their economy is flourishing, although this growth is slow paced but this is an achievement.

One thought on “10 Things You Should Know About Pakistan And Its Independence

  1. It is nonsense to say India was “gifted any nukes”. The UK didn’t explode its first nuclear bomb until 1952. Independence was in 1947, so it is a dubious claim at best. Having nuclear weapons is not something to boast about.

    As for Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutto and Mujib are largely to blame for that.

    Other countries have come from behind and have become more developed than Pakistan while Pakistan remains a basket case.

    Spending 80% of the national budget on the military is piss poor planning. It should be 50% on education, 30% on health and welfare and 10% on the military. But as it is 90% of budget is soaked up by corruption so much that no one feels inclined to pay taxes. It is not for nothing that the country was ruled by Mr 10%!

    Some stats not quoted: Pakistan is at the top for motor accidents, fatalities and injuries; Pakistan is top of the list for corruption; Pakistan is top of the list for illiteracy.

    Pakistan has a lot of potential and it needs to develop it, not live in the past. Make peace with India, resolve the Kashmir issue, bring the Taliban under control and educate the population.

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