10 Things You Should Not Share With Your Teachers

“Teachers are the spiritual parents”. I pretty much believe in this quote. If you have got teachers, you have got a big treasure. You can discuss things with him, explore the world with him and attain maximum knowledge from him. All these practices are in your favor. But there should always be line between your discussions with the teacher. And if you cross that line, everything can turn against your favor. So, here are some things you should never ever discuss with your teachers. No matter how close or attached you are with your professor. This list of 10 things you should not share with your teachers is a must read for every student. By adopting these simple procedures you can save yourself from turning the relationship with your teachers into a disaster.


10. Sharing Notes

Sharing Notes

Some students have a habit of writing random things on the notes during the lecture. It is very convenient to talk to your fellows by writing while the monotonous lecture is going on. If you lie in this category of students, then never share your notes with your teachers. You never know what you have written which your teacher must not read.


9. Studying Routine

. Studying Routine

Teachers have a habit to give long lectures. And they will never skip any chance to lecture you on any of your habit which they feel is wrong. If you study late at night or at odd times, then prefer not to tell this thing to your teachers. They will try hard to force you to change your routine. They may be telling you right, but somehow they are missing the element due to which you have adopted the particular routine.


8. Other Favorite Teachers

Other Favorite Teachers

It is not very wise to tell any particular teacher about your favorite teacher, if he is not the one. If you do so, then it can provoke jealousy amongst the teachers. This can further have bad consequences. Teachers can get into competitions, and students would be pissed off. Although this is not professionalism, but teachers are also humans and there can be negative emotions inside them.


7. Feelings of Hatred

Feelings of Hatred

It is very natural if you start hating someone for a reason (If you hate without a reason then you have a brain fault). And if you tell your teacher you hate him, then your brain fault is crossing the limits. There is a possibility that your teacher may develop a feeling of grudge against you. That grudge can turn into bad grade of yours. Again this does not comes under the banner of professionalism, and every teacher is not a professional.


6. Despised Teachers

Despised Teachers

You should never tell any of your teachers about the ones you hate. As all the teachers in an institution mostly know each other, therefore, there is a possibility that they tell those teachers about your views. A professional teacher must not adopt this behavior, but you have to play safe. So keep your feelings to yourself.


5. Dad’s Number

Dad's Number

If your dad is a strict bud, then refrain giving your dad’s number to your teachers personally. They can call him on and off which can become a tedious thing. And if it is necessary, then give your mom’s number. Dads are mostly impatient and do not deal things mostly with tolerance while on the other hand, mothers have the ability to deal things more wisely. In your case if the situation is opposite, then do vice versa.


4. Discussing Other Class fellows

Discussing Other Class fellows

You might be very close to your teacher and discuss everything with him. This is not a bad thing. But it would become bad if you will start discussing things about your other class fellows, whether it is their daily dealings or personal life. You must respect the privacy of every other student. Teachers may develop negative impression about their other students because of you which is not right ethically.


3. Family, Friends or Cousins

Family Friends or Cousins

If there are any of your cousins or family friends studying in the same institution as you are, then you are advised to hide this knowledge from your teachers. The reason is very obvious. Teachers can easily contact them to tell about your behaviors and all. They can brag those things in the family making a bad image of yours. In a longer run you can face consequences. So it is better not to tell your teachers about your relations in school and college.


2. Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets

A class of students is like a body. And everyone knows that the class always has some secrets. The mischief of students must remain confidential. For example if someone has hides the wire of the projector, then you would be the biggest goof of the world revealing the name to the teacher. Rest of your class fellows would become your rival. And teachers won’t trust your class anymore.


1. Nick Names

Giving nick names to the teachers has become more of a tradition now. Although it is not a very good habit, but students do it for fun. And if this fun does not turn into abusive fun, then it is acceptable.

So, here the point is that never ever share any of the teacher’s nick names with your teachers. No matter how close you are to your teacher.Your teacher may not get a good impression of yours’. As overall it is not a very impressive thing. Keep every nick name as a secret between your friends.

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