10 Truly Creepy Vampires From Around The World

Vampires are a great, old mystery of supernatural creation or a world, either they exist or not but people in some cultures strongly belief. It is believed as an undead creature who survives by feeding on the living creature. Different names in different cultures are given to vampires like Vrykolakas in Greece and strigo in Romania. It is related to different myths and there are different similar creatures like revenant and werewolf. In folktales it is an undead, ever living character often came to their love ones, causing death and misfortune in their surrounding where they were supposed to live when they were alive. There are many types of vampires, red and pale, who takes blood from others unwillingly and some take mutually from each other. According to prevalent folklore, every single vampire was once a human who after being gnawed by a vampire, died and awake from the cemetery like monster. They can take a shape of bat, any animal or wolf or even a human with some exceptions and can be died by fire or direct sunlight. Whatever the true is regarding their existence, they are still a valid topic of interest. Here is the list of 10 truly creepy vampires from around the world. This list shows the some interesting facts that you perhaps didn’t know about them


10. Upyr

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Upyr

Russia is full of folklore and has myths about blood suckers; the vampires. The Upyr is the main vampire species found in Russia and may be like an ordinary Russian person in appearance and even have the capability to walk in day light. But there is a spiteful vampire hidden behind this innocent appearance. This is an extremely nasty vampire that firstly attacks the children and then on the parents to kill them. Upyr sleep at night and wake up at day time and therefore has a quietly human debut and are capable to mix in human society. It has extreme craving for blood and even tearing its victim with its metal teeth, it might eat the heart too. These metallic teeth help them in winter to chew through obstacles when their hands are freezed. It can be killed with decapitation and fire.
9. Callicantzaros

10 Truly Creepy Vampires -

A Greek vampire that strikes the people and pierces them apart is known by the name Callicantzaro. The Callicantzaros usually appear in the form of half animals, half human shapes and attack during the twelve nights which are the holy nights between Christmas and the Epiphany and spend the rest of their time in the netherworld. They ramble around and enter the villages during night where as sleep in the caves during day time. They are distinct from other vampires as there activities are confined to just twelve days. Just a glimpse of its red eyes, black twisted face and tentacle filled mouth is enough to get scared and to spoil all the fun, it tears apart its victims and devours them abruptly.
According to Greek myths, it was believed that any child born in this period from Christmas and the Epiphany will ultimately become a Callicantzaro and can harm any of the siblings. Therefore for its remedy they hold feet of infant over a fire until his toenails are burnt.


8. Asanbosam

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Asanbosam

The asanbosam or Asasabonsam is an African vampire from southern Ghana myths and can get the appearance of woman, man or child. It is a strange vampire known among the Ashanti people and has curved hooks rather than legs which aids in trapping its victim and has metallic teeth. It is believed that it lives in deep forests and grabs the passing victim with its curved hooks and eats it alive wildly with its metallic teeth. This specie is hairy and has large red bloody eyes and rarely encountered by the hunters of that area. Unlike many other vampires it can feed on humans as well as on animals. In case of its victim is human, it first bites off its thumb before moving to the remaining body and therefore eradicating any chance of escape.


7. Pennangalan

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Pennangalan

Pennangalan are quite famous Malaysian vampires, these are the weirdest and disgusting creature in this list that resembles with women appearance. According to the myths of Malaysia, it is an isolated female head that has the capability to fly about its own and during fly the bowels and stomach sway below it. These organs shine like fireflies during the night fly of Pennangalan in search of her victim. Malaysian vampire folklores are wild, instinctive ordeals where a man can be killed to death with the help of entrails or can drain the blood. At the end of every night this wild vampire has to preserve its entrails by wetting them in vinegar in order to make them shrink and properly fit inside its body again. Therefore Pennangalan can be differentiated from ordinary women by odor of vinegar.

6. Upier

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Upier

The Russian monster Upyr has a Polish cousin named as Upier and is extremely crazy for blood. Its craving for blood is so enormous and voracious that along with drinking tremendous amount, it enjoys to bath and sleep in the blood. Upier also named as Upior is the most common undead creature name in Poland. An unusual fact about these vampires is that they wake up at noon and sleep at midnight. At night it finds pleasure in attacking its friends and especially its family members, immobilizing them by a powerful embracing and then sucking their blood.


5. Varacolaci

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Varacolaci

The most vigorous of the entire undead creature is Varacolaci, it is a vampire that belongs to Romania. This vampire may have appearance of a pale human with dry skin that can not be cured by anything and it is believed that they have the capability to cause solar and lunar eclipses by consuming the sun and moon. They cause eclipses while their bodies are in a phase of deep sleep and their soul goes into the sky. They can move on a starry thread and travel as long as the thread stayed continuous. There is another name of this undead creature and that is priculics.


4. Yara-ma-yha-who 

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Yara-ma-yha-who

The Yara-ma-yha-who is a vampire that belongs to Australian Aboriginal folklore and is depicted as a little red man having four feet height with an extremely large head and big mouth without teeth. There are suckers on the end of its feet and hands. It resides on fig trees and waits until an innocent traveler comforts under the tree, it then attacks the victim and sucks its blood with the help of suckers and make him weak and dry and leave it discarded. When it returns later it will consume its victim fully, swallows it completely with its gigantic mouth and take a nap. After it, it regurgitates the undigested and alive victim and repeats this process again and again until the victim is fully digested. This is a weird vomiting vampire that is extremely creepy. Yara-ma-yha-who prey is always a living person.


3. Neuntoter

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Neuntoter

It is an undead creature that belongs to the Northern areas of Germany and is known by the name Neuntoter. It is deliberated as the specie that is carrier of miserable plagues and pestilence and is customarily seen only during times of epidemic. It is an ambulatory biological armament that only causes destruction and death wherever it goes. It spreads the diseases by contaminating each and everything around its passage. Its body is covered in open wounds and sores that continuously exuding pus and therefore contaminating things by its lethal germs. Neuntoters are scared of lemons, so in order to keep them away one should place lemons or its juice around the home.
2. Nelapsi

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Nelapsi

Nelapsi is one of the truly creepy vampires that is from Czechoslovakia folklore and can cause severe harm to the living, as it’s just once glance is enough to kill you. It is an ambulatory corpse having no evidence of decaying. It is capable of assassination of the whole village in just a single visit. It is a vampire that sucks the blood of both animals and humans and its thirst is never fulfilled therefore it does not cease hunting until morning. Its glowing dark red eyes, long grubby black hair and thin pointed teeth are enough to scare anyone. It can kill its prey by piercing him with its sharp pointed teeth or can crush him by forceful embracing that smashed his bones and leaveing behind wreckage and bloodless figures.


1. Brahmaparusha

10 Truly Creepy Vampires - Brahmaparusha

Brahmaparusha is the disgusting and frightening vampire of India that is not so much powerful like Nelapsi but still it is scarier than others. This vampire is a malicious soul that feels pleasure in eating humans. It kills its victim by drinking blood first through its skull then by eating its brain and finally wrapping the intestines of the victim around its body and performing a traditional dance.

It enjoys devouring its victim and feels proud of its killing and wrapping the trophies in form of intestines around its head just like a crown. To satisfy its intense hunger it needs several humans to devour. They are also renowned as the brain eating vampires of India. There are no means to escape from this extremely creepy vampire; hiding or running away is the only survival chance.

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