10 Unbelievable Taboo Rituals Still Performed Today

If a ritual becomes a taboo it’s not acceptable, not be encoded in myths and it cannot be practiced but it is not necessary that ritual has to be religious. Common taboos involve rituals of killing, hunting, sex and sexual inter-coarse, deceased and graves and food and dinning. Here is the list of 10 unbelievable taboo rituals still performed today.


10. Buddhist Monks, Thailand

10 Unbelievable Taboo Rituals Still Performed Today, Buddhist Monks

Piercing is very common now a days all over the world to be stylish and fashionable especially in young people. But piercing and tattoo designing plays a common role in the culture of Millennium, Thailand serving identification, decoration and protection. But the taboo is that body marking is done by the Monks on the whole body with a long rod on the road near temple. It is believed that Tattoos bless the monks with ancient Khmer prayer and the ethereal protective powers of animal images on their bodies.


9. Vine jumping, Pacific Archipelago

Vine jumping, Pacific Archipelago

In the village near the island Pacific Archipelago, this is a popular ritual that resembles with the bungee jumping. It is thought that whoever volunteers to jump higher, he is bestowed with the more blessings. This ritual is named as “Gkol” that means “land diving”. The volunteers are encouraged by the crown through songs, drum beats, music and dance.


8. Tooth-blackening lu of Vietnam

Unbelievable Taboo Rituals, Tooth-blackening lu of Vietnam

If you think that white teeth look beautiful then look at the jet black teeth of the women of Vietnam hill tribe who blackens their teeth by applying black jet on them. They prepar that black dye by mixing different black things like black residual of coals, trees resigns and sticky coconut cocoon. According to this ritual, black teeth save you from demons and bad spirits because these things are attracted towards white teeth and it also saves you from tooth-decay.


7. Cross-dressing Wodaabe Men of Niger

Cross-dressing Wodaabe Men of Niger

Flirting is a famous ritual all over the world. Women apply make-up and wear jewelry and men grow hot. But among the Wodaabe, a tribe of northern Niger, the trend is bracingly reversed. It is one of the most interesting and unbelievable rituals in the world. During the festival named as “Gerewol Festival” arranged at the end of rainy season, men do all the things that women do to look beautiful. They put on finest clothes and apply make-up, jewelry, feathers, paint their faces, cross their eyes, raise their bows and broad their smiles in front of a group of women to impress them.


6. Voodoo and Spiritual Possession

Voodoo dancers possessed by the voodoo spirit

Vodun is a religious ritual of West Africa. According to this ritual a person is a kind of medium between the Earth’s spirit, Sakpata and humans. The person who is considered as a medium is taken into the forest and it is claimed that spirits enter into its body to connect with human and the person becomes unconscious. He remains in that state for three days without food and water until he comes back to its real state and become conscious.


5. Fire Walking

10 Unbelievable Taboo Rituals Still Performed Today

In Penang, Malaysia the” Nine Emperor Gods” is a nine-day Taoist celebration on the eve of 9th Lunar month of Chinese calendar. This festival originally belongs to China and is performed in many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Riau Island and Thailand. The ritual is to walk bare foot on the burning fire because fire is believed to repel Evil Spirits and Impurities of man. So, walking on fire increases the strength of man and helps him in overcoming the evil’s influences. Hundreds of man walk on the fire and show their bravery.


4. Phuket Vegetarian festival, Thailand

Phuket Vegetarian festival, Thailand

It is one of the wildest events of the world and is celebrated in Thailand yearly. In this event people pass knives, umbrellas, fans and all such cranky objects from their checks and are considered as a sacred ritual blessed those who observe it. It is believed that gods enter into their bodies and protect them from evils and bring good luck to the community.


3. Venom-injecting Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon

Venom-injecting Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon

In a tribe of Amazon, becoming a man means getting closer to the bullet ants. The ants are collected very carefully into a glove made of leaves, whereas the stingy portion of ants are in the inner side of the glove. The man has to place his hand into that leaf glove at-least for 10 minutes and the glove is removed by another person because the man is already paralyzed or unconscious because the ant’s venom contains a portion of neurotoxins and poneratoxin that freezes the nerve cells and cause burning pain. The boy has to repeat this process for many times in a year to prove to be a man.


2. Famadihana – dancing with dead

Dancing With The Dead

Famadihana “turning of bones” is one of the major and dangerous events celebrated after every 7 years at Madagascar. In this event, the natives reopen the graves of their ancestors, re wrap them into new clothes and dance with them. This event is viewed to show your ancestors that how much you love them. Music is played, many animals are sacrificed and meat is shared with guests and family at this unique event. These people believe that although the body decomposes but spirits remain alive and are able to communicate with them. The origin of this event cannot be exactly raced but it is beyond 17th century.


1. The Aghori, India

The Aghori, India

If somebody tells you about the people who live in graveyards, eat human flesh, take drugs and alcohols and have sexual intercourse with corpses then you would surely think that they are psycho, lunatic and insane people but actually these people belong to a class of India “Aghori”. Most of the Hindus think that they are holly people who are so respectful and their deeds are not repulsive. If we talk about the ritual of burning of deceased, Aghori would be just right there to be mentioned. Aghori’s are the worshipers of Siva or Mahakala, the destroyer. And according to their concept their goddess “Kaali” satisfied through sex, drugs and meat.

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