10 Unbelievable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

With the advent of new technologies, the medical field is growing very fast but sometimes certain things happen in medical field that are extremely unbelievable, whether they may be possible by steep luck, advanced medical techniques or divine intervention. There is certain fascination associated with such stories in a positive way. Here is a list of 10 Unbelievable most successful  medical surgeries. This list shows the shock and horror for the sufferers but also gives inspiration and hope to others. These stories might be thrilling but will be always appreciating.


10. The Surgeon Who Performed A Self-Appendectomy

The Surgeon Who Performed A Self-Appendectomy

Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane is believed to have been such surgeon that carried out his own appendectomy in 1921. He performed his own operation at the age of 60 years and removed his own appendix under local anesthesia. He did this operation in order to experience patient perspective. He had in mind the usage of local anesthesia in future and wanted to realize that the procedure could be tolerated by the sufferer. He performed the operation with the help of mirrors that enabled him to see the area of interest, there were three other doctors in the operating room as backup. It was a major operation at that time as the incision itself was much larger than advanced keyhole surgery techniques. Kane was able to taken home at the next day of operation. In 1932, at the age of 70 years he operated himself for inguinal hernia. He was very relaxed and calmed during this complicated surgery.


9. Arm And Shoulder Amputation Of A Boy For A  New Shoulder

Arm And Shoulder Amputation Of A Boy For A  New Shoulder

In 2008, Tom Lemm a 15 year old boy had amputation of his shoulder and arm due to tumor at the top of his limb. This successful surgery included the use of bone and tissue of his lost elbow by surgeons for construction of a new shoulder. Meanwhile there was an insertion of metal sport plate in Tom’s collar bone, making him able to wear a fake arm. Tom was suffering from cancer from three years, he is the first person in Britain who underwent seven hours surgical procedure of this kind and the second ever. He said that he was very upset to lose his arm but then the doctor told me what about his planning, he said he hopes that the fact that worked for him gives hope to others. Tom was pleased by the outcomes of this specialized surgery.


8. US Teen Survives 118 Days Without A Heart

10 Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

D’zhana Simmons is an American teen age girl who survived for almost four months or 118 days without a heart. She waited for four months for a new, functional heart, she was kept alive by a custom built artificial pumping device. D’zhana Simmons was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy; a disease that causes weakened and enlarged heart with inappropriate blood supply. On 2nd of July, 2008 the surgeons of the Miami Holtz Children’s Hospital performed initial transplant but due to malfunctioning of heart it was quickly removed and then she kept alive by artificial device and was successfully transplanted another heart on 29th of October. Simmons said that experience of living on machine for blood pumping was really scary.


7. The 6 year Old Girl Who Had Half Of Her Brain Removed

The 6 year Old Girl Who Had Half Of Her Brain Removed

Jessie Hall is a six year old girl who belongs to Aledo, Taxas and was suffering from Rasmussen’s encephalitis which is a progressive inflammatory disease that destroys the brain and makes its sufferer to face seizures and reduce mobility. This disease destroyed her brains’ right side and therefore she underwent surgery that includes the removal of right side of her brain to stop her seizures at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Jessie suffered from her 1st seizure while eating a sandwich in a boat on Lake Texana in her home state and then with passage of time the severity and number started increasing. On 11th of June, 2008, her surgery was performed by world renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson. The surgical procedure that is known as hemispherectomy is supposed to make her free of seizures.


6. The Separation Of Conjoined Bangladeshi Born Twins

The Separation Of Conjoined Bangladeshi Born Twins

The two formerly conjoined Bangladeshi-born twins sisters Trishna and Krishna were underwent successful separation surgery in an Australian hospital and were discharged after five weeks of their surgery. These twins were joined from the top and back of the head and they would never have seen each other before surgery, they shared brain tissues and blood vessels that were separated by 30 hour surgery with the help of 16 specialists. These sister showed fast progress and were already walking around hospital with the help of walkers.


5. The Indian Girl Who Had Four Limbs Removed

10 Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

10 Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

Lakshmi Tatama is an Indian girl who was born in a village in Araria district, Biha with four legs and four arms, the people of village believed that she was a gift from God and therefore named her Lakshmi. The doctors found that she had a twin who failed to develop and has fused with her body. She was underwent successful surgery in India, a team of doctors performed 27 hours to remove extra limbs and other internal organs and then they oriented the girl genital system, bladder and then closed her pelvis. She showed miraculous recovery and within three months after operation she was capable to walk with the help of walker.


4. Face Transplant Of A Gun Victim

10 Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

Richard Lee Norris was a gun victim in 1997 that severely disfigured his face disfigured his face and he had been living for almost fifteen years as a recluse and had underwent successful surgery last year, with the help of 36 hour operation he was able to get a new appearance. He gained new face, teeth, jaw tongue following the surgery and no doubt got back life. This accidental trauma ruined his everything. Doctors said that before the operation when he was wearing the mask the people were curious to see the deformity now the people stare at him from another aspect and it is amazing. He was recovering well and had gained his lost sense of smell too and his surgeon said that after the surgery he saw the mirror then hugged and thanked me, it was really a wonderful gift for him.


3. Female Model Had Her Body Held Together By 11 Rods

10 Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

Female Model Had Her Body Held Together By 11 Rods

Katrina Burgess, a charming and beautiful model survived a dangerous car accident that happened when she was driving at 70mph and the car crashed badly. In the car accident her back, ribs and neck were broken with lung, pelvis and many other injuries. Her life was saved by surgeons, she underwent unbelievable successful surgery, a road was inserted from her hip to her knee in her left leg and was secured with four titanium pins, a day after being admitted to hospital. She was told by doctors that she may never walk again after this incident but after being put back together with the help of 11 metal rods, various pins and screws in her body she was able to take first steps only a day following the last operation. It is astonishing to know that just after five months of accident, she recovered so well and needs no longer painkillers even.


2. Broken Spine Of A Boy Rejoined

Broken Spine Of A Boy Rejoined

A broken spine of a 10 year old boy, was rejoined in New Delhi by the doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and it was termed as a first kind of this case by the hospital authority. The boy was belong to Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh of India and was fell in a field while playing and the sharp moving blades of a tractor’s harrow inserted over his back and his vertebral column was divided into two. He was brought to AIIMS Trauma Centre and emergency operated after refusal from five hospitals that said they could not treat him. On arrival at hospital the patient was suffering from shock with severe blood loss, two deep wounds with active leakage of cerebrospinal fluid and rib fracture and the entire fragmentation of his spine into two. His surgery took eight hours and then the doctors were able to rejoin his spine. The boy was back on his feet after nine months and can walk without help. According to doctors it is an unusual case in medical history.


1. Removal Of A 16-Pound Tumor From The Face Of The Haitian girl

Unbelivable Most Successful Medical Surgeries

Marlie Casseus is a Haitian woman who was born on 7th July, 1992, she was suffering from a genetic disorder polyostotic fibrous dysplasia in which the bone structure is replaced by connective tissue, there was a formation of a 16 pound tumor on her face at the age of 14 years that restricted her ability to breathe, eat, hear and see. Her face went unrecognizable and miserably disfigured, she suffered not only physical pain but also mental stress as being rejected by her friends and neighbors.Along with bone deformation she went blind because of the high pressure of tumor on eye sockets. Luckily, she was brought to the United States for her treatment by the Haitian nonprofit Good Samaritan organization. This is one of the Most Successful and unbelievable Medical Surgeries ever done by the surgeons.

The doctors in Miami at Jackson Memorial Medical Center evaluated her condition and money was collected for her surgery by the hospital’s International Kids Fund, donations were received from all over the world.Her surgery was performed and she was then able to breathe herself at Holtz Children’s Hospital in stable condition. The operation was completed in almost 17 hours to remove the growth of tumor on her face. The surgery included the removal of connective tissue and then insertion of metal plates in order to reconstruct her lower eye sockets and finally the reconstruction of the interior of her nose and showed miraculous effects.

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