10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain

Magic is a strange thing, we all admire magic and somewhere in our mind we think that we can also do such types of magic tricks if we really wish to do. But these magic tricks are so much complicated and we are unable to understand. Even a simple magic trick utilizes the neuro-scientific principles to deceive our brain and that is not in our conscious control. So, what goes to happen with our brain while seeing such types of magic tricks is really an interesting question? It is obvious that nothing happens really these are just tricks. Human nature is always curious about the facts which he wants to know. Here is a list of 10 ways how magic tricks your brain. So, read these interesting ways and understand how these tricks trick your brain.


10. Focus

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 10. Focus

Human brain is not multi tasking, it can concentrate properly on one thing at a time and this is the point the magicians take advantage of. We are dragged to one thing normally is due to the moving spotlight theory, according to which the attention of a person is like spotlight, focusing and highlighting one thing while leaving the other thing in the surrounding as dark. Any action occurring in the spotlight is well perceived by the brain as compared to that occurring beyond the spotlight that is barely perceived. In this way our spotlight is drawn to some other thing by magicians and they artifice us in a very skillful way as we are unable to see what happening beyond spotlight.


9. Wrong Future Prediction

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 9. Wrong Future Prediction

Human brain becomes so much familiar with the acts that are occurring frequently like all of you have seen a million of times the throwing of ball in the air and then coming back down to the earth and from this you have concluded and also your brain that the things which comes up must comes down. According to the ‘Memory-prediction framework’ theory of brain function presented by Jeff Hawkins, our brain predicts what will happen in future. Sometime our brain recognizes some actions and stops paying full attention as it predicted its future. But some times the predicted future is wrong like when a magician puts a ball in a cup to make it disappear and when the cup is lifted we get shocked because our brain prediction went wrong. Our brain supplies us predictions and assures us that it was seen by us and we get more shocked when predicted actions do not happen at all.


8. Made Up Memories

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 8. Made Up Memories

The misinformation effect is referred to the finding that exposure to ambiguous information exhibited between the encrypting of an incidence and its subsequent recall causes impairment in memory and it occurs when the information given to us after an incidence amends our memory. Take an example of a magician who asks you to select a card from the left side of the deck and then return to him without telling. Before guessing your card he may say like’ you have chosen the card of your own choice’ Right? And you will say yes. But the truth was that you were given the option from the left side of the deck but the misleading comments by the magicians alters how you recognize the trick and leaving you with false memory.


7. Free Will

7. Free Will

When we are given free choice of selection of any card, we rarely pick it randomly, but actually it is the magician choice for us. In different card tricks the option that is given to us”to choose” is actually ‘forced’ means the magician did something either physical or mental and make us to choose exactly what he wanted. But there is denial in our mind because of free choice option. We simply does not want to accept the reality that we were forced and always ignore the facts proving it right and stuck to the false idea that all were your own choices.


6. Filling in the Blanks

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 6. Filling in the Blanks

In most of the tricks, we saw the head on the one trolley and legs on the other trolley with the missing central portion of the body. The women saw in half trick is old enough and most of the people are aware of the secret that the head seen on one side does not belong to the legs on the others but our brain denies and assumes it why not? Our brain is victim of progression and when it sees a head and the legs with gap, it uses past experience in order to fill in the blanks. In some tricks when the object is partially covered, the brain wants to see the continuity and therefore fill in the blanks and this is the exactly thing that the magician wants.


5. Change

5. Change

If you look out of the window and notice something and when again look out of the window there might be some change, but you are unable to recognize slight changes immediately. This is due the reason of “Change Blindness” that is a psychological phenomenon which occurs when an alteration in a visual stimulus goes unseen by the observer. Our brain is liable to ‘change blindness’ it means that is unable to detect small changes immediately. It is not necessary that we do not see that small changes, because our brain ensures us not to worry about the small things that would not affect you. Due to this we hardly register the small changes consciously, if we are not focusing on them. This is the thing that magicians use in their tricks to the extreme.


4. Egoistic Brain

4. Egoistic Brain

We have an egoistic brain that claims we have free will and also claims that it is always right. Due to “Cognitive Dissonance” which is the annoyance experienced when concurrently holding two or more conflicting cognitions: beliefs, ideas, values or emotional reactions. Because of this our brain will make up apologies to justify events, even if this thing opposing your thoughts that you feeling just few minutes back. We are forced by our brain to rationalize events if they are not fulfilling our expectations and this leads to creation of cognitive dissonance and a level is reached where, no matter how tough it tries, your brain cannot justify the events seen. Our brain is capable to rationalize events after they occur but magic constitutes a situation which can’t exist and we get impressed and admire such thing.


3. Seeing and Feeling Too Long

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 3. Seeing and Feeling Too Long

An after image also known as ghost image is an optical illusion refers to an image that continues to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the real image has stopped. You may have seen number of internal illusions while staring at a dark image and then stare at the white wall to locate the image that still appears in your vision. This thing is used by magician when exchanging an item from one to other hand. A coin, for your brain may appear in hand for a slightly longer time because of an after image and gives magicians a chance to make the exchange. This after image can be even used by magicians to expertly remove your watch and you feel it is still there even after its removal.


2. Brain Loves New Things

2. Brain Loves New Things

Your brains love new things, when it sees something new and unique, it can’t resist itself to take the notice. Because of ‘exogenous attentional capture’ your brain will always attract towards something new that is predicted trouble creating. A bird flying intermittently from a hat will immediately catch your attention as your brain takes few seconds to asses the event and its importance. Even a fast moving hand draws more attention than a slow one and magicians are well aware of these things and use appealing actions which are admired by your brains.


1. Humor

10 Ways How Magic Tricks Your Brain, 1. Humor

One of the interesting ways that magic tricks your brain by magicians is the use of humor. Many of the magicians use the humor in theirs actions to please the spectators. Your brains love charm and glamour but these have chemical effects on your brains.

The simple act of laughing by magician’s act may cause the release of a bonding hormone ‘Oxytocin’. By this you will please the acts of social interaction and cooperation. The release of Oxytocin makes you to focus on magician’s face and expression while missing the sleights of hand. So each and everything is a part of trick even the terrible jokes too.

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