10 Ways To Loose Weight During Halloween

Halloween is a time of festivity and lots of sweets. For some people, the festivity and the sugar rush might bring in a lot of excessive weight that one would feel very hard to shed off. Here are some easy yet good tips for you to stay the way you are in terms of weight and still enjoy Halloween in full swing. The 10 ways to lose weight during Halloween are on your way!


10. Eat The Same

Eat The Same

As it is Halloween time and you already know that you will be having a couple of sweets and candies here and there, make sure you are eating the other food in same quantity (or preferably less). Try to add in only salads and sugarless fruits to your meals around the Halloween time so that you do not have to skip the candy season that you had been waiting for the whole year. You can carry fruits like an apple around to even your workplace or school so that you do not eat a candy or chocolate which will also be a little unhealthy for everyday snacking.


9. Healthy Trick o’ Treating

Healthy Trick o’ Treating

If you have planned to send your kid for trick o’ treating or some of your friends are going then you should definitely tag along. It will be a great exercise for you and you can even create weight loss games like a race to the next house perhaps. In this way you can enjoy the candies and trick o’ treat to the full extent without even gaining weight.


8. Avoid Excessive Alcohol

Avoid Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol consumption or excessive alcohol consumption is definitely not a good idea in Halloween season. You ultimately end up eating more if you have back to back drinking sessions. Switch to juices and fresh smoothies so that you do not have any urge for anything else to drink. Alcohol itself makes you fat and also makes your tummy bulge out so avoid having it too much on Halloween.


7. Drink Water

Drink Water

Instead of eating candies all the time and munching on sweets keep a water bottle with you at all times like your place of work or at your side table. In this way you will drink water whenever you feel the urge to have a candy and not feel high on candy. Water can help kill the urge for that extra candy every time.


6. Late Candy, Wise Move

Late Candy, Wise Move

Make sure you do not bring in the candy too early before Halloween and start stocking. If you do this there is no way you can stop yourself from munching on candy every day all day long. Bring the candy right in time of Halloween so only the kids get to have the candy fun and you do not over indulge in sugar.


5. Switch To Healthy Candy

Switch To Healthy Candy

what can be called the easiest way to lose weight or avoid gaining weight in Halloween season is that you substitute candy with healthy fruits gums or corn candies. Instead of munching on them you can even bring in some healthy nuts to home so that you do not miss candy all the time.


4. Be The Helper

Be The Helper

If you have a Halloween party at your place you are good to go as you will have to help the guests and in turn you will automatically eat less. Be the first one to encourage your family to have a party at home instead of going some place else. If you have to go to someone else’s party, do not lurk around the dining table and do things like talking to others and helping them with plates. Do not make food the entire idea of the party or the reason why you are there.


3. Set Goals

Set Goals

It is best if you make an eating pattern for yourself in the Halloween season to monitor yourself and keep yourself under constant check. Do keep a weighing machine handy so that you will keep checking your weight in the Halloween week. What you can do is that set goals like ‘no eating after nine o’clock at night’ or ‘no fatty eatables at dinner’. This way you might be able to overdose a little bit of your candy and still stay in shape.


2. Work Out

Work Out

Make sure you have not stopped working out in the holiday season which is Halloween time. Many people indulge in Halloween activities and get so busy that they do not get time even for their regular workout regime for every day. No matter how late you are or how busy you have been during the Halloween week decorating the house and trick o’ treating with the kids, make sure you take at least half an hour for yourself so that you do not feel guilty after all the festivity and party is over.


1. Calm Down

Calm Down

Yes, Sometimes when we relax it can actually let us lose weight or stop us from gaining more. If you have been overworking yourself then sit back and relax for some time. It is best if you give yourself the much needed calm. If you have a holiday on the Halloween day then make sure you do some or even indulge in some ‘me time’. Little bit of self-pampering will not do you any harm and will also keep you from eating excessively while you are at home. Follow the above mentioned amazing ideas to make the most of your

Halloween without gaining any unnecessary weight. Also, keep in mind that even if you have gained a few kgs then you should not feel guilty about it afterwards. After all it was Halloween time and eating candies was the whole idea of it no? So give yourself a break and enjoy while it lasts. If you feel overweight then start working out a little more than you normally do and skip junk for at least some time. You will surely lose the weight that you gained during Halloween time.

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