10 Weird Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow

Healthy body has a healthy mind. Although exercises and workouts have been an important part of healthy human’s routine for a very long time, but there has been a recent avalanche effect increase in the number of people adapting this because the present lifestyle is quite sedentary. Exercises are not only imperative to weight loss but also a requisite for maintaining the body posture and well being. Having said enough about the need and advantages of exercise, no one can deny the fact that it is extremely difficult and near to impossible to get up and workout. Even five to ten minutes of workout seems like climbing a mountain. But the masters of workouts have given out weird effective solutions which might make you look like fools in the start but will help you built up motivation and stamina for workouts. So here we have 10 Weird Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow for better and healthy life.


10. Measured Drinking

10 Weird Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow

Water has a huge significance when it comes to health related issues. Until now you might have thought that the more water you drink the better it is. But that is not entirely true! According to health experts, the water intake should be measured. Not too much and certainly not less. The amount of water an average person needs to drink should be roughly equal to half of the body weight. A trick to keep notice of how much water you drink is to mark it on your vessel.


9. Avoid Sport Drinks Believe it..!!

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Avoid Sport Drinks

Sports drinks are certainly not the best solution to built up you stamina and get better at exercising. There are other better alternatives which provide same amount of energy. You can use substitutes like pineapple juice, pickle juices and chocolate milk. Juices help build the salts that you lose while sweating. Chocolate milk helps you recover after workout and reduces the fatigue that builds up in your muscles.


8. Caffeine

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Caffeine

Caffeine supplements and coffee intake will help reduce muscle fatigue and pain thus increasing the time of your workout. It also helps in keeping you energetic and your body more active. According to researchers from different universities, caffeine helps lose more weight.


7. No More Shoes

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - No More Shoes

Well this is a debatable point but things closer to nature, appeal more. According to latest tests and studies, running and exercising without shoes is more effective. Though previously it was considered, that since shoes keep your feet straight they are healthier for running. If you workout without shoes (run on the grass) your blood circulation improves and your bones get more space to grow. So having no exercise shoes is out of your excuse list for not working out.


6. Sweat Not The Best

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Sweat Not The Best

We workout, we sweat and we feel accomplished. Well that is not exactly how it works. Sweat does not measure the amount of fat that you have lost instead it shows that heat is accumulating in your body. And you don’t want that. So keeping yourself cool is the key to longer and more effective workouts. There you go your basic sense of ‘how exercise works’ goes down the drain.


5. Shout Out

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Shout Out

Every lethargic person knows where lack of motivation leads you. Since exercise takes a lot of your time and effort, it’s hard to get up and start moving those muscles every day. Even if you get up, it’s hard to continue it. So a solution to all this is to exercise with your friend and shout out encouraging phrases like ‘I can do it’ or ‘I am strong’. You might think it’s foolish but experiments say that this works wonders. Consider it same as writing your motto or goal on your mirror.


4. Keep Your Hands Cold

Ice Cold Hands

Another weird yet usable trick for better, potent and longer exertion is to keep your hands cold. The reason is same as mentioned above for why a lot of sweat is not good. If your hands get hot and sweaty it will not only make you irritable but scientifically speaking, it shows that heat is compiling in your body and will make tedious for you to workout longer. This fact has been proven by a research in Stanford University.


3. Trickling Ice

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Trickling Ice

If you have siblings you might know exactly what a trickling ice feels like on your back. It certainly makes you stand straight like an arrow and high like a mountain. Well this is exactly the posture that you need. So while exercising, imagine those days with your brother when he put ice in your jacket and you showed an impulsive energy and might I say that incredible posture. This will help remove the hump which is usually neglected while exercising.


2. Color Red

Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - Color Red

Weird like beauty might also lie in the eyes of beholder! Because tips like these which come out of the blue and are majorly effective, are scientific facts for some and awkward practices for others. So here is a Red Alert..!! Red color gives long light energy waves which helps gets best out of you while exercising. If you wear red clothes or work in a room that has a lot of red color in it then this will improve your blood circulation and hence regulate your body temperature and ameliorate your appetite. The reason behind it is the fact that the waves that enter our eye are converted into electrical signals in the brain which then gives off signals for other activities. So from now on, never be in doubt, wear only red.


1. No More Chafing

10 Weird Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow


If you are new to all the fitness fiasco, you might be well aware of the excruciating pain in thighs after an intense workout. It not only cripples you from working for longer hours but also keeps you tired long after the exercise.

Thigh muscles are most sensitive to pain and are also extensively used. Before today you might be putting up with this pain telling yourself that it will get better once you get pro in exercising, but the wait is over because one of the weirdest solutions is here. The pain you feel is usually due to chafing of thighs. Since normal people eat enough not to have a thigh gap so when you run your thighs rub against each other. To avoid the rubbing you can put deodorant on inner side of your thighs. This will reduce the friction and odor and also the pain.

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