Top 5 Best Electric Motorcycle 2020 Reviews

Electric motorcycles are two or three wheeled vehicles designed with batteries that are rechargeable which power the device with electricity unlike to the traditional gas energy motorcycles. Thanks to the establishment of very light and best lithium ion batteries. The usage of these batteries lends to a quieter and faster ride with the capability to recharge fast.When seeing its benefits,performance, fuel cost, maintenance and less noise pollution features, many people on these days looking for electric motorcycle. There are lot of models and makes found in the market to select from.This guide will help you to find the best electric motorcycle.

1. Razor dirt rocket mx350 bike:

This motorcycle is manufactured for small aged riders like 12 and up who need to take dirt hills for breakfast.It possess a weight capacity of 140Ibs, highest speeds at 14 mph, two 12v lead acid sealed rechargeable battery, a solid steel building, thirty minutes of continuous usage, twist grip speed control, pneumatic knobby tires , retractable kickstand, double crown fork and folding foot pages.Even though it is a best bike for young to study to ride, there are certain things to consider.The important negative aspect of this bike is that it is not actually produced for twelve year old children.Because of small size, it is manufactured for six to nine year olds.The charging time for battery is very lengthy about five hours, by having a life of losing one to two years.Installing a new one needs you to solder wires.It is not a real motocross bike. You can ride on dry and grass paths,but not recommended on muddy and jumps tracks.

Razor dirt rocket mx350 bike

2. Mx650 raxor dirt motorbike:

This bike is same like its sibling mx350 , but with the included features for the people who are sixteen years.It has a weight of about 220 Ibs, top speed of 17 mph, three 12v lead acid battery system, twist grip speed control, high torque chain motor, hand operated two disc brakes, an adjustable riser handlebars, folding metal foot pegs, a retractable kickstand and a charge time of twelve hours.The bike can be ridden by ten years old based on the strength , size and skill.Disc brakes in both the sides offer good stopping energy . The dual suspension creates for a pleasant riding experience.The bike weighs up to hundred pounds, hence ensure your kid is able to operate that heftiness.

Mx650 raxor dirt motorbike

3. Jetson lithium electric bike:

This is a stylish scooter found in two versatile colors.It has a removable 12v battery system, recharge time of about 12 hours, an LCD display, range of forty miles, 18” tires and multi performance one touch controls. It weighs about 125 Ibs. It is a good appealing scooter. There are number of safety features seen in this scooter like the front and rear lights, double legged kickstand, turn signals and a horn also.The ride is comfortable, storage under the seat is lockable method, all makes this scooter satisfying one.Negatives : There are no footrest for the passengers, it can also improve the plastic folding petals.


4. Mx500 electric motocross bike:

This is made for aged fourteen and up. It features dual suspension, rechargeable battery system, solid steel building, adjustable riser handlebars, folding metal foot pegs, forty minutes continuous usage, weight with 175 Ibs, twist grip speed control and a retractable kickstand.With the help of manual directions, younger kids can also ride this bike.The user will get a smooth drive,but the battery needs eight hours to recharge. It is not suggested to ride on puddles and mud.

Mx500 electric motocross bike

5. X-treme XB-502 scooters:

This was manufactured for commuters who need a fast method to travel to and from job. It features a rear 550W hub motor, four 12 amp batteries, speed of 20 moh, dual sport headlights,brake lights, a tail light, electric horn, blinkers,indicator, spring loaded seat, a speedometer, a tool kit, 16 wheels, dual suspension, a cargo rack and other storage areas.You can also fold the bike partially for easy transport and storage.It is a comfortable ride looking it contains a dual suspension and spring loaded seat.Dual brakes provide the user the chance to do a fast stop. The storage space is best for the people packing more gear.But if you any problems with this bike,others have noted that it is hard to work with customer service.

X-treme XB-502 scooters

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