7 Differences Between iPhone 5 And New iPhone 5S

All of its promising features which were buried under the hood are unveiled. Traditionally Apple have named it as iPhone 5S and it is released almost exactly after a year of release of iPhone 5. The anticipation that S in iPhone 5S means “same” is revealed to be almost correct. It is a carbon copy of iPhone 5 in appearance but surely with some advance features and key improvements. If you have a glance at both at a time surely you will be at a mistake, its all buttons and ports are at a same place, even its dimensions remained unchanged. It is not a shocking new product in market at all. People with iPhone 5 may even feel frustrated that the best featured iPhone 5 no longer remained a latest product. If we notice Apple always do the same every year – see iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S.

Hope it’s up gradation would make it over all better phone to use and will pop up the market soon but the differences are not so much impressive to make it much superior than iPhone 5 except for finger print sensor. It is seen just as a more refined form of iPhone 5.Some people are claiming it to be the bad business move by Apple and iPhone 5S is not a required upgraded model. Here we have prepared the list of top 7 differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.


7. Internet Browsing

Differences Between iPhone 5 And New iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is featured with its own internet browser SAFARI but iPhone 5 don’t have its built in browser. The built-in online services in iPhone 5S support YouTube (upload) and twitter both but iPhone 5 built- in online services support YouTube (upload) only.


6. Better Battery

Better Battery in iphone 5S

IPhone 5S and iPhone 5 differs in talk time. The average talk time of iPhone 5S is little bit greater than iPhone 5. Its talk time is almost 10 hours and that of iPhone 5 is 8 hours. Battery type is also different. IPhone 5S battery is made up of Li-Ion whereas battery of iPhone 5 is made of Li- Polymer.


5. Additional Colors

Additional Colors IN IPHONE 5S

iPhone 5 was complete redesign of iPhone, its appearance, weight, dimensions even headphone placement was new. It introduced the feature of thin light aluminum frame and was available just in two colors black and silver. iPhone 5S (exactly same as iPhone 5) has introduced no such advance feature in frame but has two more colors. You can have silver, black, grey and gold colors in iPhone 5S, it has glass covering at front and back. Gold color appears attractive in dark but is almost invisible in sun light. Still we can say it looks good in hand and is a compact phone.


4. iOS 7

Differences Between iPhone 5 And New iPhone 5S IOS7

Another important difference is that iPhone 5S has preinstalled iOS 7 latest versions of Apple’s operating system; providing us the new alert and ringtones and wallpapers to play with. Wireless file sharing; free Wi-Fi calls, audible face time audio calls and flip up control panel, redesigned camera all are features of iOS 7 not present in iPhone 5.


3. Touch ID Finger Print Scanner

Touch ID Finger Print Scanner

The basic difference in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is the clever finger print scanner. This is an only new physical addition to iPhone 5S. The touch ID build in scanner is hidden under the home button. The silver ring is actually the finger print reader. It reads the pattern of your finger and then unlocks your phone to use. This ensures high security. To avoid scratches sapphire crystal is used to make home button.


2. A7 Microprocessor Chip

A7 Microprocessor Chip , differences iphone 5 vs iphone 5S

A7 microchip processor is also one of the prominent advancements in iPhone 5S when compared to iPhone 5. If we look back at functioning of A6 microprocessor chip it was two times faster than A5 microprocessor chip so A7 microprocessor chip is also expected to function twice as fast as A6 chip. The tests have revealed that A7 microprocessor chip is 3 times faster than A6 chip of iPhone 5. Gaming and downloading on iPhone 5S is also much faster. The capturing of rapid motion activities is also characterized by A7 chip. Better graphics ran at 101 and 61 frames per second much greater than iPhone 5. Faster functioning also gives a longer battery life time.


1. Better Camera

Differences Between iPhone 5 And iPhone 5S

IPhone 5S has a better camera than iPhone 5 and it may be the most attractive feature and biggest selling point. If you are looking for the best camera in iPhone’s iPhone 5S must be your first choice. It has same 8 megapixel camera as iPhone 5 but with more improvements. Its sensor is 15 percent larger and so the pixels are bigger. It can capture things in low light perfectly because of its larger aperture.

IPhone 5S has introduced the new feature of burst-mode shooting. You can take as many shots as you want just by holding the shutter button on the screen. iPhone 5 can capture multiple shots but every shot needs a tap on its screen. The iPhone 5S camera has a feature of capturing rapid motion activities with perfection. There is another amazing feature of iPhone 5S camera that is it can itself create a sub folder in its gallery and saves all the resembling pictures in it. It has a friendly feature to sort out of the best of all pictures and deleting the rest (unwanted). The built in LED flash light is doubled for much better results than iPhone 5 camera. It has greater digital stabilization and 3x digital zoom. Has a capability to capture slow motion videos.It is indeed the best advanced feature of iPhone 5S even with no added pixels.

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