Five Arguments For And Against Death Penalty

A number of organizations have now established who are against the death penalty but still there are 58 countries that give death penalty to their prisoners. This has become a very debatable issue as the organizations have their own reasons and arguments relation death sentence whereas other institutes have their own like if a person has does illegal acts, he deserves punishment. Now a punishment has to be applied according to his deed. If his act deserves more punishment than staying in prison then he ought to be hanged till death. Here are Five Arguments For And Against Death Penalty.




Five Arguments For And Against Death Penalty


1. Prison Ameliorates People

There is a possibility and has happened as well that people during their jail sentences reforms themselves and realizes the importance of life and its freedom. There are confessions sessions in jail where the inmates can talk about their guilt and crime, and not all but some of them wants to live a normal life. After they are released they are kept under surveillance for a time period which keeps them away from all the bad stuff.

2. Death Puts An End To Pain

Cruel it might sound but giving a sentence of death to a brutal man who has done some vicious brutality doesn’t do any justice. We all are aware of the methods used to kill people sound malicious but because of latest science their brains stop working before they are able to feel it. When a prisoner is hanged his neck is instantly shattered connected to the vertebrae thus shutting the brain and the person dies immediately. So a person after going to jail releases that the punishment he just got won’t let him feel anything. The gas chamber punishment was demolished because the prisoner was in a lot of pain.


3. To Evoke Fear

There is no way that our crime rate would reduce until the criminals are scared of the horrible punishment. Death penalty should be a lesson for all the people who want to commit some major crime like murder, rape and theft. It should be announced publicly whenever a criminal is hanged for his dreadful acts so other people might get a serious warning.


4. Strong Prisoners

Our country has some huge gangs and some dangerous men living here who are a threat to human kind. They are malevolent and violent and don’t deserve to live. When they are caught on scene and sent to prison for some long years, each and every person sitting in the court room is aware that this person can escape anytime because of his extremely powerful background, so why not just give him the death penalty to put an end to the fear living in her hearts.


5. Cessation For Sufferers

A murderer who has deprived someone of their loved one, it might be a daughter, a mother or a father. The matter is in the hands of the law, but it is their duty to give the person who had to leave the world because of some mentally sick person to give them justice. If a person is sentenced in jail all his life or for 21 years it would not put an end to the victim’s family. The family will keep on thinking that the person is still alive doing all his activities while their loved one is dead. If the system is trying to give justice they won’t get it until the person responsible is hanged or declared dead.




Five Arguments For And Against Death Penalty ,


1. Unreasonable

As parents we spank our children and punish them when they commit mistakes, so that they can learn from their errors and not do it again. Some of the children doesn’t have parents and are left out on the streets and there might be a possibility that they fall a victim of all the bad doings, that’s when they are sent to jail so that they can stay there with no freedom to sleep, eat or wander anywhere. This punishment is to teach them a lesson so that they don’t do it again but if someone is given a death sentence how will he learn from his mistake? We cannot just eradicate crime wherever we see it. In this way evil will not come to end.


2. Death-Sentence Is Extortionate

Death-sentence costs millions of dollars and in 1995 Oregonian had to pay$1.5 million for the death sentences for the prisoners. Whereas a life sentence or punishment costs far less than a death sentence, it’s not about expenses but the human life we are dealing with. How can we stop killing in our country when we are the one’s killing. Some of us think that a person hanged is in peace rather than spending his life in jail, well execution is not something peaceful. The prisoners are woken up in the middle of nights and shot to death in the middle of nowhere as an execution. Killing is resentful and implacable and we should promote love for human life instead of killing.


3. Sentence Of The Innocent

When a prisoner is sentenced to death the judge kills him on the basis of evidence, but the question arises, does it reduce the crime? Have people stopped killing, stealing or doing drugs? The answer is no, because death puts an end to everything. And if the conviction of an innocent man befalls then it’s the state killing the people. Rhode Island and Maine obliterated the death penalty sentences after innocent man was hanged because of a fraud case.


4. Not A Proper Solution

How can we expect someone who has committed several murders of innocent people and young girls to just give up his work after watching someone other die due to death penalty? These people are psychopaths and cannot leave their obsession. They do not stop murdering. Giving death sentence to someone cannot change other obsessed people. So working out a proper solution is required, which would evoke fear in everyone.


5. Solace For The Victim’s Family

There is nothing that could console the loss of the family. The convicted person ought to be punished but have we ever thought that would hanging the person to death will bring them comfort or relief. The hearings and the re-openings of the case brings more pain for the family. The amount of money spent on the execution is useless and will be better off if given to the family or for their therapy or counseling to let them go of the horrifying event.

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