List Of 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Turkey

Turkey, the junction of Europe and Asia, is one of the most visited places on earth which is famous due to its historical monuments and amazing natural beauty. There are several places in Turkey which one should visit but I will only discuss the most popular and most visited places. Moreover I will also tell you about the “must go” places which one should never miss while visiting the wonderful Turkey. So here below we have the List Of 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Turkey, read and enjoy.


10. Patara Beach

Beautiful Patara Beach Turkey

Patara Beach is situated near the famous old Lycian city of Patara, Turkey near the Turkish Riviera coast. This is one of the longest beach of Mediterranean regions and extends up to 18 kilometers. It is very famous among tourist as there are numerous ancient archeological sites located near it.


9. Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos Theatre Turkey

Aspendos theatre, situated in Serik city of province Antalya in modern Turkey, is one of the most well maintained ancient sites of Turkey. It was built during the reign of Roman ruler Marcus Aurelius in 155 AD. The reason it is still in its original condition is because it was used as a roadside motel for several years and was thoroughly maintained. Moreover, it is still used as an amphitheater and can accommodate almost twenty thousand people.


8. Bodrum Castle

Beautiful Bodrum Castle Turkey

This is a must see place in Turkey. Now days it is used as a Museum of Underwater Archeology as it has a very huge reserve worth several dollars of sailing craft. It was built as Castle St. Peter by the Crusaders during the 15th century. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place.


7. Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut Turkey

Mount Nemrut is a 2134 meter high mountain which is situated south eastern Turkey. It’s famous for its summit, which is considered to be a royal tomb from 1 BC and contain a large number of high rising statues. These statues are 9-10 m high and mostly are Greeks and Armenian gods. It is also very famous place due to some good restaurants located near it.


6. Olüdeniz

Olüdeniz Beach Turkey


Olüdeniz is a very famous place situated on the south west coast near Aegean Sea. It has a very isolated beach and is also famous for the turquoise shade of its water. People mostly come here to enjoy surfing and spending their holiday in amazing restaurants on the beach. Moreover, paragliding is also very interesting and one should go for it if he is visiting Olüdeniz.


5. Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque - Turkey's Beautiful places

With its six high minarets and clearing construction modeling the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul truly inspires everybody due its impressive architecture. Blue Mosque was built in 1616 by Ahmed One, in Istanbul Turkey. Its interior is made up 20,000 blue tiles which is also the reason it known as Blue Mosque. It has become as one of the most popular place among tourist recently.


4. Library of Celsus

Library of Celsus

If you ever visit Selcuk, Turkey then you should think it compulsory to visit Library of Celsus. It’s an ancient monument built in respect of Roman senator Julius Celsus in 125 AD, who was a very popular, rich and respectful citizen of Epheus, Anatolia. It was built both to serve as a library to accommodate 12,000 scripts and simultaneously as a tomb of Julius Celsus. During some riots in 401 AD, this library was severely damaged and it was then reconstructed from its original pieces. Every year a lot of tourists come here and this is the main reason why it’s on the fourth number on our list.


3. Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Chimneys Turkey

Goreme is a town situated among the very famous fairy chimney rocks in Turkey. These are natural rocks with a volcanic look which seems to be quiet interesting due to their unique and historical heritage. This town is situated in the city of Cappadocia which is also historical region famous for interesting mountainous terrain. The reason these fairy chimneys are formed is due to water and wind erosion in the region. Due to their shape these chimneys were used over centuries to make churches, houses, schools and other buildings. Moreover, due to this distinctive feature, Goreme National Park is in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985.


2. Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace Turkey

The Dolmabahce Palace is situated in Besiktas in district Istanbul, Turkey. This palace was built in 1856 during the Ottoman Empire and at first it was used for anchorage site for the Ottoman fleet. Due to its marvelous structure and design, it was appreciated by Ottoman rulers and was used as main administrative center of the whole empire. The palace was built over an area of 110,000 square meters and contains 285 rooms and 43 halls. It only takes 45 minutes to visit the whole palace and it is thought to be another must go place in Istanbul. Mostly guides are easily available, on cheap rates, who can help you take a tour of the palace.


1. Hagia Sophia

Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Turkey - Hagia Sophia
Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Turkey – Hagia Sophia

Found in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was initially a basilica developed for the Roman Emperor Justinian I during the sixth century. This massive dome measuring 102 feet in diameter and 31 meters in length is an amazing master piece of Roman engineering. It was built in 537 AD and was first used as a church for almost 900 years and then it was converted into Imperial Mosque in 1453 AD. Until the construction of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, it was considered to be the main mosque of the capital. In 1935, keeping in view the historical heritage of this building, it was converted into a museum.

People now days visit this place and its one of the most popular places in the whole Turkey. It can be rightly called as the “must go” place.

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