List Of 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2020

There are the destinations one must think twice before thinking of travelling or planning to settle down. These top 10 most dangerous countries in 2020 have claimed these unpopular positions due to the crime rates, increases terrorists activities, kidnapping, hostage-taking and host of other crimes which raises high safety concerns for citizens and tourists. The wars, drug trafficking and militant activities have changed the way people live in few countries for ever and no matter how many efforts have been made to restore peace and harmony in these countries, but peace for common man seems to be at bay. Listed below are some of the countries you must count them out for travelling.


10. Nigeria


Nigeria is a very tempting place for tourists as the place is natural, beautiful and has a wide variety of flora, fauna and wild life, but the ever increasing terrorism spread by the militants and frequent threats of kidnappings, have unfortunately made the place unpopular for tourists, as once caught up with the incidences there would not be any attorney to fight for you, as in most cases even the officials go helpless.


9. Honduras


The place has been long deprived of economic and political stability since the time the place was devastated by worst floods which had destroyed its infrastructure. With increased crime and rates the place has become an origin of terrorism and violence. The place has been reported to have highest killing rates in the world where recently thousands of people have been brutally murdered.


8. Zimbabwe


With high level of inflation and corruption at every level, the place is popular for nurturing high levels of crimes and violence. The situation is such that the instability and crime rates have become a common site and practice in the country where law and order seem to be practiced to the minimal so much that an attorney might have nothing to work on.


7. Haiti

List Of 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2020

The country has seen and experienced some of the worst natural calamities within a gap of two or three years. Firstly the earthquake contributed in destroying the livelihood of common man and had left them deprived of shelter and basic amenities. Secondly the government has failed in controlling the situation and even helping their own people. The sudden death of a large number of populations was the worst which shook the world. The place is badly hit by cholera and many such health related problems for the locals. Such bad conditions over these years have fostered crime and violence.


6. Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan

Although the place is independent now, the political deadlock has left the citizens to suffer in great misery. The government has not been able control the situation of law and order and as a result the degree of violence and terrorism kept increasing. People are living in the most unpredictable and life threating surroundings where serial killings and theft is normal.


5. Yemen


Once a well -known tourist destination, the place attracted good number of tourists from around the globe. But the recent political developments and events made the militants overpower everything in most part of the country. Ever since then, the innocent tourists have been their victims. Kidnapping tourists and locals for big ransom is common news.


4. Syria


The effect of Arab Spring has left many countries of the world including Syria in worst conditions ever. The place is inhibited by militant groups from a long time, making it very hard for the common man to survive. While the militants don’t seem to be getting under control and the government almost failing to control their activities, the places poses high degree of threat for any outsider.


3. Iraq


Ever since the intrusion of the US Military the condition in Iraq has deteriorated drastically. The condition of Iraqis has grown bad to worst with no security or protection at all. The interested groups have become more like militants group and are violent in nature as well. The regular suicide bombings and target killings and kidnappings all put together have made the place the most violent for anyone from outside to live or even visit the place.


2. Afghanistan


The popular base of Al-Qaeeda and home of global terrorism, Afghanistan has been the most popular destination for militants than normal people. On and off the place has been seen to foster world terrorism with no control of the control. The ruthless Talibans have made it their base, to initiate all their world terrorism plans. The people of Afghanistan have been always exposed to deadly and uncertain living conditions.




The first thing, when we hear about this country, is Pirates and truly they do dominate the country with their activities, ranging from theft, robbery to human trafficking. The place is inflicted and home for drug traffickers, mafias and militants where crimes such as open murders, day light shooting, and violence is a common sight

38 thoughts on “List Of 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2020

  1. I suppose you could make a case for Congo, C.A.R, Egypt, Iran and Myanmar too.
    But I can see why all these are here, and I am lucky that I live in a nice country, with a reasonably low crime rate. Now I know why all the Africans and Afghans come over to Europe.

    1. Sad that Pakistan has not made it to this list despite immense efforts by your country. However, India has earned the second position in list of countries with highest rape crimes through out the world. for reference search top 10 countries with highest rape crime. Then see and congragulation

    1. Shame on you that you are replying to the comment fom Rajesh so sexually. I suppose you would be from Pak since most civilized men use sex as an act of love and not for dominance and exploitation. When Pakistan will understand that such a behaviour is even possible they will have a much needed new civilization where all can fee safe. I wonder how women in Pak manage their life.

      1. whats so sexually you ass hole? what have you written this crap? there seems to be a lack of cordination between your head and your fingers.

    1. ……….what? I don’t know whether you are implying if there is a dangerous country inside the USA or if the US is the most dangerous. If it’s the first option, there are no countries inside the US, they’re called states, which would certainly not qualify for this list. I’d hope you are well aware of this fact. (Although the city of East St. Louis might have a close run). If it is the second option, lmao no. Just no.

  2. Back in the day Afghanistan was considered a safe country before the soveit invasion. The nation was part of the hippy trail were westerns got high and bought fluffy coats on the way to India.(al jeezra documentary i belive)

    1. Not in top 10 maybe on 11th place. It is very difficult to rank dangerous countries but we tried hard to give best ranks according to the stats and information available on google. Thanks

    1. @ Muhammad Ali – I’m born in Islamic country too (Pakistan). I don’t see why you think your life is miserable, but every country has problems, the world isn’t perfect, bro.

    2. @Muhammad, Nigeria, Haiti, Honduras, South Sudan and Zimbabwe are not Islamic countries; you can dry your eyes now

  3. Mexico is not that dangerous. I live in the United States and travel to Mexico every year.. You just have to avoid certain areas, Inner cities areas. As with most other countries, ie: Brazil, Iran, and Jamaica. I love Jamaica actually haha. As far as the Middle East, there is a lot of instability but I truly enjoy UA and Quatar. The countries listed I can understand why. They have a lot of things going on that have underlaid for many years. These countries are listed because they are not safe for outsiders PERIOD. Most other countries can be visited even if you are forced to stay in touristy areas such as South Africa, so on. More importantly, it’s a shame these people have been forced into such violence to the point it is all they know. These issues didn’t arise out of thin air..

  4. Fu***** up Muslims and Christian countries. INDIA never witnessed any civil war like in the West, Africa and Islamic countries

  5. Thought Chad was one of the most dangerous. What about Venezuela? it is getting reallu creepy there.

  6. Sandeep Singh f*** you you dont have right to say anything about Muslims or Christians.Instead your country INDIA is the main cause of unrest in Aisa

  7. The reason for the unrest in African and Arabic countries is their hatred of Westerners. But it is the Muslim’s period, though Islamic separatist are at fault. The group responsible for nearly every attack, kidnaping, hostage taking, suicide bombers, etc., [though local tribal groups warring against each other do not help matters] we still consider the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf as the #1 menace on this planet, at this time — making it dangerous for civilian travel. Stay away from them Therefore this list may include Colombia, Philippines, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so many others with civil unrest.

  8. What has happened to human race, why do u all keep blaming each other? Rape, kidnapping, assault is found everywhere in this world its the evil inside man not the country or the nation as a whole

  9. If America do not attack on the iraq then Yamen , Syria , Afganistan , iraq Will be a safe place it all happend Due to american attacks and they suppose themselves humans Really Sad . 🙁

  10. I have just stumbled on this site as someone who would like to travel a lot. I cannot believe no one has passed comment on the horrific content within the photographs. Irrespective of which county is the most violent, all I see is children dead , people dead and off course the Nigerian photo of what appears to be horrific genocide….why are you having a debate…it’s all bad, equally…

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