List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Every one has to do efforts to live in this world. There is need of competition and survival and for this people have to adopt various occupations and do different jobs. An empty stomach is very cruel and in front of its cruelty individuals become helpless and ready to do anything. Sometimes an individual has an aim to choose a particular job but sometimes for survival of individuals and their family they are ready to do any job whether it is dangerous or not.   There are various dangerous jobs that originate in our society from time to time as some modern technologies and scientific innovations have made the jobs extremely safe but still there are some jobs that offer no life guarantee and the sword of death is continuously hanging over their head. Here is the list of 10 most dangerous jobs in the world, the main reason of choosing such jobs is not the pay package but may be capable to have a couple of square meals a day.



10. Taxi Drivers And Truck Drivers

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs -

With the increase in population and advancement in modern world the traffic is growing rapidly on roads. There are increased prevalence of traffic congestion and road accidents that are extremely awful. The life of a taxi and truck drivers is extremely weird as compared to individuals driving their own personal vehicle. These people get brutal injuries and face fatalities more as compared to other drivers.  The truck and taxi drivers have to work consistently day and night and they are at increased risk of injury especially the truck drivers due to the nature of their job and the heavy vehicle they drive.


9. Stuntman

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 9. Stuntman

Individuals admire the brilliant acting of actors and actresses and the dangerous and thrilling stunts they perform in some action or adventurous film or advertisement but in reality these weird and thrilling stunts are performed by stuntmen. With the advancement in technologies in film industry, the nature of this job has not been changed, it is as dangerous as it was. It has high fatalities rate and the workers get extremely critical injuries.


8. Farmers And Ranchers

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 8. Farmers And Ranchers

The job of farmers is considered by people a peaceful job, but if they know the reality of bitter hardships the farmers face in providing us the food then they would be really thankful to them. Farmers require heavy machinery to carry out their work, have to wake up at night and face the cruel weather conditions and therefore face numerous accidents and fatalities from the machinery. The heavy machinery can cut their body parts and can ruin their life. The ranchers also face various problems in growing the animals and also face fatalities due to injuries given to them by kicks and collision of animals.


7. Linemen And Roofers

Linemen And Roofers

The roofers and linemen do this dangerous job by endangering their lives. A repairer or power line installer is at a high risk of death by electric shock from the high voltage lines and such fatalities are very cruel. The linemen and roofers are also at a risk of fall due to increased height and especially the roofers get fatal injuries and also get life threatening diseases due to severe sun burn and sun strokes.


6. Construction Labor And Steel Workers

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 6. Construction Labor And Steel Workers

Construction is essential thing in order to make anything but it is a very deadly job, many construction labors loss their lives due to cruel accidents of fall, injuries and get buried under construction material. A labor gets minimum income but he does his work in open air whether it is extreme cold or hot. Some labors loss their life while digging some well and some other material. In steel industry the steel workers are also at a risk of fall and get injured from the steep structures they make. Instead of all safety measurements this job has also aggressive nature and high fatalities rate.


5. Refuse And Recyclable Material Collectors

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 5. Refuse And Recyclable Material Collectors

Cleanliness is very important in maintaining the order and health in the society and therefore the individuals that are involved in this job are doing a great job and should be appreciated. They collect the garbage and make our areas clean, they do this dirty work and put their life danger while doing it. The nature of the job is outdoor, on the streets and the roads and therefore most fatal injuries cause by machine and traffic accidents. The other main cause of fatalities is the garbage container itself, as the worker can get caught up in the hydraulic lifts and receives critical injuries or death.


4. Aircraft Pilots

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 4. Aircraft Pilots

Flying an airplane or aircraft in the open air at extreme height is very appealing and adventurous but the job of pilots is extremely dangerous as they not only flying the aircraft but also carry the responsibilities of many individuals on their shoulders. This job is very impressive, has high financial values but on the other hand the risk is also very high. There are incidences of aircraft crashes due to engine failure or some other weather conditions and result in numerous fatalities. An internee pilot is at greater risk than the trained pilot whereas the pilots who work in rescue operations are more liable to dangers due to extreme weather conditions and tough duty hours. The survival rate is extremely low as there is immense sky and earth and nothing can save them.


3. Timber And Logging Workers

List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 3. Timber And Logging Workers

These workers trim and cut down trees for transport and sale. They work in remote forests and cut down the trees that are required for the working of many industries. This is an outdoor job that needs very hard duty and is extremely dangerous. Falling timbers, trunks, chainsaws and handling of dangerous and heavy machinery make this job a constant challenge. Not only is the nature of job dangerous but also the sites where they work. These workers also need to look out for insects, snakes, poisonous plants and the weather itself.


2. Military And Police Personnel

 List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs - 2. Military And Police Personnel

Peace and prosperity is very important in our society. It is easily understand that peace of mind is extremely important and it is possible if you can live safe in your city or country. Threatening news, endangering lives and regular crimes not only ruin the sleep of individuals but also spoil their lives. The individuals that endanger their life to maintain calmness and peace in the country are these military and police personnel. It is a rewarding job but no doubt is extremely dangerous, military and police personnel work day and night constantly for the prosperity and dignity of country. They defend their country and individuals not only from outside threats but also from violent crimes, terrorist’s attacks and massacre and for this they sacrifice their lives and are proud of their work.


1. Fishers And Fishing Workers


Most Dangerous Job In The World - Fishing
Most Dangerous Job In The World – Fishing

Fishing is considered as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In general, commercial fishing industry is considered a worthy industry, the sea food we eat is very expensive but it should be, as the hidden crisis and problems that a fisherman faces in catching fish is exactly known by him. Fishing is continuously ranked as one of the deadliest and dirtiest jobs as each year, a number of workers work on the shorelines of world at the mercy of the ocean, battling the wind, waves and sea and providing the individuals sea food and fish. The hardships that fishermen face cannot be over stated, they encounter many dangers including consistent risk of drowning due to unpredictable sea weather’s nature, receiving numerous injuries from cables, cages, nets, equipment, machinery and the victim itself, working in long nights, freezing temperature between high seas is extremely dangerous.

They also work in slippery, windy and wet conditions, on an unstable boat and any accident and fatality can happen to them. They work irrespective of all these critical and dangerous things and also know that this work offers no guarantee of their life.

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  1. Thanks for bringing attention to the public.The men and women of the fishing industry all risk their lives to put food on the table for all..I am proud tobe one of then!

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