List Of Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Dressing for Halloween is one of the most exciting yet complicated at times when you have too many choices and end up with no choices at all. This is the time when we can dress up in the most dramatic ways by following the heroes, witches and the famous personalities we simple adore, and can’t get enough. Here is the list of best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 to boost your imagination, while you are hosting such event or being a part of Halloween party.


Look #10. Jessie

Look #10. Jessie Halloween costumes 2020

Yes Jess from New Girl is a simple yet cool retro look. You do not need much to look like her, all you would need is a girlie dress in vintage style r you could also team up and vintage style cardigan with a miniskirt, let your hair be curly and long with dark long hair with good bangs and don’t forget to act like her. It is simple all you need to do is act goofy and break into song whenever possible.


Look #9. Merida

Merida halloween costumes 2020

Act stubborn just like Merida from “Brave”. Put on a red curly haired wig for yourself which is till your waist. Choose a dress style similar to renaissance period and accessorize yourself with bow and arrow. This could be the easiest one to wear and act. Just ensure to have the right treatment.


Look#8. SelineKyle

catwomen halloween costumes

Being the cat burglar is the sexiest in thing you can try this year. This is all black leotard or suit with a broad belt, mask, cat ears and gloves. Alternatively you can replace the tight black leotard with a black legging and body hugging black top. Finish the look with neat hair do and bright red lips. To live the character at night all you will need to do is be a bit flirty and coy, remember you are a cat burglar; you could try a few pick pocketing tricks with your friends and surprise them by returning.


Look #7. Honey Boo Boo

honey bobo costumes

This is if you love to wear lots of make-up and being dressy. The pink tutu and bright pink corset top would bring out the winner like look and off course wear all pink which includes the pink blush on, if you do not have time to curl your hair you could grab a curly hair wig and accessorize with a Tiara. The trick of the night is to act like a celebrity winner, twirl as much as you can, and remember to refer yourself in third person, and add in your own things as long as it matches with the character.


Look# 6. Ghost

Look# 6. Ghost

If you are plump you would not need much, but if you are not you will have to round yourself with some soft pillows under a neatly pressed formal suit and use a bald cap to create his personality. Watch his movie or a serial to catch up with his style, or simply droll and Stick to saying “Good Evening”.


Look# 5 Moira

Moira halloween costume

A red wig with a conservative French maid costume, in black with lacy or crochet collar and cuffs, white apron and shoes, would bring the American Horror Story character alive. The make-up is natural with no jewelry, as you step in the party act mysteriously reserved and make sure to have a keen eye on everyone as you do your daily dusting around them.


Look#4 Snow White

Snow White halloween costume 2020

This character is from Show White and the Huntsman. Tie your hair back into a long pony tail, keep the make-up pale and remember you are playing the badass Snow White character. For dressing up like her your will need a Armour suit made out of aluminium foil. Complete the look with a sword and the leader like poise and keep away from girlie side of yours as the character is a strong rebel.


Look# 3 Queen Ravenna

queen ravenna halloween costume

Another interesting, strong and cruel character from Snow White and the Huntsman, you could try this Halloween. For this look you will need to wear your up with a pleats running over your forehead and an elaborate crown, Make up needs to be nude with emphasis on those cruel smoky eyes. Choose a shiny gown with long flared sleeves, accessorize with long neck pieces and earrings.


Look#2 Louise

Louise halloween costume s2020

Louise from Bob’s Burgers is fun character and if you can play it right you could make lots of people have great fun around you. To play this incredibility intelligent character is super easy. You will need a little olive green, half sleeved dress, pink bunny ears cap, flat shoes and sauce bottles preferably red and yellow and to add more fun bring some burgers.


Look# 1 Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen haloween costumes

Wear this confident character and enjoy being the mother of dragons for a night. To play this interesting character from Games of Thrones, you will need a white wig, a low cut skirt with patches of burlap with rustic look wear a equally teeny tiny top made of burlap, add in finger less leather gloves, and if you can carry a toy dragon with you.

With the right look, and treatment you could make your presence felt and more over enjoy the special evening like never before, irrespective of whether you are hosting or visiting. These are the top class Halloween costume ideas for 2020.

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