List Of Top 10 Electricity Producing Countries 2020

Today life without electricity is hard to imagine. It has become the integral part of our modern and advanced world. It can be regarded as the most powerful, important and consumed technology so far. All of the world’s industries, schools, small and large businesses and factories can’t spend a day without the electricity. Electricity is one of the major parameters in determining the stability and success of any country in the world. It’s evident that the demand of electricity is increasing every passing day all over the world. In last two to three years the total world’s electricity generation rate grew up by 4-5%. Some of the countries are able to meet the demand of electricity consumption while others cannot. It is being consumed more than the natural gas, coal or any other resources. Here take a look at the List Of Top 10 Electricity Producing Countries 2020. The list is based on World Energy’s statistical review this year.


10. South Korea

South Korea’s electricity production rate is 534.7 TWh. The country’s main attention was to generate the electricity from nuclear power. The first plant was installed in 1977 near Pusan. In 2008 country government setup a new budget that was to reduce the oil imports from the foreign countries and increasing the investment on renewable energy resources to produce the greater amount of electricity. The solar plans were also made to increase the production of electric energy.


9. Brazil

Top 10 Electricity Producing Countries -

Brazil is called as the largest electricity market of South America. Brazil is also one of the largest water storage countries in the world. Most of the electricity produced in the country is from the water sources. Almost 80% of the country’s electricity demands are fulfilled by the hydroelectric generation plants. The electricity production cost is therefore the lowest in Brazil. But there is a big disadvantage of hydroelectricity, which is the shortage of water in drought years. Brazil is producing 557.4 TWh of electricity.


8. France

France is a nuclear power. The major portion of the electricity is produced from the nuclear power and for many years country’s electricity demands are being fulfilled this way. The electricity produced is cheap and pollution free. 10% of electricity is produced by fossil fuels and 14% from the renewable sources. Today France is producing 568.3 TWh of electricity.


7. Canada

Top 10 Electricity Producing Countries - Canada

Canada is producing almost 626.8 TWh of electric energy. Most of the electricity generated in Canada is produced from hydro power. It’s the second largest country in the world which is producing 58% of its electricity from water. The government of Canada since 1960 had focused on the increasing demand of electricity and had successfully completed many of the big electricity projects in the country. The projects in Newfoundland, Columbia, Quebec, Labrador and Mani Toba have significantly increased the electricity production capacity.


6. Germany

Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. There are number of electricity projects on which the Germany is working on, to increasing the gross electricity production in the country. Like China and United States Germany is the third one to produce most of its electricity from coal. The solar power systems of Germany are famous all over the world that’s also one of the most efficient ways of electricity production in the country. Germany is the world’s largest electricity exporter. It exports 20% of its produced electricity to other countries. Today Germany is producing 633.6 TWh of electricity.


5. Russia


Russia is the largest nuclear power of the world. It is the country with fastest growing economy and is infact the most advance nation. The Russian government is working on many projects to increase the electricity production in the country to meet the increasing demand. About 50% of the electricity in Russia is produced by the natural gas. 19% of electricity is produced by the coal and peat. Currently electricity production in Russia is 1069.3 TWh.


4. Japan


Japan electric power industry deals with all electricity generation, transmission, distribution and sale. Japan is producing almost 1088.1 TWh of electricity. Japan is the world’s largest electricity equipment exporter in the world. Japan has the energy research and development program which checks the production and security of energy in the country. Japan produces 26% of the electricity from coal and 27% from the natural gas. 24% electricity is produced from Nuclear power, 8% from the hydropower accounts and 13% from the oil resources.


3. India

Top 10 Electricity Producing Countries - India

India is the country with world’s second highest population and rapidly growing economy. India’s 56% of the electric energy is produced by coal though it has the limited reservation of fossil fuels. Natural gas produces only 9%, the hydropower accounts for almost 19% of the electricity production and 12% is produced by the renewable energy resources. The energy policy of India is characterized by the increasing household income, limited fossil fuels reserves, and adverse impact on both the rural and urban area’s environment and ofcourse the economy as the social driving factors. India is producing 1102.9 TWh of the electricity occupying the third place in our top ten lists.


2. United States

United States is undoubtedly the most advanced nation in the world technologically. It is said that US produce most of the electricity from the conventional thermal power plants. It was mostly coal but now natural gas and other gases power plants have been seen producing the sufficient amount of electricity. About 70% of electricity is produced by the fossil fuels, 20% from the nuclear power, 7% from the hydropower sources and the rest of 3% from the other renewable energy sources. Currently US is producing 4260.4 TWh of electricity.


1. China

China is the largest electricity consumer and producer in the world. We all know that the power industry of China has changed (infact increased) drastically in past few years and in 2011 it had even crossed United States in the consumption of electricity. Today China is producing almost 5361.6 TWh of electricity. China has huge amount of energy reserves. It has the third-largest coal reserves in the world along with massive hydroelectric resources. More than 79% of the electricity in China has been produced by coal. Rest of the need is fulfilled by the hydroelectric production. China is ever growing and improving nation with the highest population and having some of the best brand factories in the world. Fortunately China is successfully fulfilling its needs.

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