List Of Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020

State is responsible for providing security and justice to its people. To accomplish this duty, armies are established. The role of the army includes the protection of national territory aka borders, quick reaction in national crisis like natural disasters and safety measures for the civilians so they can work for their country without any tension. How strong is the army of the country? The answer to this question does not have any hard and fast rule. But it depends upon a lot of factors. Some of the factors include manpower, nuclear abilities, total assets, arms and ammunition etc. Even, if an army lacks in modern technology and assets, and still it is fulfilling the state’s requirement then it can be termed as a strong one. This article ‘List Of top 10 strongest armies in 2020’ is based upon some statistics and facts and also on the performance of the respective armies.


10. Brazilian Armed Forces, Brazil

From the past few years, Brazil is facing a lot of security challenges within the state. The Brazilian Army is no doubt, working day and night to face these challenges and making the country stabilized. For this purpose, the government has allocated a military budget of $31,576,000,000 for defense purposes. About 3,60,000 soldiers are working actively while 10,00,000 are in reserve. The total amount of tanks, aircraft’s and submarines are 480, 750 and 5 respectively. While 1 aircraft carrier is in Brazil’s hand.


9. Japan Self Defense Forces, Japan

Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020 -

The basic mission of Japan Self Defense Forces is to protect the Japanese mainland. After World War II, Japan has been so much involved in itself, and its main purpose is establishing the country and making it fully equipped to meet modern challenges safely. The total defense budget is about $50 billion. The working of the military forces is unique from other armies. JSDF hires civilian personnel and they remain civilian, technically. The ones who wear uniforms are termed as special civil servants.


8. Turkish Armed Forces, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most peaceful countries of the world which is prospering with leaps and bounds. In all the success, the Turkish Armed Force plays an influential role. The recent statistics reveals that Turkey is spending an amount of $18,185,000,000 on the military budget. About 6,50,000 soldiers are active while 2,00,000 are in reserve. Other stats include 3500 tanks, 990 aircrafts and 14 submarines with 0 nuclear bombs.


7. Bundeswehr, Germany

Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020

Bundeswehr was established on November 12, 1955. The duties of the Defense force of Germany include conflict prevention and crisis reaction in addition to protection of borders. The statistics tells that Germany has a total of 1,48,996 active while 4,00,000 reserve soldiers, 408 tanks, 710 aircrafts, and 4 submarines. It seems that after World War II, Germany has strived very hard to regain their lost strength.


6. Indian Armed Forces, India

India is a developing country facing problems like corruption, political instability, terrorism and much more. So, the forces of such a country must be very strong. Keeping this thing in mind, India is allocating a total of $44,282,000,000 on the military budget. The active troops are above 13,00,000 and reserve troops are above 5,00,000. India holds around 3500 tanks, 1500 aircrafts, 100 nuclear bombs, 15 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers.


5. French Armed Forces, France

Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020 - French Armed Forces, France

When it comes to manpower, then FAF is largest amongst the other armies of European Union and amongst NATO is stands at the third position. France holds the nuclear powers which is third largest in the world. With a total of 362,485 soldiers, FAF also own 423 tanks, 1203 aircrafts, 300 nuclear bombs, 10 submarines and 1 aircraft carrier. FAF is burning their midnight oil in maintaining peace and stability around the globe, securing interests of French abroad and above all defense at the national borders of the country.


4. British Armed Forces, UK

British Armed Forces constitutes of Royal Air force, Royal Navy and British Army. UK have 2,24,500 active professional soldiers while 1,50,000 reserve soldiers. State spends a total of $57,875,170,000 on the military budget. The total tanks which belong to British Armed Forces are more than 400, Aircrafts are 1412, nuclear bombs are above 200, submarines are 11 and aircraft carrier is 1. With all these arms and ammunition, UK is striving hard to maintain peace in the country and in the whole world.


3. Armed Force Of Russian Federation, Russia

Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020 - Armed Force Of Russian Federation, Russia

Russian Navy, Russian Ground Forces and Russian Air Force are included in the Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Government of Russia decided to spend $200 billion for the upgrade of the military equipment from 2006 to 2020. This development will bring Russia at the top of the list within no time. Let us have a look at some facts. 7,66,000 soldiers are active receiving a military budget of $64,000,000,000. Russia has above 15,000 tanks, 3000 aircrafts, 8000 nuclear bombs, 60 submarines and 1 aircraft carrier.


2. People’s Liberation Army, China

China is in a tough competition with America and it is expected that in the coming years China would be the super power of the world leaving America behind. PLA came into existence on August 1, 1927. Approximately 3 million soldiers are serving in the army. The military budget of China is $129,272,000,000. Other supplements include more than 9000 tanks, almost 3000 aircraft’s, about 250 nuclear bombs, more than 65 submarines and 1 aircraft carrier. China is working hard on getting command on the latest technology.


1. United States Armed Forces, America

Top 10 Strongest Armies In 2020 - United States Armed Forces, America

When it comes to technology, army personals or defense budget, America stands at the top of the list. 14,30,000 soldiers are committed to work for the defense of the country. America allocates the military budget of $689,591,000,000. The army possesses more than 8000 tanks, 13000 aircraft’s, 7500 nuclear bombs, 70 submarines and 10 aircraft carriers.

With all these things, America is fighting for peace not only within the country but also in Asia, Europe and Middle East. USAF has played a very strong role in few last years in its history.


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  1. I don’t know what you mean about British army striving to create peace in the country. Are you just making things up now, the British army has no interference with things happening in the UK. We have things like Scotland Yard and MI5 to do that.

  2. Lol, India is superior to Uk and France COMBINED. For example 3500 tanks(India) vs 400+400 = 800 tanks (Uk+France). Lol. No comparison.

    1. dear rohit: this is not about 3500.. this is about technology .. if india have scrape 35000 used tanks , cant campare with uk and france 8 high tech tanks….

    2. One site say india is on top 6 position . Well that not big issue. My question is where pakistan stand who typing so much . What there rank ?

          1. Continued accumulation of arsenal by the armies of different nations bothers me a lot. Why we have joined mad rat race for acquiring sophisticated weapons Just for killing people?

            I agree the Third World War will be fought with rock and canes.
            Let’s make this beautiful world a better place to live in.

            Pakistan and India should unite together to fight terrorism which is eating our resources as a result we are sinking in the quagmire of illiteracy and ignorance.
            Lastly, we should avoid using Vulgar language against each other because Social Media is read globally which will create bad impression and expose our moral weakness.
            In the end let me refer to a quote from great Indian philosopher Chanakya who once said man is not great by birth but by the virtue of his deeds.

      1. Aby dekh lay rank main net pay ja k tere kalejay ko thand par jaygi
        Wese hi indian kangers ka to pishaab nikal chuka hay jub pakistani Rangers say haath milaty hain
        Aur kuch sunna chahta hay

    3. in spite of this fact that india possess large strength of army , they can not defeat great pakistan having a less strength of army

    1. Total world know dear who is cheater. The world can’t trust on Pakistan. Except the one chaina. We Indian belive In peace.

      1. Indian are known for raping and nor they know anything about they like any other country wants implant terrorism in Pakistan . They have worst treat in Asia toward Christian brothers

      2. Army is best when your soldiers can defend without updated weapons. And if you rank it in that way then America would be somewhere around 7 whereas Pakistan would be on top because it surely is the strongest, bravest and courageous army in the world. Plus Pakistan and India must seriously get over their shit , its 2015

        1. Right said… Technology is not everything.. Its all about courage and devotion of one towards his country.. Pakistan army is the best example in this point of view

      3. You awl indian believe in fucking shit if you have strength then why few decades before on 6th September your army pissed on the borders lol we are brave & after dying we got the meddle of Nishan e haider.

      4. Jab amreca or israel ka sat ho or apny pas khak demagh na ho or apne technology ko amreca israel k waja se barha rahy ho cahy pure kufar k help lo tab bi pak army k samny tum kuch nahi pak army Allah k amaan main hain,, or tum log,, cho cho cho

      5. Not only India my friend, Pakistan also believes in peace. The pathetic aspect of love and peace is only visible around Wagha and Attari borders while beyond borders it doesn’t exist at all.
        Peace should prevail in our hearts and minds it is free of borders restrictions.
        Just make sure we are now in 2016 and determined to conquer heart and mind through peace, love and music by promoting arts and culture.
        We love Ghalib, Mir, Sauda and above all Iqbal and Tagore. Each and every verses of their poetry symbolizes love among human being. None of them composed ” Martial Songs”, (Jangi Taranay).
        My friend patron of wars have changed globally. We have entered the century in which only economically sound nations will prosper, rest will vanish. Iran is the latest example on political landscape.

    2. basically , indian army cant even fight a simple non trained kashmiries fighters the big ddifference is not a number or quantity . .. its a quality…. the spritual belief . which hindu army dont have… india always try to create presure on small countries not only pakistan… infact in pakistan condition we have a nuclear things..

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  3. why the 6th position of india because india deserve a 4th position
    india French British

    Total Soldiers 18,00,000 362,485 3,74,500
    Tanks 3,500 423 400
    Aircrafts 1,500 1203 1412
    Nuclear bombs Above 100 300 Above 200
    Submarines 15 10 11
    Aircraft carriers 2 1 1

    1. each and every muslim fighter know that they are strongest becz it doesnot depend upon weapon it depends on spirit well said by som one in urdu:JANG JAZBY SY JITIE JATI HAI ASLAHY SY NAI.and ye jazba hindu fauj k pass nai hai.

  4. why the 6th position of india because india deserve a 4th position

    Total Soldiers- 18,00,000:362,485:3,74,500
    Tanks- 3,500:423:400
    Aircrafts- 1,500:1203:1412
    Nuclear bombs- Above 100:300:Above 200
    Submarines- 15:10:11
    Aircraft carriers- 2:1:1

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      1. Please go through history before making comments. Do you know it was a proxy war in Afghanistan, and the same is continuing in Middle East. Please READ READ and READ. You will find l proxy wars are still continuing in various parts of the world with “Generic Brand”.

  5. I think the ranking is on the basis of military budget and largest troops, otherwise Pak Army is one of the best professional army in the world.

  6. America is a beast 10 aircraft carriers! Most other countries only have one, maybe two if lucky. America rules the air and oceans #1 in both areas, the keys to win any war being the peace keepers with our wonderful allies the British,French,Germans,Japanese, South Koreans,and Turkish all making onto the list this year, congrats guys!

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  19. This list is based on military expenditures, budget allocation and numbers of armed personals not on the capability,suicide percentage and the historic victories so don’t worry the lovers of Pak Army.

  20. Pakistan lose 4 times from INDIA and called themselves best. You are number 1 in one thing only ie. Terrorism. One day every nation fucks you.

    1. @INDIAN: Nah, you wrote it all wrong.
      Pakistan won life time war from Hindus and British in 1947, by making itself.
      Pakistan won the Kashmir war of 1948 against Indian Army,liberated and annexed 1/3 of Kashmir into Pakistan.
      In 1965 Indo-Pak war, the lion heart Pakistani army blew off 600 Indian battle tanks on the fronts of Chowinda in a single day. Repelled and beat down numerous Indian Army attacks on Lahore, Sialkot and Kashmir fronts.
      1965 the 1/3 of Indian Air Force were wiped out by Pakistan Air Force (a fairly small Air Force compare to India’s)
      Alot of Indian fighter jets surrendered to Pakistan Air Force during 1965 war and till day we have those Indian fighter jets erected at major crossroads of Pakistani cities. Numerous Indian battle tank as war trophy to mention as well.
      1971 was the civil war of East Pakistan which were covertly done by Hindus of East Pakistan with the help of India.
      In 1999 Kargil war, Pakistan Army choked the supply lines of Indian Army towards Siachen and the whole Brigade of Indian Army personnel was slaughtered by Pakistan Army. Ask Vajpayee, whom he has named ‘Kargil Ka Katil’ LOL
      India supports Terrorism inside Pakistan through Afghanistan border areas, so India and its intelligence agencies are the bigger Terrorists.
      India is the recipient of USD 3283 million annual aid from international donors.
      We have more nukes compare to India i.e. 120, guess who will get most of them should a full scale war breaks out?
      Your one and only India will become Endia.

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  46. Well,I think whatever you all spoke for other countries have been worsed; next coming second so if you think your nation is best show it by your hard work or creativity etc. not by speaking against to other countries because they will counter attack on your state and it makes no sense of being human. So avoid to talk about other countries and make yourself best enough that no one can defeat you and thats it.
    Thank you,
    (Regardes) Justice Lovers….!

  47. It dosn’t matter that India Have 3500 tanks USA have upgrade version.dear its man behind the gun or any other machine so I dont believe in Weapons I believe in Braveness,Man and skills which are actully behind the gunnnn.
    From last 15 years USA launched massive operation in Afghanistan But they had lost their Weapons and faces too much casualities.
    Pakistan Army clean Waziristan (Afghan Border) area Only in 1 year.
    Its true Indian have large budget and have large no of weapons but history tells
    How the Small Army taought the Lesson to the Royal Indian.

    1. Ya kiya moqabla kreengay pakistan sa dunya ma in indians ka hum sa jahan bhi wasta parta hum sa dar k baat krtay han humaray pathan bhaiyoon ko dakh k he in ka peeshab nikal jata ha khud xcept krtay han k tum pakistani taqat ma ziyada ho aur hum aQal ma but inhe maloom nahi hum her cheez ma in k baap han.
      In sa ap bateen krwaloo mazloom kashmiroyoon ka qatal krwaloo gujrat ma masoom musalmanoo ka qatal krwaloo burma neehatay masylmanoo ka qatal krwaloo jis mulk ka prime minister aik terrorist group ka active member ho ap us mulk k rehnay waloon sa kiya xpect krtay ho. Aik zamanay sa baten chood rahe han k hum ya krdeengay wo krdeengay hum sa 5 times her cheez ma ziyada honay k baad ma bhi gand ma itna goo nahi k kuch krdeen in ka baap bhi kuch nahi krsukta. Pakistan in ka one fifth ha phir bhi khul k baat krta ha aurtoon ke tarhan idher udher mulkoon ma ja k phutoon ke tarhan bayan bazi nahi krsukta jao ja k apnay terrorist abba ko ja k bolo k jo oukharna ha oukharlee hum bhi dakhtay han gand ma kitna dum ha.

  48. every nation armies stronger but now the war is only for two buttons for example indain push button and Pakistan also their would be no Pakistan and no India only damages occur one day INSHALLAH both countries stands for each other becz boths r near and dear to each other and we dont want fight only peace and cricket thanks to all salam

  49. Reading all those pseudo psyched lob sided pakis talk about their mesmerized facts to reality i felt imperative to comment so..If 1.5 billion Indians decide to take a pee at wagah border at 10.10 am on a fine Friday morning. Pakistan will be history thereafter as drowned and washed away in a new tsunami called URINAMI. Lol

  50. Pakistan army best army in tha world.
    Indian army darpok hindu pleat gay ka peshab peni wale pakistan ka kya muqabla kare ge

  51. I do not care even if india military More.l in battle do not fight with the army, but he argues with curiosity and heart.

  52. Nice to see India in this List…

    Respect to our MILITARY. even if india wouldnt be here in this list we are proud of our military…

  53. This Is really a good list and we love your support also appreciate the effort of to aware and participate with spreading knowledge with us .

  54. Cahy kuch bi hojy geth hamesha haq ki he hote hain or geth inshaAllaha pak army ki he ho ge,,, WO jangy yead Karo India khabes dajale fetno wallo jb tumhary pas hateyar k daer lagy hoty thy us wakth bi Pakistan he Jung jethta aya tha or ab bi pak army he inshallaha getay ge shayed tum log bull rahy ho k pak army k sath hum musalmano k sath khuda hain pr India tumhare 40000 lak kuty kea esrael dajale amrica koe bi musalman or pak army ka much nahi beggar sakhta q na k tum jahel log sarasr gumrahe ki rah par ho ,,, Pakistan army ZindaAbad,

  55. Tum Hindu log hamary mazhab par bat karty ho ,,pahly apny mazhab k bary main to Jan lo tumhara Hindu mazhab tumhy kea sekhata hain k apny he logo ko marny k bad jalla do jahill kea yeahe sekhata hain k maa bap behn bate bhai mai koe tameez math Karo gs k sat jaisy cahy raho ,, kea yeahe sekhata hai k hamesha musalmano par peth pechy waar karoo,,, haha. Main answer nahe cahunge q na k mujy patha hain k Jawab ha he hain hamary he logo ko khreed kr aslaha or pesy dy or hamary he kheellaf istemall kar rahy ho , or agy se dehshatgard kesy kahty ho aik do musalman agar bura hain to WO tum Hindu sathe soch ki waja se ,,,,AllhamdulellAh Islam aj bi utna he Alla mazhab hain gethna kahi soooo salll pahlly tha ,,, tumhary apny he pandeth kahty hai Jo musalman ko bura kahta hain mai usy bura kahta ho is duneya main Sab se pahly wajud Islam ka hua or InshaAllah ta qayamat tak ho ga

  56. why obama said if i had pakistan armie so i would rule on world u will be soon finished bloody shits.all jews.ur prophet gave sacrifices for u bloody people

  57. How bad, the all people are barking like dogs. No one had thought of it before writing we’re all human. I’m PAKISTANI and MUSLIM too but i respect everyone ..

  58. indians apne soldiers ko kisi rewur ki tarhan hankthe hen.jbke pakistan army jesa discipline dunya ki kisi fauj men nai, ye aik haqeeqat he.1971 ka sanah shor kar koi si bi misal le lo.

  59. Indians ko pak army se Wehshat nai tho Indian media itna propaganda kiun kerta he. Pak media ne tho kabi propaganda nai kia, wo bi galat aur manafi.aur india ager aisi situation se guzarta jiska samna pakistan ko gushata 15 salon se he tho india ke 26 ke 26 tukrey hojate.there is’nt single suicide in pak army upto 15 years while in war against extremists, its a record.

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