Top 10 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Man has evolved over time and with his evolution many things have been discovered or invented. However, not all inventions were intended as many of the inventions were accidental or were part of some sort of queer experimentation. On his quest for survival and betterment, man began to discover many new things and that discovery and uniqueness of ideas in the mind of the man has led to these Top 10 accidental inventions that changed the world. Many routine things that we rely heavily in life on were just a mere accident.


10) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who does not literally drool over this yummy food item? Chocolate chip cookies which are a favorite of everyone were discovered accidently and we have to thank Miss Ruth Wakefield who was just trying to make regular chocolate cookies but ended up adding chunks of chocolate that did not melt after baking (which came as a surprise). This invention has been making our mouths water ever since. Chocolate chip cookies are also a healthy snack especially for children and many companies have started manufacturing them too.


9) Play dough/doh

Play dough

Kids love to play with this messy, colorful and smelly substance which looks like a cake dough only that it is vibrantly colored. It is also an accidental invention and the idea behind the accident was to create a material which would keep wall paper clean. Who had known that one day there would be kids doing the exact opposite thing by playing with the material now called play dough and making a complete mess in the house?


8) Penicillin


Despite all the criticism that antibiotics receive, we still cannot really manage to live without them. Most certainly antibiotics have been a great accidental discovery as there have been cures discovered after their invention which would have been quite impossible had there been no Penicillin. Sir Alexander Fleming is the one responsible for bringing us closer to this invention when he was out for a vacation, on coming back he noticed Staphylococcus bacteria was uncovered and its mold had killed bacteria. That is how many fatal diseases have been cured ever since.


7) Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Almost the entire world is addicted to this drink which has taken over the beverage industry like a storm. First created in the 1880’s as a medicine, coca cola was a mixture of alcohol and coca extract. John Pemberton was the pharmacist who invented it but he later had to alter the ingredients used in the medicinal beverage as alcohol got banned in the state of Atlanta. After the change in the ingredients, it came out as a fizzy drink and became talk of the town. Ever since then, it is the most favorite drink around the globe.


6) Plastic

Plastic drinking water bottles

Plastic has become literally one of the most important things in manufacturing other products let it be utensils, toys, furniture and what not. Even though different forms of plastic were already being made in the world but the present form i.e. synthetic form was created in 1907. The creator of plastic Leo Hendrik Baekeland accidently invented a material called Bakelite which was how it was later transformed into a refined version of synthetic plastic. He found out that polymers which did not melt under heat was what made the material unique and now, almost the entire world revolves around plastic manufacturing.


5) Potato Chips

Potato chips on a white background.

Undoubtedly the most loved, munched on and fattening snack in the world is the potato chips. The potato chips were also an accidental invention but they were more of a prank that was played on a customer at a local restaurant in USA by Chef George Crum. He was annoyed with the customer sending the potato wedges back into the kitchen three times so he cut the potatos very thinly and fried them quite much and salted them to a high degree. To everyone’s surprise they became chef’s special and now we eat them as potato chips of various kinds.


4) Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone

One of the most interesting and accidental inventions that changed the world is the ice cream cone. Despite the fact that ice cream had been a top favorite long before the invention of the cone, the idea of a waffle cone was entirely new. At a fair in 1904, an ice cream stall was doing great but they ran out of plates. The neighboring waffle stall was not doing good so both the stall owners teamed up to create a rolled waffle in which ice cream was served, that is what we call the ice cream cone now and we sure love it.


3) The Pacemaker

The Pacemaker

One of those accidental inventions which have saved the lives of many ever since its creation is the pacemaker. It is an excellent invention in the field of medical science as it starts the beating of a human heart by artificial stimulation. The pacemaker was accidently invented by John Hopps who was actually working on methods to restore the body temperatures in case of extreme cooling or heating (hypothermia). The pacemaker was an accidental invention of the year 1951 and is still in great use even till today.


2) Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes

For many people, breakfast does not happen without corn flakes. Their invention is also an accidental and interesting one as one day Will Keith Kellogg while helping his brother in cooking meals for patients in a sanitarium forgot to put away bread pieces. The next day he decided to bake them to see what will become of the dried and flaky bread and what became of it is what we call corn flakes. They are being eaten all across the globe with milk and some people even like to munch on them as a snack.


1) Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

If we talk about convenience and utility, this particular accidental invention has literally made our live ten times easier. Warm cooked food just by pressing a button and that too, in few seconds is what makes the microwave the love of a housewife’s and bachelor’s life. It is an accidental invention which was created in the process of making magnetron tubes useful in radar defense. The company responsible for this creation was called Raytheon and it is a discovery of the 40’s. Despite being discovered for commercial use the microwave finally came to homes in the 60’s.

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