Top 10 American Cities With Highest Rape Crime 2020

Gone are the days when we used to restrict the definition of crime to be either killing someone or a kind of robbery. These days, the crimes have taken even serious conditions, and the drug dealings, smuggling, rape etc are even some of its worst conditions. If you are a believer that crime is only the name of killing someone, then you are absolutely wrong because the situations like raping a woman or doing other sins are even severe and drastic. The female victims of rape live a deadly life. They don’t have anything positive left in their future. Their career, respect, family affection and proud walking on the roads all come to an end.According to an estimate, America is the one and only country in the world with highest rape crime recorded so far. Various NGOs and other human rights agencies are working really hard in parts of United States of America to reduce the ever-increasing rate of rape in this country. We can not name a single city’s females to be the victims, but almost all cities of USA are suffering from this serious issue. Let us se which are top 10 American cities with highest rape crime 2020.


10. New Mexico

American Cities With Highest Rape Crime 2020 -

New Mexico is a beautiful city of America and one of the favorite tourist attractions in the world. But unfortunately, since a long this city has been under serious threat of crimes like rape, smuggling and human trafficking. The women, girls and even the little babies are being made victims of rape every now and then.


9. Alaska

In no way, Alaska is a safe city for women and young girls to live in. According to an estimate, since the few decades the rape crime has increased over 40 percent in Alaska. Every eight out of ten professional females are becoming the victims of rape and the rapists usually belong to the young age group.


8. Ohio

Ohio is yet another city where high rates of rape cases have so far been reported. Here, the trend of gang and group rapes is very common. The females especially office going ladies are kidnapped for this reason.



7. Texas

American Cities With Highest Rape Crime 2020 - 7. Texas

Texas name is taken as the hub of rapists in United States of America. The worst situation of rape crime is usually observed in big markets and the road side areas where both male and female live and work together. The rapists usually kidnap most beautiful and sexy looking girls from such areas for the purpose of committing rape.


6. Michigan

Since a long, the female and college going girls of Michigan are facing serious humanity issues. It seems that the rights of females in this city are not properly given to them. In the race of progress and development, the working women and college going girls whenever leave their homes, are made the victims of rape.


5. Nevada

Respect especially self-respect is what makes an individual survive in this world. Unfortunately, the women and teenage girls of Nevada have been made victims of rape since a long. The ratio of rape crime in this city has increased up to 17 % so far.


4. Indiana

American Cities With Highest Rape Crime 2020 - Indiana

I believe that the Government of America needs to take serious measures against the rapists of Indiana. They not only commit rape but also kill the females at the spot, this is making the women of this city feel horrible and terrified whenever they leave their homes. The police especially mobile police, however, remains active throughout the day and night at the most populated areas of the city to arrest the suspects individuals at the spot.


3. Las Angeles

After Texas, Las Angeles is the second hub of rapists. They not only live and wander in the streets of Las Angeles freely but also kidnap women and even little girls of 4-9 years old. Unfortunately, the laws here seem to be not very strict to arrest the criminals all of a sudden. But the government of America is still taking measures to overcome the issue in the near future and reduce its drawbacks to much extent.


2. Florida

American Cities With Highest Rape Crime 2020 - Florida

A woman who has had been the victim of rape crime, is given full rights to complain against the criminal in Florida. This is due to reason that the corps here are very active in performing their duties. But the disclosed facts still reveal that the female victims of rape are committing suicides in most of the situations. The rest of the women who remain alive are fully supported to revert to normal life and struggle for her self-respect in this society in a positive way. She is given job and full freedom of living life in the way she likes.


1. California

The recorded rape cases of California have drastically increased since two decades. Not only females are becoming the victims of rape crime, but also men are being threatened in one way or the other.

The rapists, however, are majorly the men who kidnap both females and males for committing rape like crime. The USA government is taking serious actions to control both indoor and outdoor rape cases in California as this is one of the biggest and major cities of United States of America.

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