Top 10 Best 3G Supported Smartphones In 2020

3G, an acronym for third generation, is a technology that lets you connect to the World Wide Web through your smartphones even though you may be on the move such as traveling within your city or even from one city to another. In addition to that, 3G has a high speed as compared to conventional ways of connecting to the internet which means you can live stream videos or make video calls with ease. The speed and ease which this technology brings about is what has made it so popular amongst the masses. All smartphones are not 3G powered and so this technology can only be accessed if it has been made available in your smartphone by your phone manufacturer. So, here we are going to discuss a list of the Top 10 best 3G supported smartphones in 2020 that have been used to access 3G mode of communication.


10. Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 -

This is the sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S Duos and this one is 3G enabled which means that you can use WhatsApp and Skype non-stop while moving in your city. Also, since this is a budget phone, you can get your hands onto this smartphone even if you are low on cash. The Duos-2 has a 4 inch screen and is powered by Android Jelly bean 4.2 OS along with a dual core processor so processing on the phone should be pretty fast. Wi-Fi is also available in case you might need it. The Duos-2 is available for $ 154.99 from amazon


9. Panasonic T31

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 -  Panasonic T31

The T31 is another Jelly bean 4.2 smartphone that is a 3G ready device which you can use to make video calls on Skype or via an app of your choosing. The blazing 3G speeds would let you stream any live or recorded video very comfortably on the 4 inch display of the Panasonic T31. It has a dual core processor and a micro SD card slot that supports memory of up to 32 GB. The Panasonic T31 is available at a price of INR 5,990.00 from


8. Gionee Pioneer P3

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Gionee Pioneer P3

The high speed internet that you can experience on this phone would be enjoying and interesting to say the least and because this phone has a quad-core processor, that aspect should add to your 3G experience and make it worthwhile. The P3 is powered by Jelly bean 4.2 and has a dual sim slot. The P3 also has a micro SD slot support that supports memory up to 32 GB. The list price for the Gionee Pioneer P3 is around USD 128 in the market.


7. Nokia Lumia 620

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Nokia Lumia 620

Another 3G powered phone, the 620 from Nokia’s flagship Lumia series is supposed to be a very powerful phone. The added ability of 3G connectivity will add charm to the features this Windows 8 phone has to offer you. If you are a fan of Windows 8 then your 3G experience over the Lumia 620 should be nothing short of amazing! The Lumia 620 has a dual core processor and an internal memory of 8 GB with 512 MB of RAM. The micro SD slot supports external memory of up to 64 GB. The price for the Nokia Lumia 620 is $ 184.91 which is a discounted price, down from $ 369.99.


6. Asha 503

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Asha 503

The Asha 503 from Nokia is another 3G phone that is part of the Asha series that has struck a chord with customers. The 3G connectivity will let them do miracles with their phone as their ability to access the internet would be quadrupled with the high speeds that 3G connectivity brings forth for them. The Asha 503 has a micro-sim slot and corning gorilla glass protection for its display. The 503 boasts of a Li-Ion 1200 MAH battery and a micro SD card supporting up to 32 GB of external memory, with a 4 GB card included with the phone. The Asha 503 has a price of $ 169 listed over


5. iPhone 5s

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - iPhone 5s

How can we forget the iPhone-5s when it comes to the list of best 3G phones? The iPhone 5s is a 3G powered device that will allow you to use your iPhone in full 3G mode and stream HD videos onto your high pixel density iPhone 5s display. Rest assured you will have a very exciting experience using the iOS-7 operating system of the iPhone 5s which has a dual core processor for all its processing requirements, not to mention the speed with which the updates to your OS will be downloaded and installed! The iPhone 5s has a nano sim slot and a 4 inch retina display. So, iPhone users won’t be lagging behind anyone when it comes to making good use of 3G technology over smartphones. The 16GB version is available for $ 713 in the market.


4. Nokia Lumia 525

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Nokia Lumia 525

The 525 offers 3G connectivity to users so that they can reach their target websites with one click of a button and there are no hindrances between them logging onto any website of their choosing. This 3G powered smartphone will help them with high speed internet so that they can stay safe from being bored with low speed internet. The Lumia 525 has a dual core processor with an internal memory of 8 GB and 1 GB of RAM. The micro SD card slot support an external memory of up to 64 GB. The list price for the Nokia Lumia 525 is available between $ 150 and $ 160 over depending on the color you choose. Amazon also offers a good concession on the purchase of this cellphone from Nokia.


3. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

The Grand-2 offers 3G connectivity to its users and since it is already very popular, this sequel to the original Grand should get to be even more popular with the masses. The device also offers 4G LTE along with 3G. It has a display of 5.25 inches and so it would be a treat for users to live stream videos using 3G over such a huge display! The Grand 2 has a quad-core processor and is powered by Jelly bean 4.3. Also, it has a micro SD slot which supports up to 64 GB of memory. The internal memory available is 8 GB and is supported by 1.5 GB of RAM. The list price for the Galaxy Grand 2 is INR 18,824 over


2. Samsung Galaxy S5

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Samsung Galaxy S5

The S5 is a newly launched smartphone that offers both 3G and 4G LTE connectivity to users. The use of 3G over the S5 would be a very cool experience for users of the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is a dust and water resistant smartphone which has a quad core processor and a built in storage of 32 GB while it also supports micro SD, micro SDHC and micro SDXC card storage of up to 128 GB. The Galaxy S5 has a battery capacity of 2800 MAH and the list price for the Galaxy S5 varies with the service agreement to choose to take with it, ranging between $ 99~ $694.90.


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 

Best 3G Supported Smartphones 2020 - Samsung Galaxy Note

The final phone in the list is none other than the Galaxy Note-3 which also has 3G as well as 4G LTE services to offer users over its behemoth display. The 5.7 inches display of the Note-3 would offer an experience of video calls that probably no other phone can match!

The Galaxy Note-3 has a 5.7 inches display and comes with a stylus S Pen for use over the display. The Note-3 has a 13 MP rear camera with an LED flash while the front camera is 2 MP. The price for the Galaxy Note-3 again varies with the service carrier to opt to take with it, ranging between $79.99 ~ $ 749.00. Cheers

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