Top 10 Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020

Along with the fresh air, clear sky and travel programs it brings a hot sun, shining at its best. With increasing global warming, there is an increase in temperature in every geographical region of the world. With this warm temperature, people living in hotter regions tend to stay home, with their installed air conditioners. Air conditioners usually cost much electricity so if one spends money on their comfort and want to stay cool as much as they want to in such weather then they would want the best out of all, which has the better electrical consumption with better electricity bills along with the provision of best cooling. So if you are looking for some air conditioners to be installed this summer, then here is a list of Top 10 Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020.


10. The Frigidaire FFTA1233Q1

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 -

This is an air conditioner installed on wall of the room with ability to cool medium-sized rooms. This provides you with all the handy technologies, as in you can control the fan speed and rotation. Moreover, it contains the temperature regulator as well. It is certified energy-efficient but it doesn’t have humidity control only option which means whenever you need to dehumidify the air, you have to cool it down along with the required option. But if you are looking for a slim and smart Air conditioner for a medium- sized room with efficient energy expenditure then this is the one to grab!


9. The Soleus Air LX-140

The Soleus Air LX-140

This is Soleus’ portable air conditioner. It is one of the best portable air conditioners with the ability to cool down your room with the all the facilities at hand. It provides all the options like a regular wall air conditioner but it weighs 83 pounds which makes it a bit heavy for an easy use. Nevertheless, it provides options individually one at a time like if you want to remove humidity from the excess air from your room then it can definitely serve the purpose without cooling down the air.


8. American Standard Platinum ZV

American Standard Platinum ZV

Now here comes the central Air conditioner. This American Standard Platinum ZV provides one of the best cooling capabilities in market. This unit although due to its tall stature upsets the setting and landscape of the office or home or any shop or mart but due to its advanced control of humidity with multi-stage compressor veils its tall compressor. It also provides efficient energy consumption which varies with seasons. This helps to lower down the electricity bills.


7. The GE AEM06LT

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 -

This wall air conditioner is way too efficient with a much smaller size than many other air conditioners we reviewed. Providing a wide variety of options like the fan speed of three levels and an extreme efficiency in energy consumption makes it to grab this position among a vast variety in market. It doesn’t have an option of ‘sleep’ or ‘dry modes’, making it captivating the 7th position. This small sized, smart Air conditioner comes with a remote control and gives a very low cost electricity bills.


6. EdgeStar AP8000W

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 - EdgeStar AP8000W

This portable air conditioner, earns the top rank in all the items being reviewed because of its sleek and stylish design. Moreover, it is very light weight which makes it really easy to handle. You can move it around the room or home, in any way you want. It delivers all the facilities at hand, creating the comfortable environment within your range, it has an option of individual usage of the facilities one at a time, for example, one can remove the humidity from the air without interfering the temperature. Similarly, sleep mode options are also available.


5. Haier HPN10XCM

Haier HPN10XCM

This portable Air conditioner is here to grab the top 5th position among top ten ranking because of all the features of some good appliances being summed up in one. It gives us a beautifully designed Portable Air conditioner, fitting into every setting you like. The best part is that it is very efficient in its task, providing an efficient cooling in a lesser time and conserving the electricity or you can actually move this AC to the other rooms after doing the job at one place. It is very light weight making easy to move within a house and one can enjoy the better cooling in living room at day time shifting it to the bedroom at night. It also has a number of options to be used.


4. Frigidaire iQ Drive FS4BI

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 - Frigidaire iQ Drive FS4BI

This central air conditioner is ranked fourth because of the extra privileges it provides. Being the most energy efficient, Frigidaire iQ drive FS4BI has a very low costing electricity bills. Then its unique design stands it out among the others, moreover it operates quietly, without any disturbance and giving durable performances, it is one of the best for the purpose of purchase.


3. Dave Lennox Collection XC25

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 - Dave Lennox Collection XC25

Now this central Air conditioner is a bonus for all the customers along with a superb air conditioner for centrally cooling of the area. The bonus is the presence of solar panels in it. Although it’s big structure and an outdated style makes it not as appealing to the eye as the other are but its functions will surpass all the eye candies. It’s quiet operation and low electricity bills give it an extra edge.


2. Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 - Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1

If you want to consume some energy with the best results then here it is. This model of Frigidaire provides the best solution to the increasing electricity bills. It provides the optimum cooling with the range of making 250 square feet sized rooms cool in some time. This unit comes with wide variety of options including the setting of speed of fan at three levels. Moreover, the energy Efficiency Ratings is 11.2, which is ranked among the best appliances. So one is looking for an energy efficient, compact, powerful air conditioner for their room then this is the destination.


1. Friedrich Residential Chill

Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2020 - Friedrich Residential Chill

This wall air conditioner is a very powerful appliance with 6000 British Thermal Units (BTU). It can cool a medium-sized room most efficiently that we have reviewed up till now. It provides a wide variety of facilities including range of fan speeds up to three levels, air-flow in four different ways and the speed of air is approximately 200 cubic feet per minute. With all the energy efficient features, it keeps the electricity bill costs real low. So it gives the best deal, low energy consumption and maximum cooling with all the features.

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