Top 10 Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

It is guaranteed that by now even the Patrick Star (star fish in sponge bob square pants who literally lives under a rock!) would have seen a video or two of ALS Ice bucket challenge and same goes for you. And if you have even the tiniest bit of curiosity then you would have searched over it or asked your friends about this challenge. Well if this isn’t the case then knock knock!! Earth says Hello..!! Where did it all start? Well that is a mystery to solve but Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were the apparent first contenders for the challenge. Previously Cold Water Challenge was the inn thing which directed the donations towards cancer patients. Now apart from the righteous cause of these challenges, people fancy these videos. Celebrities all over the world, in their hot and eye catching avatars are enjoying these challenges too.


Top 10 Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges


10. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a well-known public figure. Her challenge video is pretty simple yet indulging. She takes a rather small bucket full of ice with little bit of water probably created due to melting of ice. Then she pours it over her and starts speaking but gets interrupted in the middle due to the ice trickling and tickling down her back (her awkward moves and response to this ice seems quite funny!).


9. Selena Gomez

Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift (whom she calls T swifi) nominated Selena Gomez for the challenge to which she confidently replies as “accepted” in the very beginning of the video. Then she pours a bag of ice in the water and her helper pours that bucket of water on her. Her reaction is hilarious owing to her screams and jumping. Certainly she couldn’t maintain her cool or she got too cool to maintain herself, whichever the case it was, she recorded a post challenge video and nominated Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse and James Francotv. There were certain people curious about whether she actually did the challenge or ‘just came out of the shower and recorded the video’. Whole team of Selena donated for the cause.


8. Tom Cruise

Some people just need to be there to make things work and everyone would agree that Tom Cruise is certainly one of those people. He did the shooting in some grassy windy place along his director Chritopher McQuarrie. They along with their whole team of the film Mission Impossible 5 were challenged from the crew of other team and Hugh Jackman. Tom Cruise did the challenge on behalf of his team so that they don’t miss the deadline of 24 hours.


7. Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa certainly maintained her charisma of being gaga. She performed the challenge in a revealing black dress. Though this was not the weird part, the weird part was her lipstick which was matching black. She sat on a couch with serious and grave expressions. Guess she wasn’t happy about the challenge or maybe showing the gravity of the disease. She used a beautiful silver pot, poured the icy water over her, closed her eyes for a moment and turned same again without the slightest change in her expression. Gaga’s tattoos were visible in the video.


6. Bogart the Explorer

Bogart the explorer made a record by dumping the highest volume of water on him. Kudos to him! He took the challenge a huge leap forward by dumping ice cold water from digging cranes. The water was filled in the cups of two cranes which then moved to pour the water from a height. It seemed pretty daring on his part. All this comes as a surprise because in the starting of the video Bogart hides the background with an umbrella. Bogart was nominated by Nikki Veron, Cruz Grad and Taxi Philippines. He also explained ALS.


5. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel’s video is interesting mainly because of his own self. It is kind of concerning how he takes icy cold water on his bald head. But being the hunk he is; this is a joke of an issue for him! He was nominated by James Gunn. He stood and poured a bucket full of ice on his head and didn’t even flinch. He nominated Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie.


4. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark zuckerberg is certainly an extremely famous personality all over the internet, and why won’t he be after all he gave the biggest forum to people to express their thoughts (awkwardly!). Mark was nominated by Governor Chris Christie. Mark’s ALS ice bucket challenge video was one of the first to hit the social networking site and internet. He used a recycling bucket for the challenge. He stood pretty patiently after it. He also nominated Bill Gates, his partner Sheryl Sandberg and Reed Hastings.


3. Bill Gates

When you bring the brains in it is bound to make some waves. And same happened when Mark Zuckerberg nominated Bill Gates for the challenge. Technical mega mind Gates, built a complete system for automating the challenge. The contraption dumped the bucket full of ice cold water on Bill Gates. The video is not just interesting because of the humble personality of Bill Gates, but the slow motion and perfect clear filming is also gripping. Apart from all this, the clear screen of his laptop, pretty flowers in the background and greenery and bunch of colored pencils on the table gives a fresh enjoyable feeling to every viewer. Bill Gates nominated Chris Anderson, Ryan Seacrest and Elon Musk.


2. Tina Fey

Tina Fey’s video is quite like a thriller and suspense movie. She brilliantly let her daughter take the challenge for her. She widened the view and pictured the whole challenge from a distance. In the beginning of the video she says “I think we should do it in a wider shot so you can see more of this beautiful skyline and see that I really did it and it was really me”. After that her daughter appears dressed same as Tina Fey being filmed from a distance. At the end of the video she comes into sight with her check book saying that she would only go with donating for the cause.


1. Patrick Stewart

Well the professor was never much of a talker! Same goes on to show in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The video starts with Patrick Stewart writing on his checkbook. He goes on to sign it, tear the check off the checkbook and place the checkbook, check and pen on the side of the table. Then he pulls a bucket from the other corner of the table and the viewer expects to see chilled icy water falling out of the bucket and next expected thing is to see Patrick Stewart drenched in that water, but none of this happens.

He puts two ice cubes in the glass, pours some wine over it and takes a sip. But all this looks immensely graceful because Patrick is doing it.

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