Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020

We need banks to keep our money saved, need them to enjoy huge benefits of car or property loan and even they are a significant part of our lives for the purpose of transacting amounts within and outside our city. When it comes for us to name the best  banks in the world, then the most dominating nations to have them include China and Switzerland. Yes you are right, United States of America is somewhat behind the race in having some large and highly beatable banks, but it does not mean this nation has nothing to dominate from an economical point of view—there are some banks in America which are playing their role directly or indirectly in making USA a super power. Let us see which top 10 best banks in the world 2020 are most admirable.


10. Imperial Bank of Commerce

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 -

Imperial Bank of Commerce is a reputed and well known bank of Canada. Since a long, it has been offering its services to millions and billions of customers and is putting its maximum efforts to make their transactions easier and convenient. Imperial bank of commerce is estimated to have 0.3 non performing assets as per the records of 2020.


9. Nova Scotia Bank of Canada

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - Nova Scotia Bank of Canada

Nova Scotia is a popular bank of Canada, the first and foremost prominent specialty of this bank is it enjoys the hugest number of clients not only at national but also at international level. Nov Scotia is known by the people to keep their amounts saved and enjoy huge profits in return in the form of saving accounts. This bank enjoys 0.5 non performing assets.


8. OP Pohjola Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - OP Pohjola Bank

OP Pohjola Bank is situated in Finland and is operating to strengthen the economy of the nation. It has total non performing assets of almost 0.6 and is ranked high as a globally reputable bank by different analysts.


7. BOC Holdings Hong Kong Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - BOC

BOC Holdings Hong Kong Bank is one of the leading and most dominating banks in Hong Kong which are acting like the backbone of the nation’s economy. No matter if you are to exchange currency, open an international account or enjoy various other benefits of banking, BOC Holdings can make everything possible for its reputed clients in no time. This bank has a total of 0.7 non performing assets as per the 2020 records.


6. Toronto Dominion Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - Toronto Dominion Bank

Toronto is one of the famous and leading nations in the world. It is famous for its strong economy around the globe. Toronto Dominion Bank is thus a bank which is playing its vital part in making this nation’s economy strong and strong with the passage of every day. Dominion Bank’s estimated non performing assets are 0.9 until now.


5. Qatar National Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 -  Qatar National Bank

United Arab Emirates and Dubai like nations are known the world over as the strongest economical super powers of the world. If you are worried of which bank to rely upon, then Qatar National Bank can be your right choice. This bank is there to fulfill your various banking needs as it knows well how to value its clients. Its total non performing assets are 0.11.


4. Oversea Chinese Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - Oversea Chinese Bank

Chine is not only popular for its products and services, but also a world-wide appreciated nation for its strong banking solutions. Oversea Chinese Bank has estimated non performing assets of 0.13 which are no doubt very high and admirable as compared to what this nation had in the past few decades.


3. Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland

The logo of Swiss bank Credit Suisse is seen at an office building in Zurich

Regardless of the fact that our world is facing serious problem of shrinking, the banks are still a part of our benefits from a financial point of view. None of the country’s survival is possible without having the banks which can make it financially strong and globally reputable. Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland can be credited to be a reliable and one of the strongest banks of Switzerland where various multinational company owners keep their accounts and amounts saved. Its estimated non performing assets are 0.15.


2. Bayerische Landesbank Germany

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020

Don’t go with what the name of this bank sounds, it is one of the most dominating and doubtlessly the beat banks of Germany. This bank is there to empower the economy of this nation and make it prominent the world over as a financially strong nation. Bayerische Landesbank’s non performing assets, as per the 2020 records, are 0.17 which is very high and impressive in Germany to make other banks get inspiration from.


1. Malaysian Bank

Top 10 Best Banks In The World 2020 - Malaysian Bank

At the top of the list comes the name of Malaysian bank. Despite the fact that there are so many other best banks in different developed nations of the world but what makes Malaysian bank rank highest is its repute, customer-friendly loan and banking services and top notch plans to empower the finance and economy of Malaysia.

The people take its name not only as a bank for keeping their amounts but also as a hub for getting loans with easy installment plans to get benefited from. The non performing assets of this bank during this year are, according to estimation, 0.19.

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