Top 10 Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020

Wedding day is very important for every girl. Each of us has imagined and dream’t about this day and its preparations a thousand times in our mind. One of the easiest ways to decide your hairstyle for you wedding is to rummage through magazines and hope to find something that will look good on you as much as it looks on the person in the magazine. Most of us want to have a different look on our wedding day from our routine; others want to look the same. Hairstyle on a wedding day has as much importance as the dress has, because your hairstyle is going to compliment your dress and thus have a huge impact on the whole day. Here are top 10 best bridal hairstyles In 2020 for you to make your day even more special.


10. Upsweep

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 -

For women with short hair there are no worries, don’t go running looking for extensions as there are a lot of hairstyles that would make you look like a princess on your wedding day. Apply some styling spray to your hair to give them a natural look and a flower of your husband’s favorite will make you special in his eyes. You can use any artificial flower or a real flower that matches with your bouquet.


9. Soft Loose Waves

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Soft Loose Waves

If you have long hair wavy hair then let your hair have a natural look or if you have straight hair and want to look different on your wedding day, you can put some loose wavy curls in your hair. Curls look great on brides with their veil around and soft loose curls swaying in the air will make you glow even more on your special day.


8. Simple Embellished Braid

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Simple Embellished Braid

Sometimes deciding a hairstyle for your wedding can be really tough. You don’t want to look like every bride or the hairstyles you choose don’t go with your dress or the arrangements you have made for your wedding. Another option for girls with long hair can be a simple braid. You can use your own creativity by putting flowers on it or use beads all over your braid. It might be simple but looks really elegant and beautiful.


7. The Half-Up Bun

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - The Half-up Bun

This scrumptious and irresistibly tempting hairstyle is perfect for women with long hair. It will give your hair more volume and a classic look on your wedding day. You can add beads, tiara, flowers or any other accessory you would want to add on your hairstyle. The half bun hairstyle is a favorite among brides and with loose curls at the end of your hair will give you a very chic look.


6. The French Side Braid

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - The French Side Braid

This versatile hairdo is adapted by several brides because it’s easy to make and also looks magnificent with girls who have long hair and doesn’t want to tie their hair into a small bun. This French side braid looks really complicated but if you follow the tutorials you will be able to make your own braid easily. Use some beads all over braid or small flowers to make your braid look prettier.


5. Straight

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Straight

Sometimes over thinking about your wedding hairstyle will end up in a mess, so it’s better if you are not getting to any point, so straighten your hair and wear a fancy headband over it finishing it up with your beautiful white veil. The glow on your face and the happiness in your eyes will be enough to make you look stunning on your big day.


4. The Looped Fishtail

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - The Looped Fishtail

We all have different wedding plans with different dresses and venue. So our hairstyle ranges between that, but everyone has a special day which ends in best of hopes and expectations. So even if you plan something simple it has to look alluring on you. If you want to experiment with a different type of bun with a simple party dress, you can try this looped fishtail bun which will give you a very formal look. This fishtail bun is really easy to make and will give you a different look as well.


3. Side Hair-Bun

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Side hair-bun

One of the best and finest hairstyle for a bride is a side hair bun with any accessory you want to put on your side messy bun. You can put beautiful flower pins on your hair or any headpiece you would want to decorate your hair bun with. For a side hair bun you don’t particularly need to have long hair, you can wrap your short hair into a messy bun and finish it with a band around it.


2. Hollywood Waves

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Hollywood Waves

The weddings taking place in small gatherings and on beaches near the sunset are lovely to look at. The brides look beautiful with her white dress and gorgeous hair. But we all don’t know the hard work behind the dress and the hairstyle. For brides looking for a hairstyle with a backless dress, they can always go for the gorgeous Hollywood Waves. The perfect yet striking hairstyle is perfect for long hair and will show the curves of your dress perfectly. You can make this hairstyle at home by using your rod iron to curl your hair towards downward motion to get the perfect waves in your hair.


1. Flower Shaped Bun

Best Bridal Hair Styles In 2020 - Flower Shaped Bun

The first hairstyle that pops in every brides mind is a bun. It can be any sort, a twisted bun, a simple bun or a flower shaped bun. It depends on you how you want to carry out your bun. You can also get a ballet bun and wear a tiara on your head or a barrette. Now for a flower shaped bun which will look gorgeous and will be prominent out of your veil will give even more elegant look.

You can get your style made from a parlor or you can always try it at home as it’s not that tough. Remember to highlight your flower bun with a barrette or a flower pin to give it a neat look.


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