Top 10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Ideas

Whether you choose to dress up as a ghost, witch or in your favorite hero, how well and creatively you wear matters a lot, while you are a part of a Halloween Party Bash. What if you are a celebrity yourself? It is obvious you cannot wear one of your own characters. While most characters were from movies, some stars even dressed like other celebrities and carried themselves well. Even transgender dressing is famous and people just love it during the Halloween, This is the day to be as weird and as crazy as one can be. This is also the best time you could try trading in your things with others to get that perfect Halloween look you want, you could also donate few to others as well.

Check out this list of Top 10 best Celebrity Halloween Costumes ideas which your Hollywood favorites wore with style.


10. Helena Christensen – Painters Palette

Helena Christensen – Painters Palette celebrity Halloween Dresses

Helena Christensen dresses up as a painter’s palette in one of the Halloween parties in 2009, by splashing multiple colors on a white Tee and wearing multiple shades of the same on her hair too, she looked perfect with a pair of blue tights underneath.


9. Alexa Chung – Marie Antoinette

Alexa Chung – Marie Antoinette

In the year 2008, Alexa Chung dressed as Marie Antoinette and surprised many with her make-up and gown in orange with antique gold trimmings, accessorized it with a huge brooch of flowers and trimmings.


8. Kate Beckinsale – Adam Ant

Kate Beckinsale – Adam Ant

Kate had tried mostly sexy Halloween costumes until in 2009 she decided to change her style by flaunting the looks of 80’s rocker Adam Ant, and she looked just too good in that dress. Earlier she had dress herself as the wonder women, sexy devil and little red riding hood.


7. Derek Hough – Superman

Derek Hough – Superman

Superman costume looked more than perfect on Derek in 2009 Halloween party. With his naturally blond hair and perfect American looks and sexy physique he didn’t have to work on it much. With the neatly gelled and combed hair and broad black eyewear he fitted the superman looks.


6. Petra Nemcova – Cleopatra

Petra Nemcova – Cleopatra

It is said that Petra Nemcova dressed as Cleopatra so well that regular bouncers at the club could not recognize her at all. The draped dress with long sleeves and front slit was falling perfect on Petra. She also had perfect fringe and beaded hair strands with resembling make-up of Cleopatra.


5. Eliza Dushku & Rich Fox – Vampire Gangsters

Eliza Dushku & Rich Fox – Vampire Gangsters

The duo dressed as the vampire gangsters, Eliza looked perfect in her satin shirt and blond hair with a maroon cap. Rich, looked perfect too which his vampire teeth and blood make-up near his lips, he wore a three piece striped suit and make-up to accentuate the dark outlined eyes of a vampire similar to Eliza.


4. Danica Mckellar & Mike – Princess Leia and Stormtrooper

Top 10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Ideas

Dressed in all white as the characters, Danica sure knows what to wear and how to wear the look right on Halloween. Danica looked cute with the hairdo and now we know why she is every nerd’s favorite girl.


3. Jack OSbourne – Taco

Jack OSbourne – Taco

The Mexican foodies must have definitely loved Jack in that dress. He wore a huge Mexican straw hat and dressed as a Taco. May be he wanted to experiment with wearing his favorite food to stop craving to eat more of it, hope it worked for him, but he surely looked like a Taco on a plate ready to eat.


2. Patricia Arquette – Little Bo peep

Patricia Arquette – Little Bo peep

Patricia’s lacy dress and lower teamed with broad blue shiny ribbon and shell pink stole was perfectly coordinated, the frilly bonnet cap and blue bow too looked perfect with all other accessories from top to toe.


1. Matt Lauer – Paris Hilton

Matt Lauer – Paris Hilton

The best costume was worn by Matt Lauer. He matched every inch of Paris Hilton looks even the Chihuahua looked cute. He matched Paris’s pink dressing style with blond hair and necklace and finger big rings. The denim style worn and the handbag everything was just fabulous for the Halloween. Halloween every year brings in new excitement, so do try being creative, trading or donate things and shop for a new exciting looks as experimented by celebrities. Look through classic horror, romantic, or comedy movies and books to get inspired this 2020.

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