Top 10 Best Conference Call Providers

Conference call is all about talking to multiple parties at same time. All the added parties can listen to the audio portion of the call. Some of the conference calls are designed so all the parties may also be able to participate in the call equally and calling party has the option to setup the call whether the called party can speak or not during the call. Commonly known as conference call it is also called as Audio Tele-Conference (ATC). Why there is a need of conference call? Communication in any business is vital. To share the problems, ideas, discussion on any other important company issues and facing challenges together is the basic purpose of this type of communication. You can hold the meeting with the company employees and individuals all across the globe by sitting in your own office building. There is a long list of conference call providers today. We have evaluated each on the basis of the conferencing features they provide to you, the extent of file sharing, the help and support to the customers by the company and the interactive abilities. Here is a list of top 10 best conference call providers today.


10. Skype

Best Conference Call Providers -

This instant messaging client and free voice over IP service was developed by Microsoft Skype Division. Its initial release was in August 2003. Skype allows you to communicate with the peers through instant messaging, webcam video call and voice call as well via internet. These types of calls are totally free of charge. The calls that are made to mobile phones and landlines are charged through debit based user account system. This service is running on computers, Android devices, iOS and BlackBerry 10 OS. It has a file sharing option, allows conference calls, screen sharing and video chats between 25 users at a time. webcam streams of 3 users can be shown at a time. Skype does not provide the facility of calling at emergency numbers. Skype also provides the local numbers in many countries.


9. GoToMeeting

Best Conference Call Providers - GoToMeeting

It is a web-hosted company developed and marketed by a division of Citrix Systems, Online Services. It provides you an online meeting, conference calling and desktop sharing with other clients, colleagues and customers in real time through internet. GoToMeeting has two editions Single User Accounts and Multi User Accounts. Multi User Accounts have the additional features of management and central administration services besides desktop sharing, audio conferencing and chat. The latest features of GoToMeeting include the mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad, high security by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), multi-monitor support, specific application sharing option, recording features of every kind, can hosts up to 25 users with one organizer and 100 users with multiple organizers and now with GoToMeeting with HDFaces webcam streams of 6 users can be shown at a single time.


8. AccuConference


It is a well-designed and easy to navigate conference calling service that provides you every feature that is needed for a high quality and successful meetings. It has toll-free conference calling options along with operator services and tolls calls. All the parties involved can exactly see that who is involved in the conference call beside there is a hiding option as well that is in the control of calling party. You can record the call as well as download it when the call is over. It provides you every type of security that might be needed during the call as well as the blocking capabilities. It also has the option of file sharing between the individuals involved in the call. The host can ask the participants to poll about some specific issue and can have the results on his screen at once. White board option is an amazing feature of AccuConference. If you want to jot down any notes or want to explain something to the parties involved this option can serve the purpose quite well. It’s a perfect business companion wherever you go. This is truly a user friendly interface that offers you very little to complaint about.


7. FreeConferenceCall

Best Conference Call Providers - FreeConferenceCall

It is easy and simple to use. It can be used with no web setup still is totally free, hence is one of the widely used conference call service. If you will go through the reviews you will find most of the customers using FreeConferenceCall satisfied and comfortable with its features. It can host up 96 participants free at a time for six hours. It is operated on the desktop without any software downloads as well as it has Android device and smart phone free app. The upgrading option is always available. It is important for us to mention that the visual management of the callers is not so good and there is no file sharing option. Call recording facility is amazing. It is the most ideal solution when the visual interface is not important and large number of people needs to attend the meeting. The good thing is that the company keeps on adding the useful features according to your requirement. File sharing to some extent, a call detailed report, a facility of enterprise account and dedicated phone numbers list are recently added features.


6. ConferenceCalling

Top 10 Best Conference Call Providers

ConferenceCalling provides you the facility national and international conference calls and operator – moderated events. The calling party just needs to send all the called parties the access to conference line and the code along with the time of the meeting, isn’t it so simple? This service provides the local numbers and toll-free numbers in more than 60 countries in the world. It’s undoubtedly the amazing network that is spread all over the world. The file sharing and call recording features are standout that enhances this service more. You can send the greetings to the call participants at the start of the call as well. It is the best user friendly interface that is very easy and efficient to use. There is a simple control panel with the host that is very easy and straightforward to use. The audio and video both features are exceptional. Polling, chat, survey, instant messaging and hand rising are some of the best interactive abilities ConferenceCalling can provide. When it comes to the customer help and support this service will always meet up your expectations.


5. Zip Conferencing

Best Conference Call Providers -  Zip Conferencing

This call conferencing service provides you the toll-free international and local conferencing capability and also the free and assisted conferencing. The service provides you the blocking option for those whom you do not want to participate in during the call. It includes many multi presenter control options and allows you greet the participants of the call as well. It provides both web and audio conferencing. Audio conferencing is the best ensuring the smooth and effective meeting. There is an automated calling option as well that can add up to 300 callers at a time and if it is an operator assisted call than 10,000 people can attend the call at a time. File sharing option is also available but only the host can attach and send the documents to the participants. Whiteboard option is also an interesting feature. The only disappointing thing about the service is that does not provide any option to create the customer phone number. Hand rising, chat, Q/A, multiple choice questions options are also available in the list of the interactive abilities provided by the service. The customer help and support is guaranteed by the service providers.


4. Wiggio

Best Conference Call Providers - Wiggio

It’s the web application that’s main concern is group collaboration. This service was offered by Desire2Learn in 2008. Within a year the company had more than 5000 users. Wiggio was perfectly defined by CNet as the new best Web 2 collaboration. Currently it has over 1.1 million users. This service definitely provides you the better collaboration solutions with the free call conferencing service. This is simple, easy and user friendly service that was founded for helping purpose to the members working in the group and finding a difficulty in discussing the tasks. You can make the groups and can call all the added persons in that group at the same time (remember free version allows only the 10 people to be called at a time). It provides both audio and video calling services as well as the group chat and private messages to the single person in a group as well. It has the mobile app for iOS but not for other android devices and blackberry. It has a good list of many free features but the facility of call recording is not available. There is a paid and upgraded version of the service that allows you to add as many people as you want in the call, unlimited number of groups, custom URL, an admin portal and private branding.


3. Infinite Conferencing

Best Conference Call Providers -  Infinite Conferencing

This is the most easy to use and simple conference calling service known. The reviews show that people using the service are quite impressed and comfortable by the functionality and simplicity of the service. Infinite Conferencing will dedicate a number to you; you and all the other participants will need to call on that number to attend the specific meeting call. You can call anywhere in the US plus it allows you to call to other 50 countries as well. It also offers you two types of calls the reservation less call and the assistant operated call. In the reservation less call 100 people can attend the call at a time where as if more than 100 people need to attend the call then assistant operated call is the solution. You will experience the flawless and smooth calling service with Infinite Conferencing.

There is not greeting option available but it is not a big deal. The user’s interactive abilities are amazing and you can share the files of every type. If you are facing some audio problem then you can ask the server or manager to create your individual web conference account. With this you will not only have more smooth call but also the visual presentation of the callers. Whether you are involving 10 people in the call or 300 people the setting time is always small.


2. WebEx

Best Conference Call Providers - WebEx

This service provides you the 100 percent audio and video conference calls ensuring that your meeting goes smooth without any major hiccups. WebEx enables you to contact anyone anywhere across the globe without any restrictions. It provides you both toll free and toll numbers. You can have a view that who is participating in the call since which time. There is a presenter control board available so that the host can allow anyone willing to present his ideas, strategies and plans to all the attendees clearly. There is call replaying and recording services available. The HD video feature allows seven members at a time to have a video chat as well. The file sharing capability of WebEx is exceptional.

The applications, different documents and desktops can be shared. The interactive abilities provided by his conference calling service is more featured and advance. Few of them are visual hand rising, polling, web tours, the detailed conference report, chat, instant messaging, whiteboard capability and voice over internet. The help and support via the service provider is available 24/7. You can call, email or have a live chat with the representative for any query or problem you are facing in the service.


1. UberConference

Best Conference Call Provider - UberConference
Best Conference Call Provider – UberConference

The service that provides you the conference calling with a difference is undoubtedly UberConference. Now you can have a flawless, easier and manageable meeting within no time. It provides you both audio and video calling option and interesting thing is that you do not need enter any ID. This service has number of interesting features that kept on increasing with its new premium plan. 17 persons can be added on the reservation less call at a single time. It is important to mention here that this service is not suitable for the large meetings. But UberConference Pro is a solution to your problem and can add more than 17 persons. This is an upgraded and paid version of this service. If you want to have the toll free number you will need to pay $20 otherwise $10. But believe me this service worth more than what they are charging. The mobile app of the service is only provided for iOS and android devices.

Besides this the service has many interactive abilities and file sharing is easy. The call recording feature is also available. The service representatives are always available for your help and support. No installation is needed as it works on the desktop browsers. What you need is just an internet connection and input output audio devices. It is easy to use and nice to look at.

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