Top 10 Best Credit Cards For You In 2020

In this century, when technology is at its peak, no one has time to wait in long queues to extract money from account through cheque system. Gone are the days when you have to wait for the bank to open to take out money. Credit cards facilitate to extract money whenever needed whether it is 2 in the morning. With so many credit card companies now available with plenty of deals to offer it gets difficult to decide which one to choose and which one is suitable for oneself. You can’t buy the credit card which offers the most bonuses instead you have to buy the one which suits your needs and your purchases. Here are the top ten best credit cards of 2020 which will guide you in getting the best credit card according to your need.


10. Chase Freedom

best credit cards 2020


With no annual fee to pay for the credit card and earning a bonus of $100 after shopping for $500 within three months of your credit card this credit card is a must investment.


9. Chase Slate

best credit cards 2020

This credit card offers $0 amount for the first transfer you will make after buying this credit card. Every time you will make a consumption you will get a discount and save on every payment you will make using this credit card. With $0 its annual fee and $0 APL for the first 15 months this credit card is suitable for people using credit card for their daily or weekly purchases.


8. Discover It

best credit cards 2020

After buying this credit card the company will be applying 0% APL for the first 14 months on every spending of yours. This credit card ensures safety and alerts the user if a big transaction or a payment is made using their Discover it credit card to confirm. With no annual fee, no extra charges for your late payments this credit card provides the best to its user and has been considered the best credit card by over 4,000 users. The APL after 14 months increases from 10.99-22.99%.


7. Aqua Credit Card

Best Credit Cards In 2020

Aqua Credit Card helps you manage your payments very well and if you follow their rules you will be able to reduce the APR within a year. An Aqua Credit Card provides you with a master card as well which is accepted in almost about 32 countries. This credit card is perfect for those people who have to make reasonable transactions and cash transfer.


6. MBNA Platinum Credit Card

best credit cards 2020

One of the most prominent credit cards of UK and most demanded by the clients is the MBNA Platinum Credit Card. This card offers a lot of services which have proved to be extremely beneficial for its users. You will get a certain cash back on every purchase you make whether its grocery, gas or shopping from a departmental store.


5. Chase Sapphire Preferred

best credit cards 2020

This credit card has been great for people who love to dine out and travel as it makes the pleasure twice by providing them with bonus and you will get an extra point on every purchase and you will get to save money. Apart from that while booking an airline ticket and a hotel room make sure to use Chase Ultimate Rewards and you will be awarded the bonus points which will result in massive discounts.


4. BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card

Best Credit Cards In 2020

For every $500 purchase you will be awarded a $100 as a bonus. This credit card company offers cash back on its purchases which includes 1% cash back on every purchase you make whereas you will be given 2% for grocery shopping and 3% for has refilling in the first $1500 you spent after your using your credit card. The credit card has a fixed payment date of every month and you won’t be jumbled every month. If you will use your card correctly you will get the most of it.


3. The Citi Diamond Preferred Card

Best Credit Cards In 2020

The Citi Diamond Preferred Card advises its users to utilize the time when there is 0% APR on every balance transfer you make during the first 18 months of your credit card opening. This offer remains till the first 18 months and after that you will have to pay interest with every balance transfer which will be 11.99%-21.99%. This credit card has a number of services and rules. For every transaction you make, the credit card will charge you with just 3% of the amount you have transferred or $5 the least.

To increase its services the Citi Diamond Preferred Card has started a concierge service which book hotel suites, airline tickets, reservation for dinners etc. to make it easier for you. This service is available 24/7. With no annual fee you can attain all the services which the Citi Diamond Preferred Card offers and will be a best choice to use.


2. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

Best Credit Cards In 2020 -

People who have to travel to and forth around the country and with an amount of credit in their accounts should get a Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card. The key feature of this credit card is that it offers 20,000 miles of bonus after opening your account. Apart from that the rest of the years will be free of annual fee charge. This Capital One Credit card offers a credit tracker service in which the user can check its score and bank account at all times. After getting yourself an account you will be awarded with unlimited miles of bonus including on every purchase. You can always exchange your miles whenever you have a big trip coming up or stay at hotels and get new bonus miles for every trip. This card is suitable for those who have to make frequent transactions in a foreign country as the transaction fee is $0. It is highly recommended by its users and offers high security of your credit.


1. Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card

Citi Hilton HHonors  Reserve Card - World's Best Credit Card 2020 -
Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card – World’s Best Credit Card 2020 –

A person who has to spend on traveling, shopping etc., this credit card is preferred for those, because of its vast offers. If you spend $2,500 within 4 months of buying this Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card then this credit card company provides you with 2 free weekend nights at the selected hotels by the Hilton HHonors. This credit card is accepted worldwide and you don’t need to worry when you are traveling abroad anywhere as this credit card will do it all for you. Apart from that the purchase made by this credit card gives you protection if your items are stolen, are destroyed in a fire or in an unintentional damage, only within the 90 days of your purchase.

This credit card is of great assistance while on the road or traveling out of country in any medical or legal matter. All in all this credit card takes care of you while you are at home or out of country.

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