Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies In 2020

Smile is very beautiful thing that everyone wishes to have on his face and on the faces of their loved ones. Smile can make any face or personality captivating and can handle situations in a better way. In order to keep smiling and having a beautiful smile, you should have good oral health. Oral health is extremely important in our lives and the thing that can able us to achieve good oral health is dental insurance. With the help of innovative insurance plans you can maximize your oral health and also your smile. Individuals having dental insurance visit their dentists more frequently. Here is the list of top 10 best dental insurance companies in 2020, know about these companies and get their services to get ready for beautiful smile.

10. Premera

Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies In 2020

Premera is a health insurance company that is committed to excellence. Premera DentalBlue motivates preventive care and enhances good oral health habits that will lead to overall better health. It has a good network of dentists and efficient dental plans that make their customers easy to find a right dentist with greater savings.




9. Careington

Best Dental Insurance 2020 - Careington

Cateington is a leading marketer of health, dental and lifestyle discount plans, and insurance plans. It helps members to save money on health and other services. With the help of its dental discount plans you can easily get affordable dental care. There are no limits to use this plan, you can use it any time and on most plans, membership also includes other members of the family that is really appealing. It offers a leading dental provider network with innovative services and insurance products.


8. Aetna


It is an American managed health care corporate that sells traditional and other health care insurance services and plans such as medical, behavioral health, long term care, pharmaceutical and dental plans. It offers a variety of affordable dental coverage programs and plans that are perfect for your lifestyle. It is regarded as one of the country’s largest networks of dental care providers. Their goal is to make the dental care easy and affordable for its customers. With its dental plans and discount services. The company wants to make everyone keep smiling.


7. Renaissance Dental Renaissance

Renaissance Dental Renaissance

Insurance Group is committed to offer quality insurance products and expert advice in order to keep your future protected. The goal of Renaissance Dental is to offer you a quality life. This company is providing its services for over 50 years and has been committed to improve health and quality by providing a number of options, plans and services. They offer dental plans that meet their customer’s needs. It has offered groups, individuals and dentists with outstanding ideas and extraordinary quality services, savings and convenience that are expected from any superior dental coverage.


6. MetLife

Best Dental Insurance 2020 - MetLife

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is a leading global insurance company that offers annuities, insurance, and employ benefit programs. It is renowned as one of the largest global providers of insurance with almost 90 million customers in more than 60 countries. Through its affiliates and subsidiaries, this company holds leading market position in Japan, Asia’s Pacific region, the Middle East, the United States and Europe. It offers dental plans for employees, retirees and individuals and serving more than 20 million individuals with its plans. Its plans include Safe Guard DHMO and Preferred Dentist Program (PP0). Its PPO network includes more than 135,000 participating dentist locations in the nation whereas the DHMO network includes over 13,000 acting dentist locations in Texas, Florida and California. It directly deals with customers and also offers products through groups.


5. Cigna

Best Dental Insurance 2020 - Cigna

It is a global health insurance company that provides health, accident, life, medical and dental insurance and related health facilities to individuals. The majority of the services are provided through employers and other groups like unions and associations or government and non government organizations. Cigna is one of the insurance companies that offer good dental plans and customers get insurance for many services other than x-rays and scaling. It provides insurance for basic care like fillings, preventive care like cleanings, x-rays done in routine and for major services like root canal treatment, crowns, bridges and more. With Cigna Dental you can easily manage your dental care and you can get easy access to more than 72,000 dentists of their network.


4. Ameritas


Ameritas Life Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company that is owned by Ameritas Mutual Holding Company with its headquarters in the United States. This company believes that life is full of uncertainties and when these uncertainties are minimized, life can be enjoyed to maximum. It provides employee benefits, financial products and competitive insurance. They are highly specialized in their services. It offers best dental insurance to appeal and retain the best customers. It provides dental products and quality dental plan within affordable range. It also offers orthodontic benefits for its customers as captivating smiles and charming faces are able to achieve much more in life. To get its benefits an employer does not need tremendous amount of money, they can get cost friendly benefits with the voluntary plans of the company.


3. Guardian

Best Dental Insurance 2020 - Guardian

It is a Fortune 300 company that was founded in 1860 in New York. Guardian Life Insurance is known as one of the strongest and largest insurance companies in the United States of America. It is a mutual life insurance company that offers life insurance, medical and dental insurance products, allowances and other financial services. It conducts one of the largest dental chains in the United States of America, covering over 6 million employees and their families at 12,000 companies. It has efficient system with over 94,000 dentists in more than 229,000 locations nationwide and with its dental insurance you can protect yourself from extra expenditure and keep your teeth healthy at any stage of life. It offers convenient insurance for the complete range of dental services that include routine examination, cleaning, fillings, dental implants, x-rays and more. Guardian has been offering extraordinary insurance products to over twenty million Americans for more than 150 years.


2. United Concordia

United Concordia is a leading dental insurance corporate headquartered in the United States of America. This is one of the largest dental insurers that insure over eight million members in all over the world. The company also controls regional offices that cover rest of the USA in New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, New York, California, Texas etc. It operates numerous dental provider networks, the largest of which has over 96,000 acting dentists at more than 270,000 access points. This company has been working efficiently for more than forty years and its mission is to design thoughtful, valuable plans. They do their best in order to make the people smile, their award winning service, large dentist network, affordable and valuable dental insurance plans for you and your family make it really one of the best insurance companies in the world.


1. Delta Dental

Best Dental Insurance 2020 - Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the United States’ largest dental plan system and is listed as the best dental insurance company in the world in 2020. The Delta Dental Plans Association comprises of thirty nine independent member companies functioning in all fifty states, the Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. These member companies offer facilities to almost 59.5 million individuals, registered in more than 97,900 groups.

The member companies of Delta Dental serve over one third of the supposed 166 million Americans with dental insurance. This company has been working efficiently for more than fifty years to improve oral hygiene and oral health by highlighting preventive care and making dental insurance affordable to a number of individuals, groups and employees.

It is the largest and most trusted dental benefits carrier of the United States of America and work efficiently to make dental insurance more affordable and approachable. It has the largest network of dentists with over 145,000 dentists and 292,000 dental locations so you can definitely maximize your oral heath by getting insured with this company. Another very interesting thing about this insurance provider is that you can select a dental insurance plan according to your own ease and preference.



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