Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers

To say it in simple words, drugs are merely medicines and chemicals that might have positive effect on your body, when taken in restricted quantity. But intake of these drugs in excessive quantity lead to negative (and when I say negative I really mean grave and degrading) effects. Owing to the increase in drug addictions and abuses, the need of drug rehab centers has immensely increased. These centers have undoubtedly played their fair role in making this world a better place. Specialized doctors help elevate the patient’s physical as well as mental health. Here we have list of Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers .

Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers


10. The Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation

Caron foundation is a non-profit organization with highly skilled professionals, struggling to rehabilitate the patients. It has more than 500 beds. Their facilities are available for young teens, adults and elders. Being one of the best at what it does, this rehab center also focuses on mental health of its patients.


9. Sundown M Ranch

Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Sundown M Ranch

Working on more than 110,000 patients, this rehab center has been awarded repeatedly for its psychiatry services. SUNDOWN M RANCH center treats all kinds of addictive patients. This rehab center has been doing this for past 44 years.


8. Cliffside Malibu

Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Cliffside Malibu

Here every patient is given special individual care using the techniques of evidence based and holistic treatments. To inculcate a better physical and mental health with poise, it offers its patients yoga, nutritional support and equine therapy. Reportedly Lindsay Lohan also chose this center for rehabilitation. This rehab center has been host to many international and national clients.


7. Behavioral Health Of Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health Of Palm Beaches

This institute started off with very few beds and later evolved and now has one of the latest technologies available for treatment. Not only for addiction but it also provides facilities in the betterment of individual and family health. They focus immensely on the treatment of the patients and also ensure the fact that they don’t indulge into it again.


6. Hope By The Sea

Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Hope by the Sea is no less than a shining ray of hope among the darkness and evil prevailing in the society. For anyone who wants to get rid of this evil of drug addiction, this place is certainly a heaven where all your worries will be addressed. They provide accommodation and surveillance on the patients to help them through the mental and physical changes they go through while leaving the drugs.


5. Hazelden Treatment Center

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Hazelden Treatment Center

Hazelden Treatment center gives rehabilitation facilities for adults as well as young people. Recently this institute has brought to light, its special anti-addiction medicines. Their primary idea is to restrain patients from going to this evil again. The base of the treatment is to address the reason for going towards addiction in the first place. Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies offers a degree in addiction counseling.


4. Betty Ford Center

Betty Ford Center

This non-profit organization gets its name from First Lady Betty Ford. It has restored the hope of many hopeless people who were living just to wait for the day they die. It provides accommodation and financial assistance to its needy patients. The center has 100 beds for its patients but it also has an extended accommodation of 84 patients.


3. Promises, Malibu

Promises, Malibu

Though Promises is not a charity or non-profit organization but still it has a lot to offer and it seems as promising as its name. The institute offers more specialized treatment to its patients, which is obvious because it is an expensive facility. The institute is considered one of the best because of its history of successful recoveries ad also because of its high staff to patient ratio. If you step into this institute for treatment (which I strongly wish that you don’t need) then you will certainly feel that the whole staff is concentrating on you, your health and your recovery.


2. Beachway Therapy Center

Beachway Therapy Center

When I went through my necessary search of information to write for this rehab center, I could see dozens, no no hundreds of people being grateful for the positive changes this institute has brought in their lives. This rehab center works on one on one treatment. Individual care is provided to the patients so that every one of them feels important and special. Only 24 patients are treated at a time to ensure a good cure. Beachway Therapy Center helps people to live their life as sober people and become good citizens.


1. Solution Recovery Center

Top 10 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers,

This is a very special drug rehab center in which private and confidential facility is provided to the clients in order to make them avoid the alcohol and other drug abuses. A whole package is customized according to the needs and choices of the patients including the treatment ways too. Staff at the solution recovery center is always striving to make patients comfortable. It has numerous techniques for treatments.

The basic essence of the treatment is to look for the cause of the present situation in which the patient is in. After identification, comes the eradication of that problem which usually follows individual care and attention. It treats people from all age groups.

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