Top 10 Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020

In this world of electronics, there is not a single person whose life does not surround around electronics. We have made our life dependable on them; in return they have made our lives much easier and entertaining. With the passage of time brands were introduced and each of them struggled to be on the top list by launching product after product each with the latest technology. We all have the best LEDs in our homes and whenever any new electronic comes in the market we are ready to pounce on it. There are hundreds of brands when we go out to get any electronic each offering every electronic with a different design and more innovation. Here are the top 10 best electronic brands in the world 2020.


10. J&R Electronics

If you are looking for affordable yet of high-quality electronics then J&R electronics is the place. Originally started as a music store J&R electronics has progressed to be an electronics industry by manufacturing every electronic which includes toys as well along with PlayStation’s, CD and DVD players, office products and camcorder etc.


9. RadioShack

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 -

First created in 1921 by two brothers RadioShack has improved and advanced itself in the world of electronics massively. RadioShack owns 4,700 stores in Mexico and US. The company has a wide range of LCDs, iPods, CD players, cameras and its accessories etc. RadioShack has managed to make its place in the electronic world and is quite popular on internet as well.


8. Sony


This Japanese multinational Company is best known for PlayStation’s and video games famous all over the world. When PlayStation 2 was launched in 2002 by Sony it gained immense fame and popularity and was the top most electronic brand. Over the years Sony kept on launching some products which included TVs, cellphones, tablets etc. The best things that the products of Sony offer are reliability and quality. You won’t find any default in any product you buy of Sony, and is the reason of this Japanese Company comes in the list of the best electronics in the world.


7. Panasonic

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - Panasonic

Formerly known as the Matshushita Electric Company, Panasonic is known to manufacture the best electronics in the world. You will find ever electronic you want to have in your household item starting from Air conditioners to cells Panasonic has expanded widely. Recently it was announced that Panasonic has agreed to play a role in the battery plant plan along with Tesla motors. Panasonic owns 580 other companies and has expanded massively all around the world.


6. Dell

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - Dell

The largest company of Texas, the Dell Company is associated with the repairing, selling and all types of management of computers. This company comes in the number 1 list of delivering PCs worldwide. The company is named after it owner Michelle Dell, Dell has evolved into advance production by manufacturing laptops, printers and multimedia production. Dells Chrome books and notebooks are famous worldwide with its incredible features and new technology. Designed with the finest and excellent technology Dell is used in business meetings and by youngsters as well.


5. JBL

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - JBL

One of the best entertainment product suppliers, JBL is the best company around with reasonable and high quality products. They have CD players, DVD players and amplifiers which are charged according to their worth. They also have a website of their own on which they take orders and deliver them on time. The company of JBL owns a return policy which is till 30 days. One of the best-selling products of JBL is their speakers and loudspeakers especially for cinemas.


4. BrandsMart USA

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - BrandsMart USA

Located in Miami, Florida this company is 36 years old and has been providing its customers with the supreme quality of electronics along with their services. Whether you are looking for a telephone at home, a laptop or a projector you will find reasonable discounts and coupons at BrandsMart and the service is first-rate. Also they have a massive collection of almost every electronic appliance one might need at home.


3. Philips

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - Philips

Divided in three divisions Philips made a record of earning $25.41 billion in 2010. Philips Lighting, Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Healthcare Philips are the largest brand of electronics in the world. Philips has managed to make itself a well-reputable electronic brand by selling the best quality electronics and products. Philips has gone further in the field of the production of electronics by producing shavers, alarm clocks, toothbrushes and feeders for infants and babies. This year Philips has introduced a Television which is Android based with extra ordinary features which includes Ambilight and Pixel perfect engines. They have HD model TVs as well which display excellent result at the screen.


2. Samsung

Best Electronic Brands In The World 2020 - Samsung

This brand is undoubtedly known all over the world for the best electronics. Samsung was only known for its famous home theaters and TV’s and recently it has started its own cell phones which a=have gone famous overnight and the Samsung rand is now competing with the Apple brand. Started in 1938 the Samsung brand was originally a grocery trading store which eventually progressed into businesses becoming the top brands of the world. Samsung is a multinational company of South Koreans and has divisions in 100 countries. There is not one single electronic which Samsung hasn’t introduced including mobile phones, tablets, camera, camcorder, air conditioner and many more. Samsung’s brand value has been estimated to be $45.5 billion in 2020.


1. Apple


In the top list of our best electronic brands of the year is Apple. As the brand has set high expectations because of its innovative and awe-inspiring products coming up, the audience is not as pleased with the brand as it hasn’t introduced anything extraordinary after iPad in 2010.

All they have done is bring changes in their previous designs. But recent study has shown that Apple hasn’t lost its place in the top ranks and is still popular as ever. For the third time this year Apple is the irreplaceable brand in electronics. The brand continues to be famous among people as it was for the last two years.

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