Top 10 Best Fishing Places in Canada

Hunting animals is more of a wild and rough game where as fishing is considered as gentleman’s hunting. Catching the fish in the middle of a lake, enjoying the calm during the first rays of sunlight early in the morning is what fishermen love about it. Fishing is one of the best hobbies one can have, especially in order to relax and enjoy calming beautiful nature. It brings you closer to the nature. You cannot just take a boat into a lake or a river to start fishing, there are specific places known for fishing capacity. Canada is the only country across the globe famous for its beautiful fishing resorts. The Top 10 Best Fishing Places in Canada are as under:




10. Tree River

Tree River is one of the finest fishing resorts in Canada. It is located to the western side of the Nunavut province. Tree River flows around the bank of the Artic River. This fishing resort also holds the title as the record of catching a total of 30 salmons, each weighing at least 2 pounds was achieved at this very place.


9. Crow Lake

The Crow Lake is a very beautiful lake present in Ontario, Canada. People throughout Canada and from around the world consider it a must-to-visit-place in Ontario. Schools and colleges arrange annual trips for their students to the Crow Lake where they enjoy some of the finest fishing moments of their lives. The lake is known for having larger bodies and is an attraction for fishermen. The Crow Lake resort also offers bear and deer hunting which adds more to its attraction amongst tourists and hunters.


8. Jasper National Park

The Jasper National Park and fishing resort is one amazing place to enjoy nature. Lake Malinge is present at this fishing resort, and is known for being a favorite amongst fishermen. The most popular treat at the Lake Malinge at Jasper National Park is Trout. Not only one of the best trout fishing spots in the world, but this lake has claimed the lives of about 2 million people who drowned while catching fish or relevant circumstances.


7. Bay of Quinte

The Bay of Quinte is a very convenient fishing resort located in Toronto. The reason behind the convenience is that fishermen and visitors don’t have to travel long distances in order to reach it. It is situated in the heart of the country. Due to its accessibility and good fishing environment, the Bay of Qunite hosts several fishing games and competitions each season.


6. North Lake

If you are fond of big sized fish and tuna, then the North Lake is the best fishing resort of Canada for you. The fishermen are very fond of the healthy and big sized tuna fish they can catch here. Fellow fishermen even compete with each other as to who catches the largest one. It’s not just a competition as you get enough fish meat to take home and enjoy the delicious fish meals.


5. Kispiox River

If someone wants to catch the world’s famous steelhead fish then Kispiox River fishing resort located in Canada is the best option. This is the one of the most inhibited river for the steelhead fish of all sizes. Trout and tuna are found in most lakes and rivers, yet the steelhead fish are comparatively rare which makes the Kispiox River more special.


4. Tobin Lake

Tobin Lake resort is yet another gift of nature to the Canadian land. The Tobin Lake resort is one of the finest and largest resorts in the region that provides best fishing facilitations in the world. Many fishing records have been made at this very lake and some of the most major fishing competitions are held here each year. Fishermen from around the world gather at the Tobin Lake resort to compete against each other and attempt to break previous records.


3. Big River

The resort located at the Big River bank in Canada is an essential mention in this list. The resort is famous for its hunt of Salmon fish. Fishermen from all over the world visit up this resort for catching the ever best fish. It allows you to have a big dive right into the cold water. This fishing spot is basically known for its Salmon inhabitation. You can easily catch a moderate sized salmon at the Big River if you have even nominal fishing skills.


2. Polar Bear Park

Another top entry in this list comes from Ontario, Canada called the Polar Bear Park. Although the name suggests that this park comprises of polar bears, yet it also hosts as one of the finest fishing spots in Canada. You can enjoy an elephant ride to explore around the park too. The fishing resort is famous for catching trout and tuna fish. It is located at the side of Hudson Bay. All in all, the Polar Bear Park is a major attraction for tourists who not only like to catch fish but are also keen towards other aspects of nature and wildlife.


1. Great Slave Lake

The Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in the entire American continent and is the sixth largest lake in the world. Due to its huge size and great depth, this lake is home to some of the most amazing and huge fish. You can come across multiple species as well as amazing sizes of fish at the Great Slave Lake. If you are lucky, you may catch a trout fish as heavy as 30 pounds. This is why the Great Slave Lake stands at number one among the top 10 best places for fishing. There you go. This was the list comprising of the top 10 best places for fishing in Canada. If you are a fisherman, or if it is just a hobby, you are highly suggested to visit these amazing fishing resorts in Canada at least once in your lifetime. You’ll return with some of the most amazing fishing memories and stories to tell your friends about.

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