Top 10 Best Gardening Books In 2020

Now a days, everyone is sick of their boring and monotonous routine. Why not consider something that takes your offence into some productive work? We all know that hobbies are good for one’s health but having a hobby like gardening not only makes you feel fresh but also it can improve your health and save your money. Indoor plants, backyard pots or even community gardens are getting popular. The aroma of wet soil and that feel after touching grass is unexplainable. To have your own beautiful garden, it is important to have some good gardening books through which you can grow anything like vegetable or fruits or even some unique, perfumed flowers. If you are a garden-lover, the list of these books is not less than a gift for you. It does not matter that you have a small or many spacious gardens. Here we provide you a list of Top 10 Best Gardening Books In 2020, the most popular and life-giving guides for your garden.


10. The Great British Oak

This book is written by Archie Miles, a multi-talented person. He’s a writer-cum-photographer-cum-tree man. In this book he wrote the significance of an Oak tree to the British people and also its biological and cultural context. He described the role of an Oak tree in myths, in literature books and in art of the country. He also explained the importance of tree in history through his remarkable photography.


9. Marijuana Horticulture

Best Gardening Books In 2020 -

Marijuana Horticulture: The indoor/outdoor medical grower’s Bible is one of the bestselling books of 2020. This is an authoritative cultivating book that explains the steps of growing high quality crops and increases the production of marijuana. The illustration of book can be judged from its 512 pages with 1120 color photographs in it. The book was published in 1983 by Jorge Cervantes.


8. Daffodils

“Yellow yellow, dirty fellow!”

Best Gardening Books In 2020 - Daffodils

Daffodils are precursor of bright spring season’s beauty and charm. In Daffodil by Noel Kingsbury, writer alluringly explains the remarkable story of most appealing flower of spring season. Writer describes the history of plant in captivating narrative style of almost 200 varieties of it. A gardener will surely take the notes about the plant description and cultivating tips whereas others will enjoy the charming story by writer. By adding colored pictures on every page by Jo Whitworth adds interest for its readers.


7. RHS Botany of Gardeners

Best Gardening Books In 2020 - RHS Botany of Gardeners

This book explains everything about botany in a very charming and captivating style. It not only includes the botanical summaries but also about the inflorescence illustration and about the perfect shaving of plants. The chapter in this book “Botany and senses” describes the way plants feel when they touch or smell each other. The complete and compact information and zoomed pictures make this book a perfect package. This volume also explains the role of genetics, edible food of plants and the effect of climate change.


6. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs

Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs

In this world of internet, reading books still have its importance. This is a kind of book that you should gift to your green-fingered friends and family. It is also the 2nd bestselling book of 2020. This book can save your money because it tells you how to grow and prepare herbs useful for common remedies. Homemade medicines, he told about, are safe and low-cost herbal products. He told about 33 common plants and their amazing healing power.


5. Four Season Harvest

Best Gardening Books In 2020 - Four Season Harvest

The book Four Season Harvest, written by Eliot Coleman, is a book of its own. This book is a benchmark of all gardening books in which the writer explains that after controlling the temperature and cultivation conditions, how we could have the four season harvest. The writer is a kind of man who deeply knows about every organic edible grown in the garden. If you are a vegetable grower and you want to cultivate in all seasons then this book is a like a bible for you and you must have it.


4. The Education of a Gardener

The Education of a Gardener

The book was written by Russell Page, a great, fabulous and famous writer of twentieth century. It was first published in 1962 and is still relevant. This book is a key not for beginners but also for many experienced gardeners. He summed up astonishingly beautiful way of all his practical know-how about gardening in this book. His elegant writing along with number of important photographs added beauty to the book.


3. Classic Roses

Classic Roses

Peter Beales, also known as the nursery-man and rose breeder, was a British writer and gardener. Peter and his team described the perfect qualities demanded by the rose like the soft aroma and fragrance, perfect color and disease repellant after all the hard working years of his life. He introduced many new varieties of roses including Ivor’s rose, red Letter day and the Queen’s Jubilee’s rose. In his book he explained how to hybridize roses of all kinds and colors. Many of his fans claimed that his catalog is the best catalog in the world.


2. Carrots love Tomatoes

Carrots love Tomatoes

What? Do vegetables also have pair? Do they also get romanticize? Jokes apart, it is really surprising to know that every plant has some companion plants that are good for one another soul. From this natural pair, one is pesticides repellant and the other increases the fertility of soil. The book was published by Louise Riotte in 1975. She wrote 12 books in her life including Astrologic Gardening and Sleeping with a sunflower but this book was a great success in which she revealed the secret plant’s partnership in her warm writing style.


1. All New Square Foot Gardening

In this book, Mel Bartholomew gave an idea of organic gardening in which main focus was on compound and intense gardening on a small block of land.

By the experimentation on gardening, Bartholomew drew the results of using space resourcefully and this method is easily accessible. Writer suggested in his book to use a mixture of soil to increase the fertility i.e. one-third peat moss, one-third vermiculite and of course one-third compost.Using cover crops like grasses types oats and rye has many benefits for gardens. Some natural pesticide repellant plants are used to reduce the use of pesticides.

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