Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020

If you have health, you have the greatest blessing as nothing seems good without health. The thing that matters a lot in your life is your safety and the safety of your loved ones and this thing is offered by health insurance companies. A right insurance plan not only gives you a feeling of satisfaction but also the peace of mind. Getting ill is a very pathetic feeling but knowing that you can be treated well, can reduce this miserable feeling. There should be no compromise with the health and in present era healthcare is getting very expensive, but this worry can be reduced by getting health insurance. There are various health insurance companies that offer extraordinary healthcare plans but this list of top 10 best health insurance companies in 2020, that can aid you in selecting the best one




10. Coventry Health Care

It is known as one of the United State’s best health insurance company and offers exceptional services to the individuals in form of health care services, health plans and various other insurance plans. It offers a broad range of services so that the individuals can elect the one that they need and is economical. It has almost 14,400 employees that are very efficient and work hard so that its customers can get their best and this company is committed to offer every individual the excellent convincing wellness.


9. SelectHealth

Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020 -

It is a non-profit health insurance organization that has been devoted to offer its members superior services, aid members to stay healthy, and provide approach to the finest quality of care. It has an excellent healthcare system for more than thirty years and is excelling in its work day by day. It offers economical vision and dental plans that can accompany your healthcare plans. The workers of this company are very competent that with their efforts and hard work they have raised the standard of this company to a greater extent. Its insurance plans easily fulfill the customer’s needs and also fit in their budget.


8. Assurant

Assurant is a leading health insurance company that offers insurance products in the sectors of casualty, property, life and health insurance. It provides services and products that the customers require in order to prepare for the unexpected. This company has designed plans that protect their customers from large medical expenses and give them peace of mind. With its 14,500 workers this company is striving hard to attain the satisfaction of the customers. Its health care assistances include additive insurance plans, fixed compensatory plans and major medical plans for individuals, families and members.


7. Cigna

Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020 - Cigna

Cigna is a worldwide health services organization and its insurance extensions provide insurance products and services related to medical, disability, dental, life and accident insurance and other relevant services. It also provides medicaid and medicare products and life, health and accident insurance coverage’s basically to the individuals in the United State of America and elected international markets. Its aim is to aid customers in improving their well being, health and offering them a feeling of protection. It has more than 35,800 employs that work day and night to maintain the standards and fulfill the needs of the individuals.


6. Celtic Insurance

Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020 - Kaiser Permanente

It is a leading individual health insurance company that offers excellent quality individual health insurance to families, individuals and the self employed. Celtic Insurance is a strong, committed and financially stable insurance company and its members work hard to offer their customers contemporary and customers oriented products and assistance’s that are accessible, understandable and easy to use. It is widely known for its economical health products and its aim is to offer financial protection against the expensive medical care to individuals. It has a distinct attitude into the public and private healthcare areas within each state.


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5. Aetna

Aetna health insurance

It is an American managed health care organization that is specialized in selling consumer directed and traditional health care insurance plans and other associated services, like medical, dental , pharmaceutical, long-term care, behavioral health and disability plans. Aetna is considered as one of the United State’s best health insurance companies.The 33,000 employees of Aetna work deliberately day and night to fulfill the demands of their customers and to create healthier communities, a healthful nation and a healthful world. This company was established in 1853 and since its foundation, it is committed to offer people, health care professionals, producers, and employers with contemporary products, services and assistance’s.


4. UnitedHealth Group

It is the most diversified managed health care organization in the United States of America and offers a number of services and products to the individuals through two working businesses named Optum and UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealth Group is an international leader in aiding individuals’ live healthier lives and striving to make the work of health system exceptional for everyone. This company is committed to offer contemporary products, approaches and services that can enhance personal health and improve health of individuals in local communities. This company maintains a higher quality and stronger health system that is really appreciating.


3. Blue Cross

Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020 - Blue Cross

Blue Shield Association It is a federation of thirty seven independent health insurance companies and organizations of America. It is known as one of the world’s biggest healthcare companies and has over 100 million customers across Europe, Canada, America, and different regions of Asia. This association was formed by the amalgamation of Blue Cross Association and Blue Shield Association in 1982. It operates and offers healthcare services in all 50 states and covers almost 105 million Americans. More than 92% of professional providers and 96% of hospitals like to deal with this organization more than any other insurance company. This organization offers a number of insurance products for individuals, small business and large employer groups.


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2. Humana

It is a for-profit health insurance organization based in the United States and is known as the nation’s 3rd largest health insurance company. This insurance company offers flexible, economical health insurance plans for families and individuals. It has a wide network of healthcare professionals that include over 3,000 hospitals, over 350,000 medical providers and almost 50,000 pharmacies across the United States of America. Its insurance plans come with extraordinary customer services and peace of mind as the customers are ensured that their specific needs will be fulfilled. It offers its customers high notch dental care and health care facilities and it plans aid them to live active, healthy and rewarding lives.


1. Kaiser Permanente

Best Health Insurance Companies In 2020

The best health insurance company in the world in 2020 is Kaiser Permanente. It is a trained and integrated health care organization, based in Oakland, California. It is a community of 17,000 physicians, 167,300 employees, and almost 9.3 million health plan members committed to offer extraordinary care today that promises healthful tomorrows.

It has 611 medical offices and 37 medical centers that provide excellent services. The best part of this company is its tremendous research work that plays an important role in building and preserving the standard of the organization even after a long time of its commencement.

This insurance company is specialized in offering all the basic health insurance services like, dental, vision, life and other short term care assistance’s. According to 2020, this company operates in 8 states and the District of Columbia, and is deliberated as the United State’s largest managed care organization. It provides economical, comprehensive health coverage plans for employers, individuals, family, Medicare, and large group. It strives to be the world leader in developing health through fine quality, and firm heath care.



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