Top 10 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020

Winter has set in. Weather is going to be cold foggy and snowy. You might have to stay at home instead of partying out. But you do not need to be gloomy. Year’s most awaited; cozy and comforting holidays are around the corner. For those who haven’t guessed yet! Christmas is soon to light up our porches and lawns with beautiful decorations.Where there is Christmas there are presents…lots and loads of them!! Gifts are a great expression of love and gratitude. Santa might not come down to pay you a visit. But the warmth of the family getting together is even more soothing than an old man climbing down the chimney with gifts.Exchange of presents has been a tradition for a very long time. Shopping lists would have been ready by now. But what if you were told that you can do all this in a much less budget? What if you can really show your affection and bring tears in the eyes of loved ones?Homemade gifts are pretty light on the pocket but leave a great impact. This Christmas show your family and friends, how much can you do for them. Not only that but you can use your home economics and aesthetics well in these gifts too. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020


10. Homemade Candles

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 -

Candles made from bees wax are a great alternative of expensive synthetic candles. The wax can be stored in beautiful small bottles. You can decorate these bottles and then place them in a beautiful box to present. These candles can make excellent room decoration and a cozy environment for a dinner.


9. Sewing Kit

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Sewing Kit

For young girls, a sewing kit is a great thing to gift. If your little lady is into sewing or lives in a hostel then the sewing kit will come really handy. Common pins, basic color threads, needles, buttons, a small scissors and such things will complete the kit.


8. Cards And Key Holder

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Cards And Key Holder

A card that says your heart out is perfect to rejoice and share your inner feelings with special ones in your life. Anyone can buy a card, but taking time out to think and make a card is an effort worth doing for someone deserving. Key holders are an essential of daily routine. Make a cute key holder out of a cloth. This will keep them reminding of you!!!


7. Wall Hanging

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - . Wall -Hanging

If your aesthetics are good and you have been saving different embellishments, beads, a stone, laces and other decorative items over the years then this is the time to open up the drawer and using all those things. Some card boards, acrylic paints and glue will do the trick. You may also make a hanging paper holder for your dad to manage all the bills and receipts. A hanging photo frame might jog some of old memories.


6. Cakes And Cookies

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Cakes And Cookies

For your little brother who is always hanging around the refrigerator door, looking for something to eat, cookies and cakes might be the best present. Well these are not just any cookies or cupcakes you are making, they are a Christmas present. Decorations and Christmas go hand in hand. So you can use fondant to make your brother’s favorite basketball team jersey or anything else that has a sentimental value to him. This is the kind of gift, the whole family can enjoy.


5. Small Furniture

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Small Furniture

Well this might be a little hectic, but hey you are the man of the house and you have got muscle!!! So this Christmas surprise her with a beautiful wooden table for the lounge. The wood in your back yard can do wonders way above your imagination. If you have an old chassis of coiled wire or some crates, you can use them to make elegant furniture which might earn you a great Christmas meal. You can also make a lap table for meal and for laptops as well.


4. Mobile Covers

Mobile Covers

The fourth necessity of life after food, clothes and shelter is a tablet/phablet/cellphone. After the break through invention of touch-screen ‘smartphones’ mobile covers became indispensable. Instead of buying expensive covers it is easy to make it at home. You can stitch a pouch with a thin layer of foam inside for softness. You can also re-embellish and old chassis with beads, threads, stickers or colorful pieces of cloth.


3. Jewelry Items

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Jewelry Items

Jewelry is the essential accessory for not only women but men also. Bracelets, earrings are a perfect pocket friendly gift for your group. Bracelets and garlands are easy to make but when you are giving them away on Christmas, it is important that they make a statement.  For that you might want to look around for jewels that might have fallen of your dress or other things. You can also make pretty dough flower and color them. These handmade jewelry items are expensive to buy from shops so why not make them yourself!!


2. Kitchen Utensil Covers And Mats

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Kitchen Utensil Covers And Mats

If you are into knitting and sewing, then you can make beautiful table mats. This will help you pass a good time and will come really handy. You can also knit mug warmers, kettle covers and many such things. Oven gloves for your mother are a neat idea. You can also make napkins. A cleaner and prettier workspace means better work. So for your mother to love working in a kitchen you can gift her beautiful self-decorated jars for spices or adorned potted plants for kitchen window. A pretty apron painted with love is just the thing you need to give


1. Lamps Shades

Best Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020 - Lamps Shades

Every room needs a lamp shade. And the one that already has needs a new one! So if you have a relative who moved into a new apartment or thinking of redecorating the room, then this is the best gift. There are many ways a stunning lamp shade can be made. You can use plastic spoons to create a beautiful texture. Stick them in a tight and neat fashion on a globe like base and that’s it! It’s done. For a globe like base you can use paper mache technique.

You can also make a rectangular lamp shade by sticks and computer papers. Cut different shapes on the paper to get a beautiful output.

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