Top 10 Best Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day on 14th February is just arriving. It is the day of love and celebrations and is celebrated by people world widely in order to show their love and concern towards their loved ones. To fall in love with some one is very pleasing feeling and the relation that is formed is not blood relation but has its own value. Red roses, red hearts and read dresses are used by lovers on Valentine’s Day for expressing their love and no doubts these things are definitely symbol of love and concern. There are tremendous things that are done for celebrating the Valentine’s Day including surprise parties, decorations, candle light dinners etc and are seem to be extremely essential on this day but most importantly the thing that deeply represent the love of the lover is gift. Yes, gifts are the best means to increase the love and when they are given at ordinary occasions so how they can be forgotten at this special occasion.

Huge variety of gifts is available in the market, they are pretty and exclusive but your lover will extremely love the gift, if it is your creativity and you have made it at home. A homemade gift with your love and efforts will definitely cherish your lover’s heart. Here is the list of top 10 best homemade Valentine’s Day gifts ideas, try any one of them and make your day surprisingly outstanding.


10. Cushions


Cushions are things of routine use, every one use them and keep them in their rooms too as their presence in rooms give them a fine and contemporary look. A little creativity and love will definitely make this a brilliant homemade gift idea, especially if it is of heart shaped. So, take some fluffy, soft stuff from the market, cut it in your desired shape and stitch it, your Valentine’s Day gift is ready.


9. Embroidered Stuff

Embroidered Stuff

Embroidery is something unique and little difficult to do but is not impossible. You can do it for someone special in your life or you can take someone’s help in doing this. A beautiful embroidered stuff as a gift will realize your lover that how much you love and care for him or her.


8. Glass Painting

Glass Painting

I f your lover loves painting so it is a best idea to show your love towards him or her. It is not so much difficult task to do, a little effort is required and you can make an outstanding glass painting piece for your loved one. It is always mesmerizing and become an inspiration for everyone.


7. Cakes


Sweets really add sweetness in life and same is true about cakes. Cakes are always preferred in case of any beautiful occasion so they are also important for this sweet occasion. Bake some delicious cake of yours lover choice whether it is chocolate cake of fresh cream cake. This gift will obviously add sweetness in your relationship, so check some tasty cake recipe and try it.


6. Gift Box

Gift Box

Be creative and make a gorgeous and stunning gift box for your lover on this Valentine’s Day. You can make a gift box by using your own card stock and card paper. A heart shaped gift box will be one of the best homemade Valentine’s Day gift and it really looks great and is sweet for this day or some other romantic occasions. You can fill it with some lovely quote or some note for expressing love. I bet that your lover would love it and it will absolutely cherish his or her heart.


5. Candles

Top 10 Best Homemade Valentines Day Gifts, Candles

Different sorts of candles are available in the market but you can also make them at home in your desired shape and design. They are easily to design, captivating to look at and they extremely make great gifts. For this you should first decide what kind of wax you need, prepare your wax for melting by shredding them in small pieces and then melt it. While melting the wax add scent and color in it and then place a wick at the centre of your desired candle mold and pour the melted wax in the mold, your Valentine’s Day gift of homemade candles is ready.


4. Jewelry


Everyone love jewelry and there is no doubt in it, not only girls but also boys like some funky and stylish jewelry items. There are wires and beads available that can be easily turned into some fashionable bracelets and rings. Beautifully designed some elegant jewelry item will be perfectly liked and love by your lover. With some instructions you can use daily routine stuffs in making bracelets, key chains, earrings or some other accessories.


3. Photo frames

Photo frames

Innovative designed photo frames will be an amazing gift as it will be always remain in front of your lover’s eyes. Your lover will definitely have some photo to keep in it for forever and it will make the photo look more valuable in the eyes of your lover as it is to you. A stylish photo frame is very easy to made, for this you have to cut a cardboard piece in rectangular shape then cut another rectangle in its center. You can do some painting and embellishment on the card, then attach a paper bigger than the frame at its back and glue it. Gift it with some beautiful picture or collection of small pictures, it will be a memorable gift.


2. Dry Flower

Top 10 Best Homemade Valentines Day Gifts - Dry Flower

Arrangement Flower arrangement is always stunning and appealing as flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. So, on this Valentine’s Day you can do something different, in the form of dry flower arrangement and show your lover your expertise and talent. Bouquets made by dry flower arrangement are a delight to make and can brighten and beautify any room. It is not expensive task but needs a little effort and time.


1. Cards


The best homemade gift for Valentine’s Day is card and it is true that this day is incomplete without assurance of love and the best way to express your love towards your loved one is in the form of some beautifully handmade Valentines Day card in which your feelings are expressed in the form of words. It is creative and fun way to show your lover that you love and care about him a lot on this special day.

A homemade card conveys the best message of all, so get ready and design a stylish card with romantic note for your lover and make this Valentine’s Day superb of all.

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