Top 10 Best Insect Killers In 2020

With the spread of deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, bites, rashes etc. from insects. it is very normal to worry about what is the best product in the market to get rid of these deadly and scary insects. There is a wide range of products that keeps us and our homes safe from these insects and the use of such products is extremely important. Here are top 10 best insect killers in 2020 to be used anywhere like home, workplace, school, park etc. so that you know that you and your family/friends are 100% safe from these insects and diseases spread by them.


10. Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

One of the most used insect killing devices especially in crowded areas is the indoor electronic insect killer. It has the capacity to kill bugs, leeches, mosquitoes and other insects by just a zap. There is an attractive light inside the bars of the killer which make the insect fly towards the killer and the insect dies with the heat. The only problem with this is the noise it makes every time an insect is killed.


9. LED Insect Zapper

LED Insect Zapper

This is basically a zapper in the shape of a racket which functions on LED light. With just a swish in the air you can kill mosquitoes. It is effective in killing mosquitoes but it is surely not that good to kill the other insects. So this is one of those insect killers which is used for indoor and routine purposes not something big. Something like this can be used for bedrooms etc. There are some odor creating zappers which are attractive for insects and hence they come near the zapper which ultimately kills them. The good thing about the zapper is that it is portable.


8. The Electrocutioner

The Electrocutioner

The Electrocutioner is a very refined form of a zapper racket which is commonly used to kill insects. You just need to sway the racket in air to make sure that all bugs and insects in the air are killed with just a zap. There are various shapes and price ranges available for the Electrocutioner but it is definitely more expensive than the normal zapper racket due to its high technology and electric charging is also good to use outside as well as inside pest/bug/insect control problems.


7. Plug LED UV Lamp

Plug LED UV Lamp

One of the most convenient insect killers is the Plug LED UV Lamp. It can be plugged into any switch of your home and its starts working just like that. With its LED light and ultra violet rays being charged up by electricity, insects do not even need to come near the device as the UV rays reach the insect automatically and kill it. It is perfect for night time usage while you are asleep. It is not even effective and also, it is excellent value for money as it works for a great amount of time.


6. Mosquito Eye Trap

Mosquito Eye Trap

If you believe in eco-friendly products and are even willing to pay a little more money then, this is the correct insect killer for you. It does not even occupy a large space and the best part is that you are free from harmful odors and chemicals as the eye trap kills insects with electronic vacuum. Insects are attracted to the UV rays that come out of the eye trap. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and all green marketing lovers will surely want to get a grab on this insect killer.


5. Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

One of the more technologically advanced insect killers is the Stinger Indoor Insect Killer. It is also an environmental friendly product but is slightly big in size so it cannot be carried around while you are travelling. A fan is what the stinger basically is which attracts the insect inside the device and the insect dehydrates to death. It also comes with bulb replacement options so if you want to buy a good insect killer, this is one of the good choices. It comes in two basic colors which are grey and white so it can be out in any room without having to disturb the color scheme.


4. Mosquito Dunks

Mosquito Dunks

If you think that technology is not doing the trick and want to switch to something organic then mosquito dunks are perfect for you. They are hundred percent free from harmful chemicals and the best part about this product is that it kills the baby insects (even eggs) so that they do not even grow to annoy you in the future. If you have children at home then keep these away from them but if you have animals at home, no need to worry as they are hundred percent animal safe.


3. Fly Control Device Flow-Tron

Fly Control Device Flow-Tron

Consisting of a UV bulb and an attractive mesh for insects, the Fly Control Device Flow Tron is excellent to attract insects and kill them instantly. You can feel safe and free from all kinds of allergies around it as the fly control device is something which does not release any kind of harmful rays or chemicals. It has a wide area range for killing insects so it also a good option for outdoor usage especially on events like family bar b ques etc.


2. Electronic Insect Killer by Flow-Tron

Electronic Insect Killer by Flow-Tron

This is one of those products which look small in size but are most definitely great at usage. It is heavy duty and excellent for using outdoors with its 15 watt power that attracts even the toughest of insects. The good thing about it is that it looks like a nice lamp so it can be put on trees and you cover it with lights so that no one would notice it to be an insect killer.


1. Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap

One of the most heavy duty and expensive insect killers is the Mosquito Magnet. It is more like a vacuum cleaner which attracts all kinds of insects but the problem is the size. It is only going to be good for extremely big venues as it runs on four batteries but is one of the most effective insect killing methods of today. It is also 100% chemical and odor free. The wheels attached to the unit of the device are an added benefit which make it easy to move it from place to place despite its heaviness and huge size.

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