Top 10 Best Insurance Providers In 2020

Life these days is full of risks and dangers. We know what they say ‘Life is all about taking risks’ but you can only do that if you have a backup plan. For instance if you go for bungee jumping and right before you take the jump you get a sheet mentioning you are responsible for any damages, right at that moment is when you feel safe only if you have a health insurance. So if you want to live a life of adventures, or even if you are pretty sure shot of your every move and abstain from any danger, you need to have insurance for your car, home, health and many such things. Insurance is the best way to be ready for the unexpected bump in the road of life. If you have an insurance then great if you don’t have an insurance then here is a list of Top 10 Best Insurance Providers In 2020 for your convenience.




10. Allianz SE

Best Insurance Providers In 2020 -

Allianz SE has been working for the betterment of their employees as well as customers. The company entered the trade register 125 years ago for the first time. Allianz is a German financial company. It ranks in the top five investment manager. It also provides insurance services. The company’s headquarters are in Munich Germany.


9. Japan Post Holding Co. Ltd

This state owned company ranked thirteenth in the Fortune 500 companies. The company started in 2006. Japan Post Holding Company provides banking, insurance, life insurance, courier and mailing services. It has near to 237,000 employees currently working. The company’s headquarters are in Tokyo.


8. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.a

best insurance providers 2020

Generali group operates in Middle East, East Asia and Europe. The company started in Italy and after striving hard for excellence it became the biggest insurance company in Europe. Previously Generali group held banks in Italy too but now they do not own them. The company provides insurance banking and investment management services. It has 77,000 employees.


7. Munich Re Group

Munich Re Group is a well known reinsurance company and is leading the business. They claim that risk management is their strength and that is what we want from an insurance company. Munich Re Group has a keen eye on the changing situations in the world and this helps them in averting any danger related to risks. They work for solution-based expertise and client proximity. They provide primary, reinsurance and asset management.


6. Unitedhealth Group

Best Insurance Providers In 2020 - Unitedhealth Group

As the name suggests this insurance company provides health insurance. It is one of the most prominent groups in its genre. They claim to have innovation embedded in the DNA of their company providing excellent and up to date solutions to the problems of their customers. The company serves 70 million individuals in United States. The company worked and invested quite a lot to get favorable legislation in health care reforms. Unitedhealth Group has been listed in Forbes list of most admired company consecutively for four years.


5. Prudential Plc

Prudential Plc is a financial services group working majorly in Asia, US and UK. This company has served nearly 24 million customers throughout its journey and managed nearly half a billion assets. It operates in four sets of business units – Prudential Corporation Asia, Jackson national Life Insurance Company, Prudential UK and M&G. It provides social and economic welfare for its customers as well as employees. It helps businesses in institutional investments and benefits & services. For its individual customers it provides insurance and investment services.


4. Berkshire Hathaway

Best Insurance Providers In 2020 - Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is an American company and was founded in 1889 that serves in diversified investment and property and casualty insurance. It performs its insurance activities using 70 domestic and foreign companies. For instance it provides insurance for auto drivers through GEICO. Berkshire Hathaway is the fifth largest public company and it provides insurance as well as reinsurance for casualty and property. The company is based in Omaha, Nebraska.


3. China Life Insurance

The company might not be very old (founded in 2003) but it has done quite a lot of quality work to come next to its contemporaries. China Life Insurance serves only in China. After China got exposure to the west, the business opportunities flourished in the country which led to the need of such an insurance providing company. This state owned company provides pension plans, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, asset management, foreign operations and investment holdings. The company has five operating segments- Individual life insurance business, Group life insurance business, Short Term insurance business, Supplementary major medical insurance business and other businesses.


2. Zurich Insurance Group

Best Insurance Providers In 2020 - Zurich Insurance Group

Operating around the globe in almost 170 countries, Zurich Insurance group is known to be the largest and most preferred insurance provider in Switzerland. Their motto is to protect the things we love. Zurich Insurance believes that if you love something or someone you do everything to protect them and it helps you do exactly that. They provide proper business support to ensure that you run a sustainable business. It works on three categories- General Insurance, Global Insurance and Farmers. The General insurance provides for medium to small level businesses and individuals while Global insurance is for savings, investments and pensions. Zurich Insurance Group has been name the best insurance provider multiple times.


1. AXA

This French insurance provider tops our list of Top 10 Best Insurance Providers In 2020 – 2020 because of its innovative insurance policy. They help you plan for your future so that you can have a carefree tomorrow and today. They provide retirement plans and life insurance. This insurance group is at the top of its game with almost 102 million customers across the globe.

This insurance company has strives to become bigger and better over the years with 51% insurance operations in Colombia and 50% acquisition of Tian Ping which is property and casualty insurer. They provide ease to their every customer and that is evident in even their name. It was chosen so people speaking any language can pronounce it easily. The company is also into philanthropic activities. All this leads to believe that the values of this insurance company are good. AXA provides investment banking, investment management and life and health insurance.



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