Top 10 Best Korean Movies Till 2020

Korean movies are well known due to their unique topics and unpredictable endings. Due to their distinctiveness, their movies are copied both by Hollywood and Bollywood. Besides this, Korean cinema is able to attract a large number of people not only locally but also internationally. It can be rightly said that they have brilliant directors whose average film can be compared by a blockbuster of Bollywood. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Best Korean Movies Till 2020 which have a good story as well as a big business on box office.


10. Lady Vengeance

Top 10 Best Korean Movies -

This Korean thriller is about a young and gorgeous lady who was imprisoned for a murder of a six year old boy. Now after her release she is in search of the person who was originally involved in the murder of the young boy. She also struggles to fix her life and live like a normal person as she was living it before.


9. Joint Security Area

Joint Security Area - Best Korean Movies

Joint Security Area also known as JSA is an action thriller movie. The story is based upon several events occurred at the border of North Korea and South Korea. The movie revolves around the investigation of murder of security officials at the joint security area which is the border of South Korea and North Korea. The movie shows the culture and interaction between the two nations and also shows the patriotism in their respective soldiers.


8. I saw the devil

Top 10 Best Korean Movies - I saw the devil

It is an extraordinary movie full of suspense and thrill but at the same time it is one of the violent Korean movies ever. Some of the scenes are so gory and brutal that you don’t want to see but on the other hand you also don’t want to miss the story. The story revolves around the secret agent whose fiancée was killed by a psycho serial killer and he takes every step to take his revenge. Despite its disgusting scenes, this move was able to attract a large number of audiences.


7. The Way Home

The Way Home - Best Korean Movies

This lovely movie is about a seven year old little boy who is left to live with his grandmother while her mother leaves to search for work. In this movie, every little moment is shown and after watching this you will surely miss your grandparents and the time spent with them,


6. A Tale Of Two Sisters

A Tale Of Two Sisters

This movie was released in 2003 and achieved all the heights of popularity. It’s a story about two sisters who are discharged from a mental hospital and are being taken home where their stepmother waits to torture them. They fail to prove to their father about the ruthless behavior of their stepmother and hence they have to do something to escape the agony. The acting done by the two sisters was appreciated by the audience. The story had a perfect climax and the ending was great that’s why you won’t leave your seat until the movie ends.


5. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance - Best Korean Movies

This movie from the makers of Old Boy revolves around a young man whose sister is about to die due to kidney failure. Now he has to do anything in order to get money for the kidney transplant so he kidnaps a daughter of a wealthy industrialist expecting for big ransom money. But the situation worsens and become more dangerous for both his sister and himself. This movie was released in 2002 by the famous director Chan-wook Park.


4. A Moment To Remember

A Moment To Remember

This movie tells a story about a young couple suffering from a very rare disease called Alzheimer. Its known as the best romantic movie ever of Korean cinemas in which the director has showed every small moment to be remembered when you are in love. Moreover, this movie is also full of tears and will make you cry on certain occasions. The movie revolves around the time of their illness where they do not know which one of them would be alive the very next moment. It depicts the struggle, determination, dedication, trust and romance necessary for a couple.


3. My Sassy Girl

Top 10 Best Korean Movies -  My Sassy Girl

Based on the true story of a couple this movie shows how the friendship of two people changed into a relationship which neither of them want to leave. Met at a railway station it shows a series of events which led them into their relationship. It’s a romantic comedy movie directed by very brilliant Jae-young Kwak. This beautiful movie was released in 2001 and was able to made new records in the box office.


2. Old Boy

Top 10 Best Korean Movies - Old Boy

This thrilling movie is about a boy who was imprisoned for 15 years in a hotel room by some unknown people and without any reason. In the meantime his wife was murdered and the there was only one source to connect from the outside world and it was television. He then trains himself physically to escape and when tried to run he was taken to the rooftop of the hotel and was given money and a cell phone. He only had 5 days to find the person and reason for his abduction.


1. Memories Of Murder

Memories Of Murder - Best Korean Movies

This amazing nail biting thriller movie is full of suspense till the very last scene and is one of those movies which you want to watch again and again. It tells a story of an intelligent serial killer who can con detectives and police very easily.

This movie is full of twist and suspense and you keep on guessing till the very last moment. This is the reason it is first on our list of best movies. The most interesting part is the ending of the movie where your entire guess may prove wrong! It was released in 2003.

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