Top 10 Best Laptop Brands 2020

Nowadays Laptops are becoming an extremely essential component of one’s life. Laptops are portable and compact having the same capabilities as that of a personal computer. So we can have the components of desktop computer that are packed together in a portable unit knows as a laptop. They are becoming a basic need in one’s everyday life and are very important requirement in each and every aspect of life. All the important work could be done anytime and anywhere when you want to do that but you just have to take an internet connection along with you. In market laptops of several different brands are available. They are trying to satisfy their customers by providing them with the best quality laptops. These brands vary in their ranks on the basis of different features like battery timings, graphics ,screen etc. Here we provide you a list of Top 10 Best Laptop Brands 2020 you can follow when you are going to buy a laptop in 2020.


10 – Fujistu


Fujistu is that brand of laptops which is considered to be world’s tenth largest brand of laptops. Fujistu is one of the most significant information and communication technology corporations of Japan which provides you with full assortment of technology products, resolutions and services. It is one of the most recent passages in the laptop advertisement. Fujistu offers splendid quality of laptops at prudent costs. Fujistu oblige its customers in more than 100 different countries of the world and about 1, 62,000 people are the for the customer services. This brilliant brand of laptops provides you convertible tablet PC-models, office concentrated models and lighter model laptops.


9- Toshiba


Toshiba was founded in 1938. Toshiba is one of the chief engineering and Electronics Company of Japan which has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Toshiba emerged amongst the most dependable alternatives accessible in the business sector. It value level is substantial and determinations are brilliant which makes it a quality for cash offer. It offers you a wide range of communication equipment consumer electronic, logistics, social infrastructure systems and medical equipment’s etc.


8- HP


Hp is the abbreviation of Hewlett-packed Company which is ranked so on the basis of its market value. Hp is an American information technology firm which is having its roots in California, Palo Alto and United States. It offers hardware, software and many other services to the buyer. Small and moderate size business , large schemes including clients in Government , education and health zone. It is one of the best brands in the market which is providing you the quality laptops. Latest software is being used in the making of laptops. Every day they are moving towards betterment and upgrading their laptops more and more. Its stylish and classy looks also attract the purchaser.




Asus laptops are popular because of their high quality software’s, hardware’s, multimedia options and better gaming. It has developed a lot in last couple of years and its credit goes to its designing and conservative values which makes it a fit choice in all financial aspects. Asus is a Taiwanese multinational brand having its headquarters in Beitou District, Taipei ;Taiwan and it is considered to be as an expert’s choice. In the global laptop market , Asus has achieved advancements over a span of time and this thing has made it to be in the list of best laptops.




Samsung is South Korean company having its headquarters in Suwon; South Korea. Samsung laptops are the commanding ships of the Samsung Group. This brand is held in high respect to the grounds making it a complete bundle integrating the best of elements with a financial plan cost. It’s famous for its high quality screen. Battering timing of Samsung laptops is very good and it stays for a long time. They possess the best memory storage features. Operating system used in these laptops is highly ranked. Their affordable prices make them the 6th best laptops in the world.


5- Dell


Dell is private sector worldwide eminent laptop Technology Company of America which is headquartered in Texas, United States. Dell laptops are user friendly, reliable and accessible at a very reasonable price range. Dell remains for strength and long life laptops highlighting the high quality divination. They offer laptops for everyone from hardcore gamers to family users to high quality corporate executives.




Acer is an international hardware and electronics company of Taiwan having headquarters in Xizhi,New Taipei City; Taiwan. They offer you every kind of laptops from powerhouse desktop replacement models to slim line ultra books. Their laptops are most inexpensive thus provides you keenly priced laptops yet best squeezed powerful features and magnanimous features. The battery quality of Acer laptops is also very good and buying an acer laptop will never let you down.


3- SONY Vaio


Vaio stands for visual audio intelligent organizer which is originally a brand of Sony Corporation-A Japanese Company. Their main attraction for most the customers are that they are available in so many beautiful colors. Sony’s high quality display distinguishes it from other brands. This brand exceeds expectation in features as well as sound quality other than being known for their pleasing looks and setup. They came up with software’s to edit your photos, videos and songs While Sony’s organizers are more inventive than other brands. Moreover this brand is promoted by many Hollywood and bollywood stars.




Lenovo is known as an excellent and best trade name in the laptop market. This company has its roots in China and headquartered in Beijing and Morrisville and North California. Their prices are little bit high as compared to other laptops but this price is paid off by their performance and their specifications. Their prolonged battery life empowers you to utilize it up to 20 hours without charging. Their sublime designs likewise make it best for business as well as individual usage as these laptops can be used an entire day without charging by any means. Lenovo was given the title of world largest personal computers sellers but they have maintained best quality in their laptops too.


1- Apple


Apple is an American worldwide renowned and strongly appreciated brand having its basis in Cupertine;California. Apple is expert in developing , selling and designing purchaser electronics, online services, personal computers and its best ever products are its laptops,ipods,ipads, and iphone smart phones. The price is very high as we know the best quality in the market comes in expensive rates. It is the most popular brand of laptops and no other laptop brand comes equal to Apple. Apple’s laptops are beautifully designed, powerful and packed with best features .Screens, keyboards and touchpad’s are uniformly excellent. Many people found Apple’s operating system easier to use and so powerful as compared to all other brands.

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