Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands In 2020

Cosmetics play an important role in changing and grooming women’s personality. Nowadays a huge variety of cosmetics brands are available in market that provides a full range of each and every type of make up. Every make up content is important in changing the looks but lipsticks are one of the influential make up contents that easily change a woman’s look. Lipsticks are typically worn by women according to their own choice, it is a product that easily change the make up looks to light or dark. Just a lipstick that suits your personality is enough to make you more pretty and beautiful, red color is considered as the hottest color while a lipstick of pink color gives a soft touch. Some people are extremely conscious about their skin and lips, they choose the brand that is more reliable in matter of cosmetics and same is true for lipsticks brand as it is a daily use product, so here we are providing a list of top 10 best lipstick brands in 2020 that will definitely help the women in choosing the right brand for their lipsticks as neglecting lips is not affordable.


10. Yves Saint Laurent




Yves Saint Laurent regime as one of the world’s most prominent and impressive designers and its style is seen in the domain of fashion, fragrance and most importantly cosmetics. The lipsticks of this brand are comforting and innovative and the ingredients are preferred with fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins leaving the lips apparently smoother and softer providing hydration for up to eight hours and some of them also have ingredients that provide protection against sun. Their lipsticks have different price ranges and provide a huge variety of vibrant and dazzling colors.


9. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

The CCO of this brand is Bobbi Brown who is a widely renowned beauty expert and believes that make up is a beautiful way for women to feel and look prettier and more confident. The Bobbi Brown’s cosmetics are manufactured with one aim in mind and that is to make you look like you, only better. According to Bobbi Brown, lipstick is an easy way to modify your looks from day to evening and from season to season and therefore provides a huge variety of lipsticks including creamy matte lip color, sheer lip color, and rich lip color. The original formula of Bobbi’s lipsticks is to treat lips a rich, full color with a soft matte finishing. Vitamin C and E as well as beeswax are introduced in the lipsticks that also comforts and moisturizes lips.


8. Guerlain

Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - Guerlain

You will definitely find Guerlain in the classic list of dictionary that is devoted to beauty. This curator of luxury fragrance, skincare and make up has persistently defined and redefined the standards of beauty for more than 175 years. Since 1828, this brand is busy in designing remarkable and high quality products including mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The lipsticks of Guerlain are an enduring sign of style and modernization and it is almost impossible to consider life before it. It is a wonderful brand that is color expert and has dignified lipsticks to the sheer symbol of gentleness and seduction, it satisfies all the beauty desires by providing a huge range of colors from red to pink, orange or camel. Its lipsticks are completely affectionate and luxurious products that elevate all expressions of femininity and are simply elegant.


7. Makeup Forever

Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - Makeup Forever

This brand was created by famous Parisian make up artist Dany Sanz who was a sculptor and painter by origin. This has been the go to color brand for make up follower and beauty professionals for more than 25 years and is very specialized in providing innovative make up products with vibrant colors and long lasting formulas. Its products became completely successful and it is considered by public as the professional’s favorite brand and same is true for its lipsticks. Its Rouge Artist Intense are highly pigmented and long effecting lipsticks the provides rich color in just one coat and is available in three finishes including matte, satin and pearly while its Aqua Rogue is a lip color that is liquid in nature and provide the long lasting and intense hold of lip color with appealing shine of gloss.


6. Estee Lauder

Top 10 Best Lipstic Brands In 2020

Estee Lauder is a manufacturer and marketer of prestigious fragrance, skincare, hair care and make up products. The company started its work in 1946, at that time Joseph Lauder and his beloved wife Estee Lauder started producing cosmetics in New York City. According to Estee Lauder, once the women know about the possibilities of self improvement via beauty, she can feel herself better. This brand provides pure color, long lasting lipsticks that are effective for whole day, their vibrant and magnificent colors that feel and look so incredible leaving your lips more appealing. The lipsticks are infused with ingredients that are lip loving and leaving your lips soft and smooth while the innovative formulation make the lipsticks long wear and high shinning with extreme protection and comfort.


5. Dior

Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - Dior

It is a renowned brand that was founded in 1946 by the designer named as Christian Dior and today the company is specialized in making awesome fashion accessories, jewelry, fragrance, skincare and make up products and manages to maintain its trend as a creator of acknowledged haute-couture. It has provide some of the most trendy, fashionable and luxurious beauty products and this magical brand not only appeals supermodels, celebrities and society but also has strengthened Dior’s image as one of the world’s most openly stylish beauty brand. Its Addict Lipstick is a symbol of love between style and beauty, between couture and color and between Dior and its addicts, its vibrant and luxurious colors, volumizing and hydrating formula leaves lips with a shade of spectacular shine and addicting color.


4. Chanel

Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - Chanel

Chanel is a high fashion house that is expert in ready to wear clothes, haute couture, fashion accessories and luxury goods and its products have been personified by fashion actresses and models. The most accessible products of this brand are cosmetics that are available in all around the world. If you shine from inside and wish to shine from outside too then you should shine with Chanel. Its beauty products are timeless and sophisticated including lipsticks that set the standard for distinction and luxury. The Rouge Allure by this brand reveals intense colors in just one stroke, it is a timeless feminine feature that is a true beauty accessory and is a trigger of seduction while the Rouge Coco hydrating colors by Chanel provide a variety of wearable shades with intense finishing from matte to pearl to soft shimmer. These lightweight lipsticks allow easy application and its hydrating complex enables soothe, soften and condition lips and provide a healthier and smoother appearance.



Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - NARS

NARS is a skin care and Cosmetics Company that was founded by Francois Nars who is a photographer and make up artist, its cosmetic line was started with twelve lipsticks that were sold at Barneys New York. Its most popular products include bronzers, blushes, lipsticks and widely renowned eye shadow palettes. According to Francois Nars, people should find their own way, they have an open spirit and believe in their beauty. It provides women a huge variety of products that delivers the benefits of nature by utilizing exclusive technologies. The pure matte lipsticks by NARS provides super rich color with an additional hydrating lip treatment that while displaying dramatic and vivid colors on the lips also soothes and moisturizes them while the other include cinematic, sheer, semi matte and satin lipsticks that make the lips extremely gorgeous in their own style.


2. Lancôme

Best Lipstic Brands In 2020 - Lancôme

Lancôme is a French luxurious cosmetics house that delivers the products in all over the world. It was owned by L’Oreal since 1964 and is a part of Luxury Products distribution that offers a wide variety of fragrances, skin care and make up products. It has been collaborated with various make up artists and it has numerous make up artists that are representing this brand. It provide a huge variety of best lipsticks that include L’Absolu Rouge that is the sign of eternal femininity and is enriched with replenishing Pro-xylane and is available in 31 rich and attractive shades that are effective for eight hours and is a perfect lipstick to reshape and define your beautiful look whereas its beautifully hydrating lipstick that is Rouge in Love is available in 24 shades that are vibrant and make you able to look natural or sophisticated according to your mood and it can wear for six hours.


1. MAC

World's best LIPSTICK bRAND

MAC is a cosmetics manufacturing company that is widely renowned for its high quality cosmetic products, it is one of the best make up brand that provide a huge variety of products that are for everyday usage, its products include eye shadows, foundations, eyeliners, mascara and also lipsticks and is known as one of the world’s best lipsticks brands in 2020 that provide an outclass variety of stunning lipsticks.The lipsticks of this brand provide color along with texture for the lips that make the women more stunning and more appealing and make the MAC more famous and sophisticated.

The vast array of MAC lipsticks make it possible for women to choose the perfect color for their fabulous looks. If you are extremely conscious about your lips and want them to be more pretty and hot then the lipsticks of MAC can perfectly fulfill your needs and can make a perfect makeup look. Mac lipsticks are most favorite of many with vibrant colors including matte, satin, lip treatment and crème sheen lipsticks giving you soft to sophisticated and bold to charming looks and also take care of your lips health.



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