Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands In 2020

In this contemporary period of great gratification we cannot ignore the importance of cosmetics in our lives. Women are anxious and conscious regarding their beauty and therefore are extremely choosy regarding their cosmetics. They know that any cheap and low quality product can disgrace their beauty and they cannot tolerate it. Quality of the product matters a lot, and therefore a good quality product should be your first preference and there should be no compromise with it. Lips are extremely important part of our face, they are involved in kissing, sipping, talking and most importantly smiling. The beauty of your lips can make your personality captivating and gorgeous. Lipsticks play an important role in enhancing your lip beauty, the amazing shades of lipsticks make you look attractive and gorgeous. Your makeup is incomplete without lipstick, so here we provide you a list of top 10 best lipstick brands in 2020, as we all know quality matters a lot. So be stylish and attractive with the shades of these brands and feel the difference.


10. Yves Saint Laurent

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 -

This brand is run by one of the world’s most impressive and popular designer and its innovative styles are seen in the world of fragrance, fashion and most importantly cosmetics. Yves Saint Laurent has gained more success in all over the world due to its outstanding lipstick shades and glosses. Its products are infused with fruit extracts that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and give lips smooth and soft look. Their lipsticks are stunning and comforting and offer different price ranges and deliver a tremendous variety of vibrant and captivating colors.


9. Guerlain

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 9. Guerlain

You will definitely find this brand in the classic list of dictionary that is dedicated to beauty. Gurelain is very specialized in manufacturing perfumes, cosmetics and skin care and had consistently delineated and re-delineated the principles of beauty for over 175 years. This brand is known for designing fine quality and extraordinary products including eye liner, mascara and lipstick. Its colors are magical and extremely captivating and are lasting sign of modernization and style for every female. It is an amazing brand and its lipsticks are sheer sign of persuasion and gentleness. Guerlain lipsticks are captivating and luxurious products that truly represent femininity and are simply gracceful. So, enjoy its elegant shades from orange to cramel, red to pink, and nudes to bright.


8. Estee Lauder

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 8. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a reputable brand that is specialized in designing prestigious perfumes, hair care, skin care and cosmetics. Any positive change in the looks of the women makes them feel better and energetic and choosing the lipsticks of this brand can ease their work to a greater extent. It offers vibrant, long lasting and pure color lipsticks that give your lips incredible and appealing look. The lipsticks of this brand are designed with ingredients that leave your lips smooth and soft. It is widely renowned for offering long lasting, intense color lipsticks that are perfect for every female whether she is girl or mature women. Its natural and effective formula makes your lip healthy and stylish so enjoy its stay on your lips.



Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 7. NARS

NARS is a cosmetics and skin care company that offers a wide range of products to look and feel stylish. It started its cosmetics line with twelve lipsticks but now it has gained much success and fame and is deliberated as one of the world’s best cosmetics and skincare brand. It offers a flawless variety of items by using amazing technologies. NARS lipsticks are extremely fabulous, their wide range of attractive shades explicit your style and attitude. They are long lasting, non-drying and nourishing and also contain Vitamin E that gives your lips velvety and smooth touch. Their additional moisturizing lip treatment gives the lips captivating and dramatic look along with keeping them smooth and glowing. Its sheer, shimmer, satin and cinematic lipsticks are extremely dazzling in their own style.


6. Lancôme

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 6. Lancôme

It is a French luxurious brand that offers products in an affordable range. Lancôme offers high quality items and skin care products to the individuals in all over the world. It is a great lipstick brand that delivers an amazing collection of stylish shades and finishes and its lipsticks are highly preferred by makeup artists and professionals. It has worked together with numerous artists to reveal some of the finest and outstanding shades of lipsticks. So, adore your lips with its beautiful shades that offer sensational and smooth effects in one coat. You can choose any shade to style your lips from shimmers, sheens, creams and enjoy the eternal femininity.


5. Bobbi Brown

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 5. Bobbi Brown

By changing lip color you can easily change your looks whether it is some party, family meeting, grand occasion or daily routine. The original formula of Bobbi’s lipsticks treats lips to intense color with smooth finish. Its formula contains Vitamin C and E and also Beeswax that nourishes lips and provide them comfort and moisturizer. Its CEO is a beauty expert and therefore this brand designs cosmetics that completely fulfill the demands of trendy women. The main aim of this brand is to give women a stylish iconic look. Bobbi Brown’s lipsticks shades vary from sheer nudes to stunning bright and are awesome to update your look easily and quickly.


4. MAC

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 4. MAC

This reputed brand has its own identity in the industry and is highly renowned for its huge range of superb glosses, lipsticks and tints. MAC offers an exclusive and broad collection of colors, so you can easily choose according your taste, style and season. Its lipsticks are not only affordable but also of good quality so that you can get stunning and sizzling look at any occasion. Its pigmented formula gives you a long lasting and smooth feeling that you can feel it. It is a worldwide winner with awesome range of lipsticks in various shades and lipsticks. It is specialized in launching collections at every season and gets professional help to recreate shades.


3. Dior

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 3. Dior

Dior is a luxurious brand and its products are widely available in the market. It designs innovative products and offers a wide range of classic and attractive shades of lipsticks for women. It is known as one of the most used and favorite lipstick brands of numerous celebrities in all over the world. It was established by the designer, Christian Dior in 1946. This brand is renowned for offering stylish fashion accessories, fragrance, jewelry and other cosmetics. The attractive and magical shades of its lipsticks have played an important role in making this brand a famous one. Dior lipsticks have great quality and therefore take care of natural texture of your lips. If you want to look classical and stylish then don’t miss its shades.


2. Makeup Forever

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - 2. Makeup Forever

This superb and prestigious brand will help you to follow the amazing lipsticks rules and will definitely attract you. The creator and Artistic Director named Dany Sanz of this brand is a true mentor in the makeup world. Makeup forever is widely renowned for its captivating and colorful lipsticks and other cosmetics products. These appealing lipsticks will give you gorgeous and stylish look. This brand offers lipsticks that provide intense color in one coat and are long lasting. It has a huge name in makeup industry and is dominating the world with its matte, sheer, classic and pearly lipstick ranges. Along with its lipsticks that deliver prolonged beautiful effects on your lips, you can also enjoy its lip glosses that keep your lips moisturized and alluring the whole day. It is deliberated as the favorite brand of the professionals by the public and its products are highly encouraged in market.


1. Chanel

Best Lipstick Brands In 2020 - . Chanel

The best lipstick brand in 2020 is Chanel, it is a renowned brand and needs no introduction. Chanel offers exclusive and fine products that are fabulous, it is an expert in fashion designing, ready to wear outfits, luxury products and fashion accessories. Its products are easily accessible making it one of the favorite brands of models and actresses.

The finest cosmetic products of this brand include skincare products, perfumes and most importantly lipsticks. Nothing can make your lips more captivating than the finest lipsticks of Chanel. It offers lightweight lipsticks that are easy to apply, and also moistures your lips for the whole day. A beautiful shade from this brand not only increases confidence in women but also dresses the lips in a perfect and easy way. It’s soft, luxurious and timeless packing makes it easy to carry in handbags.

Chanel offers a number of elegant and stunning shades, from deep to delicate, cool to hot so that you can choose according to your mood and taste. So, use its lipsticks and make your lips enjoy the lasting comfort.

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